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  1. I don't think people are sleeping on Jefferson. Most insiders are reporting that front offices see him as a mid-late 1st round pick. I think mock draft people are sleeping on him because he's not very exciting. I like him, I don't know how well he fits with us though. I don't see him being much different from Corey Davis. I agree with your CB assessment. I think Gladney and Fulton would be fantastic scheme fits for us. Unfortunately I don't see either falling to us. I think Jaylon Johnson is one small step below Gladney but the same type of player. He's a dog. He'd be great here. He and Gladney pretty much tested the same at the combine. Gladney is just smoother. I think Arnette will fall a bit due to him running a 4.56 and he'll be 24 in his rookie year. He's be a good option later. I like Holmes and Amik Robertson as later slot CBs if we can sign someone in FA as a stop gap. An unpopular draft opinion I have is if Delpit is available at 29 (which is getting more possible as this process goes along) we should take him. Even though we're set at safety. He's too good. Downhill, instinctive, explosive, ball hawking box safety. He'd be a true difference maker.
  2. Some of you are talking like Clowney is just another guy. For you PFF guys, Clowney would have been the highest graded player on our entire defense last year at 87.3. And he only had 3 sacks. To grade that highly as an Edge with only 3 sacks is insane. To give you a comparison, Landry graded at 68, Correa at 67, Roberson at 67, Casey at 74, Simmons at 70. Our highest graded defender was Byard at 78. Clowney is in a different tier than anyone else we have and if we can get him for less than we expected for only a 2 year commitment? Yeah, I'm in.
  3. Word on the street is that Clowney isn't getting the offers he was expecting. He wanted $21 mil/yr. If that number drops to $17-18 mil/yr we could maybe swing something. Still doubtful though
  4. Overthecap still doesn't have Kelly or Beasley accounted for. If you add them and take away Casey it shows us with $22.9 mil in cap space. Probably still not enough to sign Clowney considering we still need to fill out the roster and sign our draft picks. It's enough for any other top remaining FA though.
  5. The Falcons released DeVonta Freeman. He could be a good backup RB option depending on price. He caught 59 balls last year. I think I'd still prefer to draft a RB in rd 2 or 3.
  6. More money than I'd like for his talent level but I guess that's the market for edge guys now. For people who don't know much about Beasley, analytic guys hate him. He sometimes puts up good stats but always grades poorly. Not an edge setter. More of a straight line speed guy. He has tons of talent and upside but was literally the worst graded edge in the NFL a few seasons ago by PFF. I don't hate the signing if we can fit a good CB in as well.
  7. Neither of them have Kelly added to our roster yet. Not sure why, they're usually on it quickly.
  8. Was Kelly already under contract? I have us at $21 mil left.
  9. We don't have the cap space to sign Clowney anymore. After the moves yesterday and leaving room for our draft picks we should have $18-19mil left. Maybe we could restructure Butler or Casey but that's doubtful. If we're going to make any big signing I would prefer Chris Harris for $10-11 mil/yr. I really like Chris Thompson as a backup RB if he can stay healthy. Who knows what will happen at Edge.
  10. A lot of these guys want to take trips to the cities/facilities with their families before deciding where to sign. Which is understandable.
  11. I think picking a backup RB in round 1 would be a mistake, particularly if we have other positions that need a starter. RB is one of the least valuable positions on any team right now. It's more scheme and personnel dependent. There are high quality guys we can find in round 2 and 3. Also, there are good 3rd down RB FA options this year (Kenyan Drake, Jordan Howard, Chris Thompson, or a handful of cheaper lesser known guys) However, if Henry doesn't come back I think it makes a lot of sense to draft Jonathan Taylor or Swift at 29.
  12. I see a lot of bullshit on this board that I just laugh at but I have to call this one out. This is very wrong. Fulton has been an elite press man cover guy for the past two seasons. Island man coverage is literally his best trait. He didn't really even play zone. He pressed Henry Ruggs all game this year and destroyed him. Other than Okudah he's considered the most ready-to-play CB in this draft because of how good his technique is. The knock on him is that he doesn't have any elite physical traits so his potential is a bit capped. He's just like Tre'Davious White in that way. Some people are saying he had a bad year but that's just not true. He was slightly worse this season than last year but he was still elite. He only gave up 31 catches in 15 games this year.

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