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  1. That's surprising. Online is usually the cheapest route. I had to replace my fuel pump on my work car and needed a new fuel pressure sensor (I accidentally broke). I went in store 66 Dollars, bought online 22 dollars. I think they are using the pandemic as an excuse to jack prices up on everything.
  2. Fisher be like DaFuq this dude Vrabel trying to out do my mediocrity.
  3. Carson Wentz has been a bum and inconsistent since his rookie year. And he can't stay healthy. What are you talking about lol. 😂. We have presumably taken a step back. I can't argue there. Anytime you lose a coach and a couple guys you can assume there will be cohesion at first. But Tannehill is a great leader and we have a great Runningback. I think we can lean on those two until we find our rhythm.
  4. 😬😬 Lol. I just don't feel like they have gotten better. Wentz hasn't proved he can stay healthy or even play good enough to win. I wouldn't be surprised. It will be the Titans. How far we go is how good our defense can play.
  5. My bold prediction is we have 2 1000+ yard receivers in AJ Brown & Reynolds.
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    That's a great question. I'm hoping he can be something similar to Nate Washington. Nate was our number 1 for a minute, but he was really a high end #2 and in Nashville he never played opposite of anybody the caliber AJ Brown. I liked Reynolds and thought he was solid before we signed him. I think it's one of JRobs best signings. Every Rams game I seen he seem to make plays. I actually expect better more consistent production out of him than Corey Davis.
  7. Saving to my watch list. Better be good.
  8. I been saying trade him. I was simply saying to get more cap space though. To trade him (And that contract) and get a 1st rd pick would be well worth it. After the offensive output we had last year and 2000 yard rusher we produced when Lewan went down, imo he became expendable and one of the most over paid players. People keep saying stupid crap like "Oh we had to leave Jonnu in to help block"...Honestly why does that even matter when we were scoring 30+ points a game and Tannehill was the 6th least sacked qb and we produced a 2000 yard runner. Every game we scored enough points to win. So I c
  9. Dude asked this question like he is playing an RPG or something. You wanna get a machete and increase it's HP. You can do that by killing little things like Chipmunks and Squirrels. Get it leveled up to about 50HP then it will kill Pitbulls easily with Melee attacks.
  10. 28 Tds 9 ints 3500 yds. I think his and our overall offensive numbers will dip. New coordinator I.E system and the losses of a few pieces will alter a few things. I expect a rough start, but expect to pick it up mid season. I think offensively we would be worse if not for Derrick Henry...I think he will make the transition smoother.
  11. Honestly I never would have imagined her body is that bangin lol. 😂
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