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  1. DUDE!!!! Thats is too funny. That game was in Baltimore right? I went to that game.....one of the most absurd endings I've seen or attended. Courtland Finnegans Family sat right in front of me and he got into a few scuffles that game (nothing new). This is back when the Ravens defense was pretty lights out (#1 ranked) and it was usually a guarantee an offense wouldn't drive down the field at the end of games on them. On their own 20, it was 3 and 10 the titans jump offside and the flag gets thrown and "whistle blows" but Suggs didn't hear it and continued to go at Collins. They must of played it on the jumbotron 30 times but Suggs' fingernail grazed Collins helmet and they get him for RTP.......The crowd was going crazy. So the penalty on Suggs now trumped the offsides penalty and extends the Titans drive and as you said Collins hits Crumpler later for a TD. I'm from Delaware so the drive home from Baltimore sucks but to lose like that was a brutal ride home.
  2. Cheers guys. Came to see your feelings on the Titans off-season. Also a heads up that ESPN is doing a 30 for 30 on the 2000 Ravens and half the content supposedly is about the Ravens/Titans rivalry. I'm sure half of you will tell me to go fuck myself for mentioning it, but I think a lot of you would find it interesting if you were old enough to appreciate that old rivalry.
  3. The Titans can run the ball down the Bengals throat. Controlling the clock will be pivotal, and I think the Titans are best suited for that. Once that is established, RT will crush them with play action. Bengals better pray they get some of these inquired guys back on D.
  4. Yes even before Lamar was out. You cannot win (in the AFC North at least IE Watt, Garrett, etc) with poor oline play. It was hard to assess LJ this season because of it. We had to change our entire scheme days before our opener when our entire RB room went down and then it got worse when our Franchise LT went down week 1. It felt like we were done then, but we pulled out some last minute wins against some very bad teams which made it look like we were a contender early. We got our hopes up when we were playing competitive ball while trotting out Practice squad CB's against the Packers and Rams. We were overmatched all year. You need a little bit of luck in this league and this year just wasn't it. In my opinion we need to can Greg Roman and see if Lamar can take the next step as a passer. If we retain Roman we'll be sure to go back to running Lamar in the ground when we need a 3/4th down-and short. I do expect the Ravens to be extremely competitive next season as they do not have a very difficult schedule. We'll see.
  5. There isn't a Ravens fan that thought we were as good as the 8-3 record showed. I remember saying jokingly at the time on this board we'd be lucky to win another game given our injuries and schedule. This is the only time I've been right on a prediction and it doesn't feel any better. Good luck to you guys. Hoping you get to play the Bungles at some point and beat the shit out out of them.
  6. This season has to be some kind of sick joke.
  7. I told my buddy after the Ravens lost to the Steelers that they'd be lucky to win another game this year. I think the only shot that they have is against the Steelers in the last week of the season. They are basically fielding their JV team at the moment. I've never seen a worse offensive line in my life. Its a wrap
  8. No doubt! Flacco got hot and WON a super bowl. It can be done without a elite level QB. That Ravens team didn't really deal with injuries that season either. Luck has a major role in winning a SB, whether that is staying healthy, having the ball "bounce" your way, or having key officiating calls go your way.
  9. Haha. I've been reading this thread (bored at work). Been laughing my ass off because you are spot on. Sadly I think more threads on here have been dedicated to Tannehill being elite than we ever had for Flacco. We all laughed at the Flacco being "elite" talk from the national media. I think Flacco had more arm talent but RT is a overall better athlete which makes him pretty dangerous in your system. I do think RT is a system QB, and a very good one. Now I'll let you debate if he is a "system" guy or not ??
  10. I'm shocked that Jonnu isn't panning out in NE. Have any of you guys heard whats going on there? Bad scheme fit?
  11. I went to college in Poughkeepsie....fucking cold off that Hudson River. All Giants fans
  12. It was an interesting concept for sure. Overload the lineman and send a speedy dback (unblocked) off the edge. The crazier part to me is the lack of adjustment by the Ravens Offensive coordinator. It was one on one coverage on the outside and they were playing 10 yards back. You'd like to think Mark Andrews who makes a living over the middle of the field would of been targeting over and over. I'd like to think after seeing the same look over and over an adjustment would of been made. Crazy stuff. But hey its a copycat league.....if the Bears come out and do the same. Someone needs to get fired. Thursday games are always a slop fest so I'm not trying to look too much into it. Sometimes you win some...sometimes you lose to a shit team. You guys know the feeling right? Its about getting hot at the right time.
  13. Man I hope this is downplaying the Ravens chance at the #1 seed (which i agree with) and you don't actually think the Steelers are good.
  14. Although it wasn’t his best game by any means, that loss doesn’t go on Lamar. He had a free rusher every play. At some point the offensive coordinator has to do something….anything. They have to go mass protect. The inability for them to make adjustments in-game has been Romans kryptonite for too long. credit to Miami for confusing him, but def need better play calling.
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