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  1. KC was too much today. You guys had a great season. See you in the play offs next year.
  2. Yep you are correct. Elite defense. HAHAHA We shall see Sunday. Good luck with that. So based on your expertise and confidence Im sure you have bet every dollar you have on the Titans. So your $3 bet should get you a free trip to SIZZLER.
  3. Apparently those teams, although very good , are not the best. The 4 teams playing Sunday are the best. Then there will be 2. The team that wins the Super Bowl will have beat the best and stand alone.
  4. Im not you guys. I want Henry & Co good to go. If Tenn beats KC there is no shame. Only one of these really good teams can win. Its entertainment. Is it getting to the Super Bowl or Winning the Super Bowl?
  5. Why would you want to beat a team not at 100%? Then the win is YAH BUT STATUS. I hope Tenn is 100% all game long. To be the best you have to beat the best
  6. Maybe you cant handle the truth LOL
  7. Best defense is hoping your offense control the clock like 45 minutes to 15. KC will score. Cant be stopped. ZONE , Man to Man, Cover 2 doesnt matter.
  8. KC 45 Titans 33 Mahomes 375 yards passing 5 tds and 55 yards rushing Sammy Watkins & Hardman with big days
  9. LOGAN RYANDB, TENNESSEE TITANS Titans CB Logan Ryan (illness) was absent for Wednesday's practice. Ryan's absence would hypothetically be an upgrade for Sammy Watkins in the slot despite the fact the former permitted the most catches (68) and receiving yards (758) from the middle of the field this year. His participation to close the week will be more telling for his availability in Sunday's Conference Championship game against the Chiefs.
  10. Yep thats the key pressure on Mahomes. I think your hurt remark is sad. I hope Henry and CO stay 100% healthy. To be the best you need to beat the best. Fact: Not many teams have been able to do it, he is now healthy and running for big first downs. I dont think Tenn has what it takes to pressure him on a consistent basis and Mahomes numbers against the blitz are very good.
  11. YES NOT GOOD. Has improved slightly. The pass rush and secondary are a huge improvement. This is not last years overall defense.
  12. Yes good point. I agree Hous handed KC some points. Everything after the first half was a dominating KC tea. It was not a 3 point game.
  13. Understood. I dont disagree. I think the summary is spot on though. KC wins this game unless they beat themselves.
  14. All You Need to Know Per The Ringer https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2020/1/15/21067057/chiefs-titans-49ers-packers-conference-title-game-rematches Summary: Mahomes’s health gives the Chiefs a bigger advantage than they had last time around. While Tennessee won that game, Kansas City was in command most of the way—it succumbed only after all of its penalties, special teams gaffes, and costly turnovers added up. The Chiefs will be hard to beat if they don’t beat themselves.

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