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  1. He should be on his finger tips. What's this wussy flat hand stuff?
  2. When Henry lined up at QB on that last play I felt like i was watching my madden games from 2003. I would create a 6ft3 -240-260 LB running back with 100 strength and 100 speed... It somehow came alive !
  3. Dalton doesn't even go through his progressions anymore...if the first read isn't there it's over. Just stands there and gets blasted. Looks like a robot.
  4. Sure would help if Beasley shows up...
  5. I would do it just for tonight so we can troll him. And than ban him again. Make. Him. Suffer.
  6. A game at 5 PM Eastern time is pretty cool. PS Fuck @Logical
  7. Nice video. I just dont understand why the media thinks we have a good defense. Have they not watched a Titans game this year?
  8. Right but any running back his size would be brought down from behind within 15 or 20 yards from there. Henry on the other hand has the ability to run away from everybody the length of the field. So if you allocate eight men to the box to try to stop him, and he manages to get through there, now all of the sudden you’re facing a potential score for the Titans, whereas normally a player that size wouldn’t be any threat to score. That changes the entire method of defending against him. Having a guy escape for 20 or 25 yards against you is completely different from having a guy score a touchdown against you.

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