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  1. Kearis Jackson isn't going to do shit
  2. We'll see if this guy turns into anything but I'm surprised he flew so under the radar. Seems like a 5th-6th round player
  3. ATL would be a better spot for him at this point tbh
  4. Totally fine with this. The worst OL in the league gets a Pro Bowl guard for $3.5M
  5. NPF had some truly disastrous games after opposing teams had tape on him. Not uncommon for a rookie OT but also another strike against Keith Carter. If NPF doesn't improve he'll eventually lose his starting job. He was a liability the second half of the year, just not the biggest liability.
  6. That was another bullshit answer from that press conference. Of course good players can be found in any round but the historical data says that the chances drop drastically the later the drafts goes. Vrabel knows that. That press conference was one of the only times I can remember him seeming uncomfortable.
  7. I can't stand PK but I agree with how he's responded to the WR neglect
  8. We need a 3rd safety, someone like an Andrew Adams or Cruikshank, which could be Molden. We could also use a power edge. We lost Bud, Mario Edwards, and DeMarcus Walker and replaced them with Arden Key and Landry returning from injury. Definitely need some more beef there.
  9. Boy we're in trouble again if a UDFA and a 6th round pick are competitive in camp
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