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  1. Yay, a happy ending! I think my very first post on this board was responding to him asking why he posted so many pictures of himself on here, and that there were better places for him to post the pictures if he was looking for love... 🤣
  2. But he can physically stand, when it helps him make a statement. It looks to me like he is using the disability to get sympathy votes when he does it. I suppose he can use the excuse of a car accident (maybe it caused traumatic brain injury) to explain why he keeps making bad choices by continuing to support Trump.
  3. Splash

    Virus in US

    Sad, but this could very well be true...
  4. Splash

    Virus in US

    You may be right about that, but do you think we will vaccinate 100 million people this year? Seriously though, I hope you're wrong on that one. I am so ready for herd immunity...
  5. Splash

    Virus in US

    When Biden said 100m in 100 days, is that for first doses only? They will have to give second doses during that time as well. If production ramps up, they may be able to give more than 100m first doses in 100 days, which should continue for as long as there are people willing to receive it. Once those who want it have received the vaccine, I would think the numbers would decrease sharply, as it will be more difficult to find recipients. I'm not sure Biden can be blamed for those who won't take it, as long as he is making it available for them. But no matter how it goes, I think the 100m in 10
  6. Invasion. The disillusioned insurrectionists who have avoided being arrested so far rally together for an event in Palm Beach, Florida.
  7. Rudy Giuliani may be in that group as well...
  8. Or he may completely skip over the horrid defense and go straight to questioning kickers and punters. Both would be valid questions. Either way, people will still say PK is a jerk. But if it walks like a jerk, and talks like a jerk, then...you know the rest.
  9. @TitansGuru this new design is sexy! Thanks so much for all of your amazing work on this.
  10. I wonder if the increase in Covid cases around the country is being caused by the intelligent Bills fan who is driving around to all of the Bill's opposing teams to pee on the stadium?
  11. Since you are so intelligent, shouldn't you use a picture of Einstein for your avatar?
  12. I don't know Oilerman, but I am 100% sure he is handling things as he chooses. Deal with it, sir. Have a good day.
  13. Mr. Tolar, you need to be aware that people have different ways of handling bad news, sad news, and grief. It most certainly is not up to you to police how people handle these situations, and trying to do so is not a good look for you. @10 A See I am very sorry for your loss.
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