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  1. You bump your head touched?? Or perhaps ole dad kicked you in the rear end on an alcohol fueled rage and gave you brain damage. You tell Us touched.
  2. One Clodhopper to that touched head and you would spin about on the floor like a Top. Wiggle Wiggle touched.
  3. Left or right Clodhopper?? I'm right footed touched.
  4. What's the matter touched? My Clodhopper not enough?? Wiggles it 1 more time.
  5. I watched two break downs. I think that Steelers one the turf probably wasn't the best, you have to take that into account.
  6. They use to have Aol chat rooms that had bots that said random stuff. I think you are nothing more than a bot Lol.
  7. They actually stream these games live on YouTube thankfully. DC looked really good again this week. I actually thought Pep Hamilton would get an NFL head coaching job one day.
  8. Between DC and Houston they have Been my favorite teams to watch. I won't see anymore games because I cut off my Hulu live tv and got rid of Satellite a long time ago.
  9. Trolling just doesn't bother me like the rest of you. If the Titans won the Superbowl I'd find whoever I could to talk trash LOL. I know this & I'd be a hypocrite if I came in here criticising him. And by responding to everything you disagree with gives trolls power lol. And he never specified which sport...I'm a Bulls fan and seen all 6. So yes I've witnessed 👍.
  10. Hahaha if I was in this dudes position I'd be doing the same thing. In fact I wouldn't shut up til next football season.
  11. Lolol shoulda known you was gonna say something off the wall 😂. You remind me of one of those Bots off an Aol chat room that use to say random stuff lol.
  12. Since you be on Yahoo are you familiar with "Nate" in the comments section?

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