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  1. Has there ever been a bigger FA bust than this dude? Redskins paid him 32M over 2 years. He had one peak contract year and quit. It made Clinton Portis lose his passion for football.
  2. Solid attempt at a bait but horrible timing, no one is falling for this. Only way that happens is if we get a shit load of picks back.
  3. I know I'm beating a dead horse here but the Titans turnaround this season is much more of an indictment of Mariota than it is an example of Tannehill carrying the team on his back IMO. The team has had talent all along and would have won most of those early games this year with even solid backup level QB play (Minshew, Bridgewater, etc.). Somehow MM regressed to even below that level, not sure if it's mental or injury related but this year from him was easily the worst I've seen out of a Titans starting QB and I've been a fan for life. While Tannehill has been playing extremely well, I don't think he is as responsible for how the team is playing VS someone like Wilson or Jackson, who have also done it for more games.
  4. Watching those Henry highlights it's also extremely noticeable to me how much more patient of a runner he has become, being able to make short cuts, wait for holes to develop, and explode through them. It seems in past years he would build up too much steam without having a clear direction of where to go and as a result he's now picking up yards much more efficiently.

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