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  1. Kinda crazy that the Titans sit here with two games left and already have ten wins but are still in doubt of making the playoffs. Each of the next two games is still huge. If the Titans lose to Green Bay (likely in cold Lambeau), then they go in to the final game with perhaps a win and in or lose and go home scenario against the always tough Texans. Sad that this year there will be a very good team with a good record sitting at home in the AFC while the sub-500 NFC East will send a team to the dance. Either Indy, Tenn, Miami, Cleveland, or Baltimore is going to get left out. (I'm already
  2. If your front guys aren't getting pressure, the only choice you have is to blitz often. To successfully blitz you must come when they don't expect it and from where they don't expect it. When that happens you have to prepare to give up huge chunk plays. On the other hand we are giving up huge chunk plays now so what would it hurt? The only choice we have in the short term is to play man on the receivers and send the house (if we want to choose to have QB pressure, that is.) PS. I've thought about this for years and I don't understand why teams don't put relatively smaller guys
  3. If I was Trevor Lawrence I would MUCH rather go to the Jaguars than the Jets. In Jacksonville he would have no city or state tax on his income, where in NY it would be above 10% combined. Next, the media scrutiny in NYC would be brutal. Third, the Jags are a better team with more talent and a shorter turn around than the Jets. The Jags have been largely competitive for the last several years, even when losing. They could turn it around with a good coach and a few key players. The weather is also way better in Jacksonville. For me it would be a no-brainer.
  4. I loved Marcus as a human being but he never played good enough consistently. Tonight he looks fantastic. Makes me wonder if coaching was holding him back. Everyone has different things they do well and Las Vegas seems to be trying to do what he is best at. But also he is way more accurate than we ever saw. Congrats, Marcus!
  5. Yeah, Byard should wear all green and then just lay down until the receivers go out, then when the pass is thrown pop up and easily snag the ball out of the air! 27 interceptions in one season! But seriously anything that draws extra attention should be avoided like a red sleeve.
  6. As disappointing as this game was, and especially the first half, I am still very hopeful for a playoff berth, and a competitive playoff run. Sometimes in life, everything goes against you for no apparent reason. How you respond going forward is what determines your ultimate destiny. It started with the fourth down call when Henry clearly got the first down by about a half yard. I was shocked that the replay officials couldn't see it as clearly as me. Then Cleveland showed grit and executed very well and scored. 10-0. Not great, but we can do this, right? Then Cleveland ma
  7. Of course it is extremely unlikely that Cleveland goes 12-4. The attached pictures were just 1) A possible scenario where Kansas City misses the playoffs, and 2) A possible scenario where Tennessee goes 11-5 and misses the playoffs. They were in no way a prediction of Cleveland going 12-4! My true educated guesses resulted in a very different final picture. It is way too early with too many games left to get any meaningful data other than to know what is or isn’t possible. With about two weeks left is where this playoff predictor starts to come into play for rea
  8. The ESPN Playoff Machine is super fun to play around with. Basically, you put what you think will happen in each game, and it will show you who is in the playoffs. I played around with it for quite a while. I put in first what I thought would happen in each game, then what might happen, then started running scenarios for the Titans to both make and miss the playoffs. The scary thing is that there are SEVERAL scenarios where the Titans end up 10-6 and miss the playoffs. I even found one where they go 11-5 and miss the playoffs. I also found some where Baltimore, Cleveland, and/or Indianap
  9. Edit: actually same holds true if Colts lose either game.
  10. Crazy scenario: Titans lose out. Steelers lose out. Raiders win out. Colts beat the Panthers but lose to the Jaguars: Raiders are in the playoffs. Crazy things have happened before and could happen again. As as for how Titans could make playoffs while losing both games: Steelers lose out. Panthers beats Colts: Titans are in at 8-8. (Doesn’t matter if Raiders win one or both).
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