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  1. IMO, he's not going to leap over any of those interior DL.
  2. I mentioned all of the additions and subtractions on the front 7.
  3. I believe Fulton could be a guy there as well but Jackson will be lining up in the slot in high leverage situation and when the matchups dictate it.
  4. Not exclusively! You are right. But he will definitely be in the slot this season.
  5. Almost never doesn't mean never. I don't have to show tape on it, you can believe me or not. It is all predictive anyway. Neither of us are the DC. But my thoughts are based off what I have seen them do in that particular situation.
  6. This is obviously all predictive but your interpretation of what I was saying is completely wrong. Jackson's versatility hasn't been needed because they had Ryan, so I believe he could see an increased role in that position.
  7. I do draw on a larger white board inside. I'm outside in the sun so of course my lighting is terrible, I'm black with little to no front light. It was also windy as hell that day which was annoying. I didn't even know I had "graphics" in the video but I'm sure they were not great since I'm not, nor will I ever be a graphic designer. I do agree about the sound, which I didn't put a lot of effort into due to time but I should have done a better job with. I'm glad you liked the content since that is what I was going for. Hopefully future videos will make you want to subs
  8. Thank you for your comments... Jackson has versatility to play everywhere in the defensive backfield and against teams who are more dangerous from the slots (KC) I could see him playing the nickel. That's why the defense is drawn up to formations they faced against last season. Correa was already in that position so your beef would be with the defensive coordinator who put him in over Evans. Thanks again and I hope you keep watching.
  9. Thank you for your comment. This isn't a covid "outlet" for me. If you looked at my channel you would see that I have plenty of content that came before March 13th. The reason, I began doing more Titans coverage is because my Titans videos were being received well and my guy T. Davenport told me that Titans fans like legit analysis and breakdowns which is what I do. I'm not exactly sure why you posted those two links or what either have to do with this? I am happy that think my stuff is strong. Hopefully you will continue to view it as I release it a
  10. I take a look at what we can most likely expect from the Titans front seven this coming year. As always I welcome feedback and appreciate those who would like to subscribe to my channel for more Titans content.
  11. Thank you everyone for your comments. My focus is more on content than the bells and whistles. Although I do agree with you guys about the volume. There were more comments here than new Titans subscribers to my channel so that means I still have further to go to earn your subscription and I look forward to doing so. Again thank you.
  12. I talk about how impactful Derrick Henry is even when he doesn't get the ball. This is a sequence of 4 plays last season vs the Raiders and illustrates how he is utilized. I would love to hear feedback and if you like the video subscribe to my channel. Lots more Titans-specific breakdowns coming. https://youtu.be/J6mhhbbESrk
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