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  1. Mine was first day half a morning shift lol. I got hired through a temp agency at a bottling company when I lived in Houston TX. But I was waiting for a call from a Kroger Warehouse. They said when we call you have to be ready moments notice. Temp agencies take a percentage of your pay obviously. So on my morning break Kroger called and I never went back after my first day first break Lol. I don't even know if they paid me for my few hours of service. Lol
  2. Many people don't know this, but Eazy E was planning to do music with Guns N roses. But this is an interesting interview. Lol
  3. In Terms of doing your job with efficiency and skill Kern is one of the best players in the league. His punting, especially towards the end of the Patriots playoff game was a masterpiece.
  4. Its actually not bad lol. White girl was flossing.
  5. There is an Agenda in this country by the homosexuals and feminists. The whole Black Lives matters movement is ran by lesbian black women. They are using black people and the BLM movement as a front to push their agenda. How did there so called plight all of a sudden become relevant?? Why is there all of a sudden push to get rid of the Confederate flag and statues?? Because now they can use that energy to say we now need to get rid of religious stuff. This is the last thing ima say on this topic. Be careful what y'all wish for and buy into.
  6. @ManningEnvy his people never fought in any war, not because too old or young it was a low brow knuckle dragging deal. His dad would just drag the gun and swing it like a club during training & grunt. And his mother served, but it was mostly to service unmarried soldiers. If it was 300BC his people might be great warriors. But his folks never evolved pass the grunting and sniffing stage. ManningEnvy Senior: I eat bullet? Bullet yummy Marine Corps drill sargent: No bullet go in gun, bullet shoot out gun
  7. People can have their own opinions. Seems you prohomo people have a problem respecting other people's opinions, but you expect people to respect yours. Funny thing is ever since America has embraced homosexuality this country continues to get worse & worse.
  8. In what way shape or form does believing it's wrong for a man to stick his weiner in another man's butt make me a bigot? And if I smack or rob a person I am wrong. If I know somebody who robs and steals I stay away from them, because it's against my religion. I'm confused how following my religious beliefs makes me a bigot. Again, if I supported homosexuality id be a hypocrite.
  9. That's an ignorant statement to say I hate anybody. I'm allowed to disagree with anything and stay away from them.
  10. I am Christian so if I supported homosexuality id be a hypocrite and if I condemned them I'd be a hypocrite.
  11. I dont condemn them, I just dont agree with their lifestyle so why would I hang around them?? Its no different than me saying I wouldnt hangout with a Neo Nazi. I dont agree with their lifestyles.
  12. So what y all are saying is I don't have the right to disagree with homosexuality??

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