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  1. Yannick Ngakoue! Period. If you are going the make a significant move to upgrade over Casey, 25 year old Ngakoue is the man. His four year career to date is more impressive and consistent than most, especially if the goal is to upgrade sack totals within the front seven. Only player worth making a counter-Casey-trade-move over a ridiculous reach signing in Clowney.
  2. It wasn't Japanese that I was speaking Japan.
  3. Jesus Christ, Callidus... The man had a career season and one of the key reasons, along with Casey and Tannehill, why this team went as far as it did in 2019. What is wrong with you generation of fans man? The liabilities in coverage have been players like Jackson and Sims. Forced to play reserves in nickle and dime coverage like Brock Sr, (hell the championship game is indicative of that). Logan held his side of the field in coverage after Butler went down, check out the key games against Houston and New Orleans. Why do you think the Patriots have always dominated with average Joe's? System players who stay "in the system" year after year. Jackson's speed is the only thing that keeps him in the ball park of coverage with his moments from time to time. Lattimore was the corner that should've been drafted instead.
  4. At least Vrabel had the right idea during his inaugural season in holding four total draft picks in this day and age of NFL football. The player average of success (making a significant impact for the franchise in the long term) during the past fifteen years in regard to drafted players from the 5th round and higher is a mere 9%. Considering the amount of money saved and future holdings reserved, it would be prudent to trade up as high as possible with the excess of bottom tier picks and go after the most significant impact players available. Go back and check out the players missed during the past five drafts. Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Dak Prescott, Kareem Hunt, Chris Jones, Austin Hooper, Marshon Lattimore, the list could add another five players - but I'm sure everyone will defend the half ass decisions made.
  5. If makes no sense what-so-ever to pay Malcolm Butler at 30 years old, ten million per year, who hasn't done anything in a Titans uniform and not bring Logan Ryan back for at least another year if you are going to do and pay the above along with a one year flyer for $9.5 million on Beasley. As far as Clowney, another waste of money and exact opposite of what they're looking for in sack totals. The damage has already been done for 2020. Don't expect our Titans to do the same special things they did in 2019, if anyone sees a football field this year.
  6. A lone solid depth move and player for the Titans. Thanks for the charity sign Amy.
  7. As I mentioned, 2016 vs all other years since 2003 and outside of CJ's 2009 campaign in regard to one category of rushing. 3426 26-9 TD to INT ratio. 1287 and 490 14 TD combined.
  8. Callidus, the 2016 Tennessee Titans offense was the best overall offense fielded in Nashville since 2003. Fact. Passing game numbers were actually better than MVP McNair in that year. Running game numbers from both Murray and Henry vs George and Brown. Aside from Chris Johnson's rushing championship of 2009 in regard to one specific category. Now, please don't interpret me trying to anoint Mularkey and Robiskie as offensive geniuses, but fact is under Russ Grimm, the offensive line in regard to continuity between Ben Jones, Lewan and Conklin, along with the pre-departed Kline and Spain all started their upward play trends into today.
  9. So... Let's have a little more fun... Let's remember this post, as I could probably pull about two dozen since 2015 that severely exploit retard nation in such polarizing contradiction. 1. If Marcus Mariota pulls another Tannehill-hill-like-turnaround and even better; 2. If Tannehill regresses back to his old self; 3. If the Titans never win more than 9 games under Vrabel; 4. If the Titans go back to where they were in 2015; 5. Mr. Bud Adams, Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. will officially become the special Olympics short bus poster of all time! 5b; The irony above all irony's is the fact that your vagina and the rest of Titans nation hurt even more so watching your favorite team go from 3-13 and back into the playoffs after years of watching Pop Warner football play out in Nashville, and regret it so much that you would've been happier continuing the misery until the hiring of Jon Robinson and Mike Ceaser Vreballs; 6; Nobody is comparing Marcus Mariota to anything Hall of Fame, great, or otherwise, but sure as hell turned this franchise around and did something as I've said over and over and over and over and over again, no other quarterback or coach did since 2003. 7; By the way side by, did it under Mike fucking Mularkey.
  10. Explain. Please. We all have the time. Not that I'm disputing that. But please, elaborate....
  11. Number three finger man... Number three Trumpaholic... I said, once again... Number Three.
  12. You're serious? I mean, really dude? This board must be full of kids. I'll presume for the sake of titansreport.com that Jake Locker and Vince Young were better draft picks. I guess we should've traded up for Winston or called back Hasselbeck or Collins. Says the DixieChicks. By the by way, the Tennessee Titans haven't won more than nine games since 2008 or a Conference/Super Bowl Championship with any quarterback or coach at the helm.
  13. WR Corey Davis Cody Hollister TE Jonnu Smith Mycole Pruitt LT Taylor Lewan Ty Sambrallo LG Rodger Saffold Kevin Pamphile C Ben Jones Jamil Douglas David Quessenberry RG Nate Davis Daniel Munyer RT Dennis Kelly Ty Sambrallo WR Adam Humphries Kalif Raymond WR AJ Brown Rashard Davis QB Ryan Tannehill Logan Woodside RB Derrick Henry Dalyn Dawkins Khari Blasingame DE Jeffrey Simmons Matt Dickerson NT DaQuan Jones DE Isaiah Mack Joey Ivie OLB Vic Beasley Reggie Gilbert D'Andre Walker IOB Rashaan Evans Nigel Harris Jordan Williams IOB Jayon Brown Daren Bates Davis Long Jr OLB Harold Landry Derick Roberson Nick Dzubnar CB Adoree Jackson Tye Smith Tramaine Brock Sr S Kenny Vaccaro Dane Cuikshank FS Kevin Byard Amani Hooker Joshua Kalu CB Malcolm Butler Chris Milton Kareem Orr There's your 2020 Titans to date. Now cut and paste like Robinson and Ceasar to turn into a Super Bowl Champion.
  14. Dixie, let's just stop with all this fan far ignorance, alright. I'll kill the Mariota topic once and for all afterwards, since it's history now. I don't how old you are, but there are pnly three quarterbacks in the long history of this franchise worth mentioning as game changers for what they did for this organization. Warren Moon, Steve McNair, and Marcus Mariota. All three at the very least turned their shit teams into playoff winners. My God! Cody Carlson, Bucky Richardson, Billy Joe Tolliver, Will Furer, Neil O'Donnell, Billy Volek, Dave Krieg, Rusty Smith, Matt Hasselbeck, Jake Locker and Vince Young. At least Chris Chandler and Kerry Collins went to Super Bowl's with other teams and Vince Young gave us a glimpse of a moment, but would never put him in third place let alone tied with Marcus. Jake Locker fucking quit football like a little bitch and Matt Hasselbeck like Young, gave an honorable mention effort for one full season. So "thumps down" like a child all you want with everyone else, Marcus Mariota was worth every moment more so than every other name above.
  15. Nice response sir. Well versed in refuting as a knowledgeable fan. I'll try to make this short and sweet. There is no championship run without Derrick Henry. Mike Vrabel inherited a divisional playoff team roster built by both Jon Robinson (gifted from Jeff Fisher) and of all coaches, Mike Mularkey. Without the drafting of Marcus Mariota, we'd be having an entirely different conversation all together. Say what you want, no other quarterback since Steve McNair has done more in the same time span under center. It took Vrabel half of season to realize what he had in Henry, in place of Dion Lewis, who, like Adam Humphries, was an overreach signing. Another sad reality lies in the fact that our front office ended up paying Marcus more money in attempts to avoid that by benching him against the Colts in week seventeen. Steve McNair went on championship runs in far worse shape and condition. Decision making and past mistakes has always been the sad commentary and consistent theme out of Nashville. Let's see what happens when Tannehill goes down with a torn ACL. Let's see what happens to this team when miracle reserve moments thin out turning 2-4 starts into 4-12 finishes. We finally got our answer about Tannehill's worth when counted on the most when the run game struggled in Kansas City (and significantly regressed since the end of the season), at least we knew Mariota's after coming back from 21 down when Ryan couldn't hold a ten point lead in a far bigger game. I hope Ryan Tannehill has found a home. I hope he continues on the same level for the next three years. I hope "I am" a fucking retard in everything I state to be 100% wrong and justified in should've-would've-doing. Jurrell Casey, Tajae Sharpe, Marcus Mariota, Logan Ryan, Delaine Walker, Jack Conklin, LeShaun Sims, Kamalei Correra, Austin Johnson... That's a ton of talent gone baby gone. Adam Humphries, Dennis Kelly, Vic Beasley, Ty Sambrallo, and Nick Dzubnar, don't seem to be in the same league or ballpark. At least for now, Ryan Tannehill does. Hope for hope in 2020.

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