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  1. He has his 5th year option next year, and obviously is penciled in as our starter if healthy.
  2. King definitely should be the starter, I'm not down on Jackson yet long term.
  3. Next off-season is going to be interesting at CB. Do we find a way to keep King? Do we release Butler to free up cap space in other areas? Then you have some exciting battles to watch. Fulton vs Butler vs Boarders outside Jackson vs King at nickel I know Jackson has had a rough outing but he also came from Marshall and needs to adjust to the NFL, I still think he can develop into a decent nickel with time.
  4. Not really. We brought in a lot of those type of players as free agents that have been in the league a while. Not to many that we drafted or brought in as an undrafted.
  5. https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/unheralded-rookie-lineman-aaron-brewer-steps-up-big-for-titans-in-first-nfl-star Nice fluff article on Brewer. We need to start developing more of these late to undrafted guys.
  6. Shouldn't be hard for him to add some weight once he gets a year or two into an NFL program.
  7. Quessenberry offers more versatility as the swing offensive lineman, but Brewer looked like he held us own and could fill that role.
  8. Any word on Rivers foot injury?
  9. Wholly fuck, have we ever had a season with so many injuries.
  10. Makes more sense to have Douglas at center unfortunately, and filled Saffold positon.
  11. Their was a couple more videos (only one rep) where he had good technique on pass blocking, even had the ability to identify twists and stunts. It's wishful thinking, but they must see something in him to keep an undersized G/C on the roster.
  12. It's only one snap, but maybe we aren't totally fucked if Brewer has to start at center. Shows he can at least get leverage handle guys bigger than him
  13. He was one of our protected players, so possible. Fuck maybe that's why Trevor Daniel was kept, heard he became pretty hefty.
  14. No way they start Brewer, hopefully he's beefed up some from his listed weight of 270lbs.
  15. I'm watching Dustin Crum he's my mid-to-late round guy right now. Wilson is likely going to be a 1st round pick now.
  16. Our corners are playing pretty well right now, it's the linebackers and safeties killing us right now.
  17. Definitely a positive if he's out because Judon and Ngakoue are going to wreck our tackles.
  18. Ask Calias how good he was at stopping Henry in Jacksonville
  19. I heard from my reliable source that he farted so loudly he knocked over a small child, the smell alone created a chain reaction of small children and adults vomiting and shitting themselves. Pretty confident this is what he is referring to.
  20. When London Fletcher use to play under him he would change the defensive play calls because he was that bad. That he also lacked attention to details
  21. If we can see more of our first drive against Indy and keep opposing defenses on their toes that would be nice.

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