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  1. Its a damn shame y'all got Wake at his age...when he was younger in Miami, he was a terrorist. I mean, who gets a walk-off safety in OT?!?! Dude was very exciting to watch, gettin' after the QB. Held all the time, didn't matter. I REALLY thought he'd retire a Dolphin. But on Beasley, it seems to me the big take-away from this signing is they think they can eat with him in the 3-4...which was the SAME type alignment he had 15 sacks in, no? That's what I'd hang my hat on. He's probably a little motivated to prove some people wrong, and that couldn't hurt. His sack numbers over the back half of 2019 wasn't a joke, also. You want your defense getting stronger as the season progresses, if he can contribute to that, great signing!
  2. Its hard for me to compare the 2019 Titans, QB/RB aside, to the Dolphins of 2012-2018. The primary problem with that comparison as at the GM and HC position. Worlds apart. Those two positions matter much more than many fans like to believe. Throw that in with the revolving coaching door they had in Miami through that time (HC/OC/DC) and it's even worse, not to mention the OL Miami consistently trots out there. The Dolphins have perennially sucked at fundamentals and discipline...going back to the end of the Jimmy Johnson run, maybe the Bama coach's short tenure. Had Tennessee played Tannehill with Drake, they would have done well also...Ajayi's done, his knee was done before he was drafted, he just had a few spurts. I think Tannehill/Henry/OC are a great fit together, on THIS team, with this coach and players, and system. Chemistry matters too.
  3. Lamar's mechanics are fucking terrible. Tannehill woulda tore that shit up.
  4. Similar to how Brees, Rodgers, Wilson, and Brady stepped up and carried their teams to a win? Mahomes may be the ONLY QB in the league right now that could overcome that score, and he's a generational talent, even then, he's not doing it on his own.
  5. He really only had one sub-par game all season. His lowest rated game this year (Carolina - 82.3), with enough attempts to qualify, was right at his career AVERAGE before this year. He was healthy for the first time in the previous 3 years. All while throwing to a rookie (beast ass rookie, however), back-up tight ends and receivers, and an underperforming highly drafted receiver, none of which are known as "fast" by NFL standards. I think its fair to say he has elevated his floor, and probably hit his ceiling, this season. He was VERY consistent at his newer average level of play this year. I agree with that article's statement of how much he should make on a contract...right at where I've been saying he should get paid. The KC game shouldn't be looked at as a help or hurt, regarding his value...that was a total team loss, if there ever was one.
  6. Ya guys! He sucks guys! He couldn't carry his team like Rodgers and Wilson did in their last games!!!
  7. What stuck out most to me was a few things: 1. Mahomes is gonna get his...he just is...unless you have a legit, hardcore beast defense (Titans do not). Niners have a good shot. 2. Chiefs played MUCH more physical ball than the Titans...particularly their defense. They played much better than their seasonal ranking would have you believe. For their run defense, it wasn't so much that they limited Henry to 62 yards in the first half, it was the manner in which they did it. They were aggressive and very physical, pushing the OL around quite a bit and wrapping him up strongly. They were ready, Titans weren't. Really comes down to that IMO.
  8. Agreed. I haven't seen anybody better.
  9. What he means is, "our retard QB went FULL retard and I was hoping the refs would save his stupid ass...and they didn't...fuckers!"
  10. They sure can, if they play their normal level of football, especially on defense. They gave a LOT away there.
  11. They'll likely drop if the Chiefs and/or Niners lose.
  12. I would agree 100%. Difference is, he's healthy, has a great ground game, has better players around him, has better coaching (big time), and mostly better play-calling...and he's not asked to be the Savior of the Titans. I doubt very many QBs could be reliably consistent with his Miami surroundings...maybe a Russell Wilson type, but that would be about it IMO. Strange how different a player can appear just from being put in a "TEAM" environment.
  13. Which game were you watching? His throws were very accurate, with the exception of the INT and one other one, not counting intentional throw-aways, including another TD pass that didn't count 'cuz the receiver stepped out, that was right on the money. That Patriots secondary is the best in the league, and they had the receivers blanketed, even then, he dropped some seriously accurate throws into catchable places. Not to mention that crucial 3rd and 8 he hit. He can't catch 'em too...or throw PI flags.
  14. They went into a string of mistake-filled football after they got shell-shocked in the 2nd quarter. Whole team fell apart. You could see it in the players' faces...they were scared. Titans are coached better IMO.
  15. All I can reference, regarding him having to prove himself, is the one time he was called out by coach Philbin, back in 2014 before their game against Oakland in London. He lit the Raiders up and won 38-14, going 23/31, 278 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT his TE caused. He was super sharp/accurate that game.

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