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  1. It's all good. I'll be rooting for the Titans. Maybe we can combine the Titan offense and the Dolphins defense. That would be something.
  2. LOL. I already know your opinion. It just doesn't matter.
  3. I pointed out 10 QBs who either couldn't get on the field or had worse statistical rookie seasons than Tua. Whether they were benched or not is irrelevant. That is a coaches decision. When a team is in playoff contention, different decisions get made to try to win games. It is a balancing act of getting the rookie reps and winning games. Tua had not played in a longer than normal amount of time. They eased him in. Frankly, I don't think they were expecting to be in playoff contention. They started the season 3-3 with Fitz. They needed to get reps for Tua. They went of a bit of a wi
  4. Of course he needs more of those games. If they don't happen,, he'll fail. But, we won't know until he plays the games. Anyone claiming that they already know is full of crap.
  5. https://www.si.com/nfl/dolphins/news/miami-dolphins-rookie-tua-tagovailoa-shines-in-victory-at-arizona#:~:text=Tua Tagovailoa Stars in Dolphins' Thrilling Win at Arizona&text=Tagovailoa passed for 248 yards,thriller at State Farm Stadium. Arizona.
  6. Most QBs don't work out. Hell, most players at every position don't last long. Here, learn something - http://www.optimumscouting.com/news/the-rookie-quarterbacks-are-struggling-and-that-s- What you should pick up from the article is that the first year is a pretty poor predictor of future success because so many QBs struggle early and so many QBs don't work out over all.
  7. LOL..... not THAT kind of struggling. All those QBs either played bad or couldn't get on the field. Let's move on. You won't convince me that the Dolphins should move on. Back to the original topic. Thank you Tannehill, et al.
  8. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill, Andrew Luck, Elway, Bradshaw, Aikman, Steve Young, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford.... there, that's 10. Now do the 100 that struggled as a rookie and didn't work out. I've given you 6 current or future HOFers and several with long or continuing careers. Actually, the bigger rarity is the rookie that doesn't struggle, especially on bad teams.
  9. And Tannehill too? How about Mahomes, since he couldn't beat out a journeyman QB? Rodgers? A dinosaur kept him on the bench for years. Brees, clearly a future bum? Brady showed no outstanding physical traits early on. Pass. Luck had a 76.5 passer rating as a rookie. G'bye. You'd have been all in on RGIII. Admit it, you'd have passed on Tannehill coming to the Titans. That's really all that needs to be said. You've got no crystal ball.
  10. I’m hopeful but a realist. He has to prove it. It’s okay, he will or he won’t, until that time .... hey, I didn’t think Tannehill was the problem, luckily for the Titans, the Dolphins didn’t ask for my opinion.
  11. Know what other stat Tua beat Allen in? Wins. It is clear that you didn’t watch Tua or Allen.
  12. Should the Bills have bailed on Josh Allen? He was worse than Tua, not better as you claimed. Thanks for your concern, but I’m not concerned. Why? Because it is too early.
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