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  1. Was this man wrong for putting this young lady on the Midnight train to Georgia?
  2. Deforest Buckner might be out for the Colts when we play. https://www.si.com/.amp-titans/nfl/titans/news/tennessee-titans-nfl-indianapolis-colts-deforest-buckner-covid-list
  3. Lol just enjoy your Turkey and family and quit crying lol. I mean its a Pandemic. Everybody in the sports world should be thankful there is even a season. I mean everybody should have already been mentally prepared to expect the unexpected.
  4. That's sucks, I was really looking forward to a full day of Football.
  5. There aren't many prime fighters I'm willing to pay 60-70 dollars to see, and I love Boxing. Me and my boys usually get together & meet up at somebody house and all chip in 5-10 dollars. None of us are remotely interested in this mess lol. I will catch highlights on YouTube in the A.M.
  6. I have him 2nd to only Pele as far as greatest soccer player ever. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/world-cup-legend-diego-maradona-is-dead-at-60-165302831.html
  7. https://www.si.com/.amp-titans/nfl/titans/gm-report/tennessee-titans-nfl-brett-kern-designated-for-return 👍👍
  8. Hope everything turns out well for him. Who remembers the old Madden games when the Ambulance came on the field and ran you over?
  9. @ManningEnvy has 10-12 inch penises in his basement. Tell them @ManningEnvy...
  10. Rams vs Cardinals is definitely not a bigger draw than Titans vs Browns. Another stupid argumentative opinion. Everybody knows about and wants to see Derrick Henry. Then on the other side you have Baker Mayfield. Not to mention the Browns have a bigger more rabid fan base than both the Cards and Rams.
  11. All lies, last time I was on this site was 2014 or 15. And I don't even remember what my handle was lol.
  12. Why are they always pointing out race stuff on T.V. Ok we get it lol. Being a Ref is not like being a Rocket scientist.
  13. 😂 Snowflakes little booty hole hurt😂
  14. Might be the best explanation of his presidency ive heard. I agree 100%. Trumps lack of Transparency and strategy definitely was a huge problem in the end. But when a man has been allowed to be a DBag with little to no discipline you grow into an old DBag.

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