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  1. So I'm guessing that's what happened with Bengals vs Brown's 😬. Explain that to me. If one team loses but covers the spread the team you picked that loss wins because of that?
  2. His game just isn't big time imo. And he has always fumbled at the worse times. He just never shows up in the big games. He has a decade worth of pretty good stats. He does well on the 1pm majority of the games are being played games. But everytime it's been primetime or playoffs he seems to flop.
  3. Living in Ohio, been seeing alot of Bengals & Brown's games over the years. I always felt for years AJ Green and Dez Bryant were extremely overrated. Between the fumbles and ineffectiveness, I'm not sure why he is considered an upper echelon receiver.
  4. Already flopping for the week. That Bengals defense should be ashamed of themselves lol.
  5. Im from Ohio and 2 Ohio teams playing each other is not a good way to gauge & get a good indication of how good either team is.
  6. Joe Burrow has game. He just needs to work on his down field accuracy. Not everybody is gonna be wide open. I think the Bengals got a good QB.
  7. Yell I was yelling at the T.V dude get up lol. I think somebody went over to help him up on one.
  8. Just curious how many people actually knew somebody born in the 1800s. I use to visit my great grandmother born in 1892 or 1893. She passed in 97. I feel like as time goes on simply having crossed path from the 1800s become more and more cool lol.
  9. You never wanna be missing starters. But I think sometimes these moves for injured players are strategic ones also. You want to be strong come November and December. If a guy has an injury why push him early against a team that doesn't have a great secondary. Maybe if the Jags have a great secondary you push things. But I think we would be fine if AJ can't go. In a couple weeks vs the Steelers & that defense you want to be at full strength lol. Beautiful thing about our offense is our pass game is secondary. Denver obviously has a great formula for stopping the run. But we plan to run more than throw anyways.
  10. Not worried about Monday's performance. If anything I feel better about the team. We proved we can win with adversity. Evans is a main piece and a play caller. We won a game we were supposed to lose, which was unheard of for a Titans team past decade lol. The thing I wanna see is if we win again Sunday, the follow up game.
  11. I'm confident in this team. For one, we're now winning the games we were suppose to lose instead of the opposite way around. This past Monday night is a typical game Titans would always let go in the past, am I right?. This team is very young and very talented. We have proven we can overcome adversity before a game and during a game. Mental toughness is key. Losing a main piece in Evans on defense & still winning with 2 rookie corners is a positive sign. We will get better during the season, not just from an experience standpoint, but we will also get better roster wise when we get Adoree back, Beasely and Roberson return.
  12. Haha, soon as I read that I was like I coulda swore we swept them not to long ago lol.
  13. Wow the Mac9 one was probably the same one from the Tomb lol. I remember the female member on there was a die hard Steve Mcnair fan.

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