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  1. Ok ladies.....I'm out. You can make your inane comments for a little while without being taken to the woodshed for them. I'll be reviewing either late tonight/early morning, or tomorrow. I'll be looking to see who normal fans are vs the homers. Don't disappoint me now. Some of the things I'll be looking for: 1. Every call against your team is a bad call. The league wants the Ravens to win, yada yada ad nauseum. 2. The brilliant play calling experts who are right 100% of the time when judging a play that they just watched fail or succeed. Brilliant. Send the GM your resume now! 3. The grade school minds who think that calling a team by a different name is clever and somehow gives you......IDK......something? For those of you who come on the board to spout the above drivel, do yourself a favor. Just do the rah rah thing. Apologies to actual knowledgeable football people who watch and comment OBJECTIVELY. Peace
  2. I'm just glad the team is too busy preparing to be reading this or they would just forfeit to avoid the inevitable. Guess we'll just have to watch your prophesy play out. But if it doesn't quite work out that way, get your excuses ready. Referees are always a good one to make fans feel like they aren't losers.
  3. A preview of something that hasn't taken place yet. You have a time machine?
  4. If I was from down there I'd be exactly the same. I don't like the concrete jungle. I would live in the burbs of Nville, still consider myself from Nashville, and still root for my team. There's actually some very nice areas in Baltimore county, but the people are very much Baltimoreans. Just away from the hustle, bustle, and trouble. Make more sense now? Or should I just give up because minds have slammed shut long ago? Having my coffee in front of the computer for a few minutes then it's time to start prepping my veggies spices for chili. MMMMMMM
  5. Haha, I bet. But they gotta make their money in non peak season. I am not a car guy either. I accompany my best friend twice a year. Help him with the trailer.
  6. OMG the c word now. Thought only drunken English soccer hooligans still said that
  7. Not even a little clever. More nonsensical drivel. Par

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