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  1. Funny how we have a "Defensive" coach, yet our offense is the strong point and defense is Meh lol.
  2. You should implement a Shocked face Emoji lol. 😯😲😮 one of the 3 lol.
  3. Steelers defense, specifically the pass rush is pretty good. TJ Watts first step is so quick. Him and Bud Dupree are a good combo. They are always around the QB. It's true they haven't see great offenses, but neither have we (Outside maybe the Texans). They still rush the passer much better than we have. We have seen more mobile qbs than they have, but regardless you can see qbs really don't have alot of time. Their defense will take a hit missing Bush (Their signal caller). But their pass rush is legit. The secondary I'm really not sure of though. But if they are getting a good pass rush it can make a mediocre secondary look really good. We definitely have our work cut out for us.
  4. No Running back or players run over or through players like Henry. & Yes, Ryan Clark doesn't understand Physics. Do we really expect Derrick Henry to run over and through guys that weighs 285-310 pounds vs 185 pound guys. Come on man lol. Dudes not even speaking logically. That's why Henry is special, that's what makes him so special...Dude has great vision & is nimble enough and quick enough to break through the line of scrimmage. Then powerful enough to run through guys or fast enough to out run them. I think Ryan Clark is missing the point of what makes Henry so special lol.
  5. Only thing I dislike about Henry is he doesn't lower his pads and punish guys more. I think if he lowered his pad level and delivered punishment & pain he would be even more effective. I hope he punishes the Steelers, because I can't stand that team, Never have & never will.
  6. Not really sure what Ryan Clark is talking about. First of all Dupree and Watt aren't even Henry's size (As far as muscle mass and bulk) Lol. Second Henry pretty much ended Earl Thomas career and we know what type of monster he was. I think Ryan Clark is just blabbing and hyping up his boys. He doesn't believe that. Chiefs defense talked some Yang after the AFC title game. But they should thank their offense for shutting down Henry really. We couldn't commit to the run as much once we got down. Funny how a dude who no longer gets suited a booted is writing a check he doesn't have to cash lol.
  7. I can't play fantasy football because all my picks would be Titans players.
  8. Yeah Elliot has fallen off a cliff. Fumbles, lack of production etc. Cowboys are closest though.
  9. I never thought about it like that. But I have thought about How We seem to find special Running backs. He might be right. Imo Earl Campbell is the greatest back of all time 👍. This is what Earl did basically in 7 years. Earl Campbell: 9,407 rushing Yards 74 TDs (NFL hall of fame) 5x Probowler 3x first team all pro NFL MVP 3x NFL offensive player of the year *Bert Bell* award (Given to NFL player of the year). NFL offensive rookie of the Year 3x NFL rushing yards leader 2x NFL rushing TD leader 1970s all decade team NFL 100th anniversary all team
  10. @GoodToGo You played penis too. You use to yoddle on a wank like a flute.
  11. Yet I was the bad guy for suggesting id cut him. I'm just not a fan of grown men acting like kids. & To be honest I never been a fan of taking any offensive lineman outside left tackle or whichever side guards your Quarterbacks blindside in the 1st round. I really thought the past draft we should have focused on defense, specifically secondary. That's why I wasn't a fan of this past draft for JRob. I utterly hated that Runningback pick in the 3rd round because I knew he wasn't going to contribute this year, and our offense was fine. We needed to make moves to beat teams like the Chiefs.
  12. Didn't really know who Dimebag was, But When I was in high school I remember he got killed not to far from where I lived. That was the first time I heard of him.
  13. At 30 years old; for a Runningback, Barry was definitely past his prime.
  14. Lol glad we did the right thing. I expect he will be axed tomorrow.
  15. Giants playing our "Titan zone off man coverage".
  16. I know dudes from Philly and I can tell Wentz been hanging around some Philly Hoods the way he is slinging that Rock.
  17. Tight spiral. Almost reminds me of Warren Moon.
  18. This division should be eliminated from playoff contention. Somebody is gonna be 5-11 or 6-10 in the playoffs.
  19. If you listen to the lyrics it's actually a good message. He says obliterate what make you weak. He says Destroy everything in a sense of everything needs to be rebuilt. After a Forest fire vegetation actually grows back healthier because the fire makes the earth more fertile. It's actually a pretty good message. Some things need to be rebuilt.
  20. Desean Jackson's back. Glad I picked the Eagles.
  21. Question is flawed how?? Ask yourself, how did Barry Sanders dominate in the 90s...Then just take the way he dominated in the 90s and ask yourself again; would how he dominated in the 90s translate exactly to today's game. Just to clarify it. Lol
  22. Lol funny thing is I feel more confident a team won't score on the goal line than I do anywhere else on the field just about lol.
  23. Ravens loss because their QB had a hard time figuring out our defense and couldn't make the throws outside the digits.

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