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  1. After I posted that I went back to see what year it was that it happened and came across this article I hadn't seen before. Heimerdinger was OC at the time. Sounds like he and/or others on the staff had a personal beef with him for whatever reason. https://www.nfl.com/news/randy-moss-tennessee-titans-blackballed-me-in-2010-0ap1000000133297
  2. Unlucky...I haven't been to a theater since Moviepass shut down. It was clearly an unsustainable business model but it sure was awesome to take advantage of while it lasted and it forced the theaters to introduce similar services which is great for the consumer, especially if you can resist the concessions that they make a fortune off of. Tenet would be a good one to see though. I still remember getting blazed as fuck before seeing Inception in the theater and it blew my mind
  3. Belichick out here playing 4D chess while everyone else is playing checkers
  4. Which is why you've gotta have respect for a guy like Dame. He's basically the only guy left in the league with that type of mindset.
  5. Exactly and with his athleticism on the decline he's probably the worst contract in the league. He's been atrocious in these playoffs, dude can barely throw an accurate pass. I know they wanted to move CP3 and Harden advocated for Russ but Morey definitely fucked that one up. He looked better before the bubble but they become much easier to guard with him in the game.
  6. That was a really odd signing, seems like it was done just to sell tickets and maybe a jersey or two.
  7. Agreed with everyone else I'd go Michel and Corwder without question.
  8. Trying to decide between C. Ridley and J. Taylor at flex in a 10 team .5 PPR league this week. I'm thinking Ridley just because his floor seems higher but any additional input would be appreciated. I've got Singletary on the bench too but he doesn't seem as enticing as the other two.
  9. https://post.futurimedia.com/wgfx/playlist/listen-11332.html Good breakdown from Andy Benoit's interview with 3HL today. A lot of Clowney talk but also some Texans V Chiefs, Tannehill, and Henry insight as well.
  10. I enjoyed it too. The fact that Rivers has never played the game manager style before and could end up losing them games taking dumb risks that would've worked in his prime make me feel a lot better about beating out the Colts for the division. He's going to have to play in a style of office he's not used to and him being a super competitive guy I'm not sure how he'll handle the offense not running solely through him when they aren't having success.
  11. Roger that thanks. It's apparently an issue with the Pocket Casts app only. If I add that link in Plex I do see the latest episode. It doesn't appear to be updating on some other platforms either for whatever reason: https://player.fm/search/https%3A%2F%2Ftwotonecrew%2Elibsyn%2Ecom%2Frss
  12. I've been a regular listener since back in the day and am thrilled you guys are bringing it back, great first episode. I still have the old RSS feed on my podcast app. Is it going to be updated with these new episodes or is there a new feed? No big deal, I can easily access it here on the website but was just curious. Makes it a bit easier to access when in the same place as all my other podcasts.
  13. He had 3 years remaining including this year. The wording in the tweet of "extension" makes me assume that this year hasn't been changed and it's a restructure of those final 2 years on his deal. EDIT: It's actually being reported that the 2 years is added on to his existing 3 years. In this case the contract is wayyyy better from a value standpoint. I can't believe Hopkins actually accepted that. I'll be waiting for official confirmation on that one.
  14. I still think it's wild he got 27M per year, 5M more than Julio got. That makes him the highest paid non-QB in avg annual value by a significant margin, only other players close are Garrett and Mack at 25M and 23.5M respectively. Only thing that makes this close to worth it is Murray being on his rookie deal still like has been said and the fact that they already invested draft capital on top of it to get him.
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