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  1. Mcmath looked fucking huge out there in person. Now it could have had something to do with consistently being next to cam batson in the huddle, but he is a large man.
  2. Great stat. Wouldn’t have guessed that, honestly. I’m appreciative to have him.
  3. Let’s fucking go! Ola adaneyi had himself a fucking game.
  4. The words, “Audit,” and “review,” are now, “right wing,” language, huh? Jesus Christ y’all are acting soft as fuck. Also, LOL at these twitter accounts you follow. Y’all shit on the Maga folks for getting one sided news, but your shit is just as fucking biased and ridiculous. “The audit was a racist effort designed to discredit non-white Votes?” Give me a fucking break. Maricopa county is 82% white. Unless you’re telling me they’re only auditing polling stations in non white districts, you can get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. The audit might be bull shit but you can cut o
  5. Exactly. The state of media is a big issue right now. And I say that as somebody who doesn’t particularly care for Biden.
  6. Nobody was fucking whipped. You were all sold a false bill of goods meant to stoke racial tension and illicit an emotional response. You fell for the, “ whip lie,” hook, line and sinker. I don’t expect any of you to issue an apology for falsely spreading this misinformation but I will share the actual footage with you. Feel free to watch it and then ignore. You will see nobody was whipped And the photog who took the pic admits as much.
  7. I’m interested in seeing weaver, even if only for a few snaps.
  8. Quess has been the least of our worries along the offensive line.
  9. Sorry to hear that man. God speed. Hope the fan base can you back in time for the playoff run.
  10. So let’s see, if you throw paper all 100 times The best I can do is win 35 times. Those feel like good odds to me so you’re on! I’m gonna keep hitting rock til it pops.
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