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  1. Uhhh yeah. She said nobody is coming to take them. She said they have thrown out 1000s of them. Not true. I've seen a mix of Biden and Trump supporters. But I would say it is more Trump base. But where I live everybody has socially distanced and worn masks since day 1. Taking the Vaccine changes nothing. Everything you have to do with the Vaccine you have to do without lol. Then I read there are different variants and the vaccine might not even be effective against them. So again, why would I inject myself with man made poison that hasn't been out more than a
  2. This has to be the dumbest piece of Devilcratic/Liberal propaganda nonsense. Lol...My co-workers wife is a lead pharmacist at the local hospital and she says they been throwing vaccines away because nobody is taking them. Wonderful piece of propaganda 👏 https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/vaccine-envy-how-to-deal-212529445.html
  3. I shoved my Clodhopper up ManningEnvys rearend for 2 days straight. Every day pure cramage. Now he doesn't know how to act. Dudes malfunctioning. Look at how he is finding old posts from 2017. He is a broken man. He even sent me a private message angry because I told him Sarahs (His handler) pussy has dried up and her breast milk is powder.
  4. So we have a garage. My dad sometimes changes oil in our RTVs, which is Kubotas. They're diesel engine. The one been leaking oil and needed oil asap. We had none at the garage. So me and a coworker went to town to pick some up after talking to the boss man. Just so happens they had 5 gallons of Sae15W40 on sale...24 dollars. So we picked up 2 and got back and told the boss man. He says yeah go pick up more. They had no more so they were having it shipped in Monday at the same discounted price. My dad calls and asks why we got those buckets. I says well one of the Kubotas was about to be messed
  5. I bank with Chase and they let you monitor it on their site.
  6. I Really do appreciate that. I just set up autopay with my electric and internet. And made a card payment today.
  7. I just added auto pay for a couple utilities. I gotta rebuild brother lol.
  8. I have actually gotten good advice from this site. Sooo Ok so around this time last year I began working on my credit. In the past I was kinda wreckless and didn't pay off old debts. So obviously my credit wasn't the best. I had nearly 900 I owed creditors...Which they label as a derogatory Mark on your credit report. After 7 years those things drop off your credit report. Im definitely more financially responsible now, even more than I was 2 years ago. However, a new mark came up on my credit report from an unpaid debt 3 years ago. This Derogatory mark caused my credi
  9. Wimp argues with himself because Sarahs old pussy has dried up and her tittys milk is powdery.
  10. @ManningEnvy Gotta be down and you can't be a Homo. That automatically excludes you. 😂😂.
  11. I wouldn't go that far. There isn't enough protection to protect a Gay man like you strolling down that area of the city. You exaggerated there.
  12. First there was Kyrie, now Baker lol. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/baker-mayfield-tweets-almost-100-percent-ufo-texas-browns-050528177.html
  13. Very unhealthy obsession with me and busting a nut. 😂😂
  14. Lol I wouldn't want to see us bring Delanie back. He needs to retire. Be a waste of money and roster space.
  15. 🙄🙄 I forgot we also have senators from Texas in here also. Texans pay federal Taxes like anybody else. They have no state taxes so where would relief or help to fix a problem like that come from 🙄🙄. Get off my post lol.
  16. The other week I said it be nice if we used the money used to bomb and kill people over seas a few weeks ago to help Texas build their electric infrastructure. They told me I didn't know a thing about government spending. They don't even realize our government gets its money from taxes, taxes come from people who pay taxes I.E thee American people. I'm assuming because they didn't know that they think the Government makes money magically appear or they get their money from another country 😂.
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