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  1. I'm surprisingly calm right now. Not sure if that is good or bad.
  2. FWIW, only 39 percent of public money is on Titans at +7.5 and the line hasn't moved. It's not quite reverse line movement, but the spread has remained the same and it has gone from +103 to +111 for KC ATS. So Vegas is quite content with letting the public pound KC for 'easy money'. That makes me at least somewhat less uneasy about the game.
  3. Nope. The next 2 will be when we're waiting on the Titans to play in the Super Bowl!
  4. That's your opinion. I've stated my opinion. I don't care if you agree. It doesn't change anything in any game past, present, or future.
  5. As it should be. You get paid that much, play through the pain and play like a man. If me saying play like a man is a meathead statement, then I'm fine with that. I would rather be a meathead and a man, than a pussy.
  6. So no game has ever been won by 3 or less, where the difference between being in fg range and getting 3 or not was 2-3 yards? I get that drive it wound up not being a big deal, but it could have been.
  7. Oh, I don't think he bulldozed or breaks all 3 guys. I think he's quick enough to turn and move for 2-3 yards.
  8. What is meathead about fighting for yards in the post season. As for doubling down, no. I'm not playing. If someone wants to crack my ribs for 49 million, I'll take it. I'm pointing out that he gets paid a stupid amount of money for what he actually does. He could try to fight for yards. Period. I assumed you fit into the 'woke' category because you seem like a little bitch.
  9. Special teams and dumb decisions by BOB really helped with a lot of those.
  10. Means our path to the SB includes the first, second, and third seed. The a high probability of a SB matchup with another first or second seed. I love it!
  11. You're main point was that it was a smart play. I think he should fight for yards. Then you said fighting for yards was too macho for you. Am I missing something here?
  12. His contract has 49 million guranteed. I'll let you break my ribs with a sledgehammer for that much money. He plays a contact sport, he can stop being a pussy.
  13. Sorry. I didn't know there were woke snowflakes that watched football.
  14. He's still a bitch. Even though we aren't likely playing them next week, I hope KC cracks the fuck out if his ribs. Multiple.
  15. When you're down 17 you either fight for every inch or you shouldn't be on the field.
  16. Hopkins was such a little bitch on that play. Dropping into the fetal position (literally) instead of trying to pick up any more yards.
  17. Is the narrative this week going to be that Mahomes is going to get his points no matter what the way LJ did? Lol.
  18. This is Atlanta in the Super Bowl implosion level bad.
  19. I know what you mean. I agree 100% I was just making a joke about Henry literally raping our opponents each week.
  20. In regards to the shots Tannehill and Jackson took to the helmet: The refs let A LOT go today. PI, holding, personal fouls. They let it go both ways, though, so as long as they are consistent with both teams I was fine with it. It allowed a physical game, which I feel is something that works more in our favor than theirs. Next year's game against them should be fun. I'll bet that's a primetime matchup. Too bad it is in Baltimore.
  21. I thought it was Henry ramming his cock down their throat for 3 straight hours, but speed works too.
  22. The only thing that can stop Henry is the NFL when they investigate Henry for not being human.

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