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  1. I was a kid kid at the tail end of his career, but I'd have to say Lawrence Taylor & also Earl Campbell.
  2. @titanruss You cause that fool ManningEnvy to snap out and malfunction on this post.
  3. You are right. Madden use to be pretty good during the PS2, Xbox & GameCube era. They use to have a more indepth game and also a weekly radio show. But 2K was about to blow them out the water. I still disagree the NFL took the license because 2K cheapened the brand by releasing a 20.00 game. EA sports got scared and threw a bunch of cash at the NFL and that was just the NFLs excuse for pulling the license. 2K had guys that loved sports making 2K football. EA sports programmers are just a bunch of programmers. I even read an article years back and the lead developer for one of
  4. @titanruss 🤔 @ManningEnvy 😳
  5. Lol Everytime I created a player he stayed injured. Even when I changed the injury slider. It's never the bruised hip or maybe twisted ankle...It's injuries like Broken ribs, broken arm etc. Always one of those miss most of the season injuries.
  6. Why are Systems not equated into it? When Derrick Henry catches out the back field good things usually happen. Let's use logic. If somebody asked would you take player X who is gonna rush for 2000+ yards and 17 Tds or player Z who will have 1100 yards rushing 400 yards receiving and 8 tds total on the season. When you look through the fluff the logical choice is player X. He is still giving you more production despite not catching out the backfield. It shouldn't be how much stuff you do in the system, but how much you produce in the system.
  7. Lol wish we would have kept Kelly. He was actually one of my favorite players.
  8. @ManningEnvy Your Vaccine only protects half your brain, that's all that actually works.
  9. If receiving for a runningback is at the forefront of these developers minds when they do ratings they definitely shouldn't be making games. And how many pure Runningbacks have had 99 ratings over the years? Not only that, but how do you not equate a players injury history? I wouldn't even put Barkley top 10. Let's evaluate accolades. Derrick Henry: NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2020) First-team All-Pro (2020) Second-team All-Pro (2019) 2× Pro Bowl (2019, 2020) 2× NFL rushing yards leader (2019, 2020) 2× NFL rushing touchdowns leader (2
  10. Troll lol. I know nobody is this stupid, So I will chalk it up to trolling 😂.
  11. I don't play Madden anymore, haven't bought a new one in 3-4 years. But I found this interesting. Ok if you were going to snub Derrick Henry of the number 1 spot, I wouldn't guess it be a guy who can't finish a season vs a guy who just came off 2000 yards & back to back rushing titles lol. EA sports needs to lose that NFL license lol.
  12. Been saying that. The NBA these days is a bunch of coddled black men raised by women. 70's, 80's and 90's it was a man's game. These dudes now are soft and never seen real leadership or an example of strong manhood. The thing about Football is it teaches you to be a man...When I see dudes play in games on broke legs and screws in their ankles, but NBA players cry about not having air conditioning and playing to many games it turns me off from the NBA. It's all showing on the court.
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