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  1. Your posts are extremely stupid and you are incessantly boring... Holy shit you have a brain of a 70 year old albino Garfied, and the intellect of a 12 year red headed step child.....I marvel at the fucking combination, God must have really fucking hated you... I mean @BuffaloWintercan occasionally come up with half ass smack but CanUDiggsIt is all ass.
  2. What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Buffalo, NY?
  3. Because a day goes into a month and a month goes into a year. Some people write it as mm/dd/yyyy but that makes absolutely no sense. A month doesn't go into a day.
  4. Right down the road from Squirrel rd? You'd be stupid not to if you are a musician. Country music concerts have been among the first to spring back across the U.S. $$$$$ for artists. You guys are pretty much the shitstain of the North. Carry on.
  5. Welcome to a real stadium sir. Bills stadium is the worst. The Buffalo Bills play in Ralph Wilson Stadium, the most decrepit stadium in the NFL. There was supposedly some "renovations" done. And by "renovations," you guys really mean that you guys added more restrooms for the fans to shit in the urinals. Also, aside from Jim Kelly, your other sole all-time franchise super star was a dude who got away with murdering his wife. Enjoy your stay in Nashville.
  6. You need a remedial English class. Carry on entertaining us.
  7. Diggs is going to have a good game. Possibly a break out game against our weak secondary
  8. He was here last season, both Buffalo and Logical were active in that game thread last season until the 2nd half of the game.
  9. Open a thread and lets test each others intellect. As far as IQ goes, the forms we have to test it are so limited and so focused on one area of reasoning, logic and cognition, that it is illogical to take one number and use it to diminish every other aspect of ourselves. What a shame! Yet another gift from ego. Its like judging a flower by one petal or a tree by one branch, or a forest by one tree. To excel in logical application and comprehensive ordering of reason does not indicate emotional or spiritual intelligence.....at all. Many geniuses are wholly unaware of spiritual r
  10. Oh, Shtepenie, good afternoon. You really come across as emotionally stunted with a room temperature IQ. Which sadly, I believe is the case with you.
  11. Durability is a talent/biological trait, just like speed or strength or hand-eye coordination. That's why I shy away from players with a certain type of injury history every year when I'm drafting my fantasy team. Anyone can tear an acl or break a bone, though there are differences in people's bone/tissue density there as well, but some breakdown easier than others. Tua is a good example. If I were a GM, I'd never draft him high. Not because of the hip injury, but because he had ankle injuries like 3 years in a row. Then there's Keenan Allen, who missed either 2 se
  12. It's a body mass thing. A scientific theory, albeit less than rigorous. Take your average NFL rb - goes about 215 lbs these days. Then NFL d linemen we'll say are around 260-300, linebackers 240-250, and dbs roughly the same size to a little smaller than rbs. For the average rb, he's facing an even mass when being tackled by dbs, a 10-15% loss vs linebackers, and a 18-30% deficit when hit by d linemen. That's a lot of wear on the smaller body. King Hendry is built different. Instead of 5'11" 215, he's 6'4" 245. He's got the mass advantage over every db that takes h
  13. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship but only 1 of the 2 between Tannehill and He ray is HOF caliber and it ain’t Ryan. Tannehil did help Henry. Henry needed a QB that could make a play when the defense loads the box too much and Henry gave Tannehill what he needed, a loaded DL so he could get more favorable playaction passes
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