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  1. NFL.com and PFF both did (among others) ...... Now who is more biased in their opinion, you or me?
  2. 2019 + 2020 are two elite seasons. Is anything you write truthful? (sacks on consecutive plays?) From nfl.com QB index at the end of 2020: Now compare these to my rankings of the same two QBs. Can you stop now?
  3. The average stats of a quarterback with the league’s leading rusher over the past 10 years are: 98.37 Tannhill had a rating in 2019 of nearly TWENTY POINTS HIGHER THAN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE LED THE LEAGUE IN YPA AND CPOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it through your head.
  4. Do you somehow missed the dozens of passes every year that he gets off just before getting crushed???? Really????? Refer to the 91 yard TD to AJB against the Raiders in 2019. That TD does not happen if Tannehill doesn't wait for the play to develop. Not sure why saying "he holds on to the ball too long sometimes" is not a legit criticism just because we don't think he is clueless in the pocket like you appear to think. The last second throws and sacks are both part of the SAME playing style. No QB gets it right on every play. Not Tannehill. Not even the QBs that pull it
  5. He was sacked 24 times last year behind a very mediocre pass blocking OL How'd that happen?
  6. A notch below Tannehill. Solid QB. I would put Tannehill in the 6 - 10 range and Cousins in the 11-15 range. Tannehill does everything just a bit better. Tannehll has better arm talent, a stronger arm, is a better athlete, makes more difficult throws, and is more clutch. Cousins is in a very similar situation in Minn. Red zone is a hugely important area where Tannhill has been better than Cousins over the last two seasons.
  7. Game managers don't lead the league in YPA, ever.
  8. That is EXACTLY how I think and have stated so many times.
  9. I mostly agree except for the above average starter part. He is a very good to great starter. I put him in the 6-10 range rather than the 1-5 range.
  10. Then you got nothing but an opinion. And a poorly supported one.
  11. the stats show that the quality of the running game doesn’t matter. If you want to make a counter claim, you have to prove it. Not sure why you keep asking others to disprove it.
  12. Enjoy rooting against the most important player on your team. Seems weird but go for it.
  13. He took one sack in the 4th quarter of a comeback win that he led. Maybe you are confused. Wilson took the game losing sack, not Tannehill. You are seriously grasping at straws now.
  14. Well are we SURE that the Saints KNEW Henry wasn't playing........
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