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  1. Until you see us in the post season again.....Everyone’s a contender, especially the fucking Raiders. Whom I know we will demolish in the next meeting.
  2. Yeah I have to agree with this Bills fan here. You guys fucked up big time and literally put the season in jeopardy.
  3. Even with the scare surrounding the Chiefs. They still steamroll the Raiduhs to pieces.
  4. Fuck The Patriots and their asshole fans wishing that all the Chiefs players would all catch it. Salty ass bandwagon fans.
  5. Please destroy the Bills. I cannot stand their hype, or their mentally deranged fans.
  6. You all know this is going to be the prime time game here. It’s a nice pick me up from your game against Pittsburgh being cancelled. It’s okay to root for the Kansas City Chiefs.
  7. I live probably ten minutes away from M&T Bank stadium. They’re absolute fuckin’ cornballs to a T. Their abuse of the English language is even worse. Granted I moved to Maryland a long time ago(DC burbs for high school). But nothing prepared me for how awful these people are on a daily basis. “heeeeey yew knoe the ravens are goen to the Super Bowl!!! Lamar is the best ever! Aye hon we are goen run over yew!!!!!!”
  8. Well, well, well this is the game of the year. We are up against Scam Newton and the Cheatriots. Honestly it wouldn’t shock me if this push this game into the prime time. All we need to do is shut Cam down and we demoralize these pricks. 44-17.
  9. I never signed up on that board. But I can imagine it’s a bunch of serious white trash, hipsters, and Lamar fanboys. You ever hear their official rap song Ravens Nation? It’s the most embarrassing shit I’ve ever laughed to.
  10. You ever live among his fanbase? They’re all cucks and bandwagon fans. So many hipsters who don’t even watch sports became a LaMar fan. Especially in the Baltimore and DC corridor. The Chiefs are not their rivals. The Steelers are. Yet, we live inside these idiots heads.
  11. You need to interview me as the friendly resident Chiefs fan!
  12. Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha! The Ravens and their fans are such idiots.
  13. I do not give a flying fuck about LeBron ball.

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