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  1. Mahomes could be inhibited and still throw for 500 yards he's that good lol!
  2. Yeah, great game by the Raiders! I meant knock them out of the season, later in the playoffs.
  3. We beat them both last year. I think the Ravens have to prove they can beat us (we'll face them later this season) but we need to prove we can beat the Chiefs at full strength. When we beat them last season, it was Mahomes' first game back from missing multiple weeks due to injury. And, of course, they're the reigning champs, so until someone in the AFC knocks them out, it'll stay that way... hopefully it's the Titans!
  4. I think our offense can keep up, but is the defense there? The elevation of Jeffery Simmons makes a big difference and if we can get increased production from Clowney and Beasley, our pass rush may be elite enough to contain Mahomes and Jackson. Thoughts?
  5. I think their performance last night, especially considering the circumstances of the past two weeks, elevates them to legit contenders. They're putting up numbers - like 122 points scored in the first four games - the franchise hasn't seen in decades. I wrote why the Titans should be considered contenders at Last Word on Titans
  6. I don't think he has much of a shot at winning the award, but he definitely deserves more respect. I wrote about his "regression" at Last Word on Titans
  7. LOL for sure. I expected us to be ready and compete, but I wasn't expecting that level of dominance.
  8. Definitely. But I’m not sure the Titans are afforded the same level of respect as other leading teams. But then again, who cares, right? Control what we can control and go win games.
  9. We have a lot of key pieces locked up for the next few years. I agree, we can sustain success and compete for years to come if this continues.
  10. Great point. Would you rather us continue to fly under the radar, or gain media and fan attention? i think under the radar is our style and fits the culture of the team. Work hard when no one is watching and win games.
  11. The Titans dominate the Bills to improve to 4-0. After a tough couple of weeks, they’ve proved to be contenders in the AFC, and the league should take notice. more here: Last Word on Titans
  12. Here’s to no new positives this morning! 💪
  13. I think we're at the point now where we need to wait and see what the league announces. Too much information out there.
  14. That's true! None of us really know for sure until the NFL releases something official.

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