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  1. That was one ass-whoopin' y'all put on us. Straight-up disgusting. When your OL+2 can't stop a 4-man rush, you deserve to get smoked...and smoked they got. Need y'all to take it to the house.
  2. Since Oilers. She was happy y’all got RT though…didn’t like MM.
  3. Straight...up...trash. He's the 4th lowest rated tackle in the league, other OT is 5th worst. Just isn't physically there, arms may be too short for NFL tackle. Here's our OL PFF ratings, FWIW. The ratings jive with other OL stats like pass-block-win-rate, etc. C Deiter: 61.0 (26 out of 37) G: Kindley 59.7 Hunt 68.2 (24 out of 80) Jackson 50.2 (74 out of 80) T: Davis 49.9 (80 out of 84) Eichenberg 49.5 (81 out of 84)
  4. Dolphins of course! Wife (Titans fan) and I may get into a fight today. Loves me some Tannehill and the Titans, but, you know...
  5. Ya, no. Kindley? Igbenoghene? Eichenburg? If you call Jackson a bust, you gotta add those 3 to the list, minimum. It's too early to call any of them a bust (1st/2nd year players), but a few of them are closer to locking down that title (Igbo/Jackson). Kindley, the guy you're calling their quality OG, can't crack the line...a line which boasts 4 of the worst 10 OL in the league, including Jackson. Solidified their OL you say? LOL!! Igbo was a 1st round drafted project CB who won't see the field w/o numerous injuries. Eichenburg has been a train-wreck at tackle (probably should be a guard). I'm sincerely worried for Tua's health today. Grier has hit on a few in the last year or two, really good 2021 draft, which is much better than his previous drafts, but 2 years ago they hired a couple reputable draft gurus to work with Grier and it's slowly paying off. Their #1 problem is managing FA signings/keeps, he's done fairly well with cap (with the exception of a QB they shipped off a few years ago for a 4th, and paid his salary to leave). Grier seems to be stuck on being the "smartest guy in the room" by picking up a player that isn't thought to be special, but he sees something...that vision isn't showing too well. His biggest hit in FA in his many years at the Dolphins is Ogbah...and snagging Seiler off of Baltimore's practice squad is looking like a steal, he's playing very solid DL. But that's it. Will Fuller anyone? Wilson? Hurns? Several RBs (and still 32nd in rushing)? Numerous OL they've brought in, couldn't get to crack the line-up - just to ship them off somewhere else and they play well...immediately? Their OL disfunction is strong and sustained...for many years, and it's just getting worse. If you think they're only a QB away, you have problems.
  6. The two that came off, starting safety and rotational DL, will help. The two that went on, normally inactive.
  7. Fact. Then again people dying in motorcycle wrecks have been known to die from it too so.
  8. Another anecdote...our daughter caught Delta, had it rough for 10 days in August (like a bad cold), her and her fiancee weren't vaccinated at the time (are now), nor was my wife and I, and none of us had gotten Rona yet. We all 4 lived together, she didn't quarantine from us (though we all quarantined in the house), we ate meals at the table, went about business as usual throughout, hugs, etc...and none of us caught it, confirmed with multiple tests. We must have caught it prior-to and were asymptomatic, so we had anti-bodies, I'm assuming...but we'd all 4 lived together throughout the pandemic up until November this year, and her case was the first illness. Fast forward to 2 months ago...3 of my wife's side of the family who were fully vaccinated caught the Rona, and died from it in about 7 days...not all from the same household. Good and bad luck I guess.
  9. Oh no he don't have a strong arm. His deep passing is good, however...just not high volume. Percentage-wise, it's pretty good. I watch close, naturally, and he has some strong traits that don't get talked about because of how limited the offense shows. He seems fairly resilient...he'll make a rookie mistake and throw a bad pick, then the next drive he'll take it straight down for the TD. Needs consistency. His movement in the pocket is usually really good, but when forced to throw off-set and not able to step into it, bad things can happen since he doesn't have a cannon to overcompensate...he can see the plays in chaos, but at times can be a hair late in pulling the trigger, missing out on some splashy plays. Accuracy is usually very strong, again, needs more consistency there. Moves defenders off target with his eyes...gets guys open by tricking coverage. He has quick processing and a super fast release...he's just got to put it all together. Miami's offense is super boring, but relatively efficient...if they can get an even average line and running game, I believe he'll blossom...if he can stay on the field.
  10. There's still a contingent of folks who don't believe Tua's an NFL caliber QB...and I'd venture a solid guess many are the same who thought (and still do) that Tannehill isn't an NFL caliber QB. They're the "if you ain't prime Marino, you're trash" squad.
  11. That's not true at all. Personally, after watching all of Tannehill's career, I'd say Tua is ahead of where Tannehill was at 21 games played, but not the better QB. Tua's probably about where 2015/2016 Tannehill was...with better pocket awareness and a lesser arm. Tannehill can make throws Tua simply never will be able to make (that TD pass to AJ last week was awesome), and Tua can avoid sacks Tannehill will eat every time. He's no Wilson, but he's decent at it. I seriously hope Miami sticks with Tua for 2022...I believe he has a fairly high ceiling...just needs to develop. Can't get a final read on him behind that line with 0 running game, not to mention missing main receivers often. My only concern is durability.
  12. Oh I’ll never be on that tool’s level…I’m just talking a little smack. I’m nowhere near that confident we’ll win…but I gotta rep!
  13. #1 seed? Get ready to host the Patriots on wildcard weekend. Dolphins winning this Sunday fellas, sorry. They’ll let you get a shot at some payback in the AFCCG however! If by some cosmic miracle y’all win, I’ll be pulling for ya to run the table.
  14. Just look at a chunk of Brady’s last season at NE. He had some bad (for him) showings and stats that year, with sub-par weaponry. Lots of people thought he was done after that season…and he still had it better than 2021 Tannehill.
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