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  1. ... and when I got back from the beach walk I went for a bit of a swim in the ocean. Freaking so refreshing.
  2. AJ Brown had him beat the moment they took that snap. Tannehill should of seen that.
  3. What happened to throwing the ball when they stack 8-9 guys up by the LOS??? Wasn’t it Vrabel that said we aren’t gonna do anything stupid and continuously run into a stacked box? Seems like it was Mike Mularkey coaching the last game.
  4. Who cares what he was suppose to run? Not every play goes by design, things happen more than how the play is designed to work. Can we please not excuse the BS obvious miss to AJB? Tannehill’s decision-making – should NOT have caught the pass tipped back at him, and missed AJ Brown at the end of the game to force the ball to Raymond? He cooled off or stumbled at key moments that game when he usually doesn’t. Love him as our QB, but that was not a prime-time performance by him.
  5. Good. I am proud of you. I did that and never looked back.
  6. Dont you dare say that! People will say he was suppose to not miss AJ Brown in the corner because his first read was Kalif Raymond. LOL.
  7. The Bills need to cut John Brown (easy move, saves $8 million on the cap) and upgrade his speed with Will Fuller. The only way the Bills can even compete with the Chiefs in 2021 is if they add Will Fuller to pair him with Stefon Diggs. Diggs + Fuller is the only chance of having a fair fight with Tyreek + Kelce. You have to match speed with speed. It's the only way in the modern NFL. No Fuller in 2021 = same result for the Bills in 2021. The Bills have to match Tyreek Hill with the closest thing to Tyreek Hill which is Will Fuller. If I'm the Bills, I convince Fuller to sign a 1-year prove-it
  8. Im not talking about run plays. Im simpy talking about on pass plays. Wether AJ was or wasnt the first target doesnt excuse the fact that Tannehill missed him wide open.
  9. Im pretty sure Tannehill has alot of say in play calling as any QB thats been performing at a high level. To assume that QBs usually throw the ball to the main target majority of the time is moronic.
  10. I havent played it in years. Not sure what madden has anything to do with this debate. QBs consistently get blasted for missing wide open targets.
  11. A 7 year veteran should of seen that, the target argument is a lazy argument.
  12. 165 yards, completion of 69% with 1-1 TD-INT-ratio to go along with it. The icing on the cake was the wide open AJ Brown that could of potenially tied the game, instead he went to Kalif, and please dont bring the argument of it was his first read bullshit.
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