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  1. All teams lose some they coulda won, and win some they coulda lost...there's only ever been 1 team to go undefeated in history. On to Cincinnati!
  2. Just have the visiting locker room crew spread some COVID.
  3. And you guys are down some key guys on D right?
  4. Right...and if the defense stays top of the league in everything all year, that's more than enough to win a SB with.
  5. Do you guys get trolls from every other AFC team or what? FFS. Pathetic.
  6. He doesn't stand a chance, after reflecting on the question a bit more. He's not an attention whore. He ALWAYS credits everybody else for what he's able to do. He's pretty milk-toast in the "superstar" category. He's the team-player's team-player, not an "about me" guy. He can conceivably put up better numbers than some others, and still wouldn't get it, IMO.
  7. I don't like it. Now, I get that Fitzy has his streaks and was quite possibly headed into an ugly one (he's done it his WHOLE career)...but they'd just won 2 in a row, 3-3, and only 1 game out of first, and they make this switch? With their next game being against Donald and the Rams?!?!?! With a guy who just recovered from a broken hip!?!?!?!!?!? Donald EATS NFL QBs like they're breakfast tacos! Miami's OL has been decent, but shit... Just seems like really strange timing. We all knew it would be this year sometime, but now? Just weird. UNLESS Tua was absolutely killing Fitzy in practice...but that, based on everything I've been able to get ahold of, is NOT the case. Some players have said Tua's only proficient on half the playbook. Fuck it....FINS UP!
  8. Ya it was close...the dude stepped on the sideline by like a millimeter lol...that and I believe there was some other problem with that play...may have been forward lateral.
  9. One of my most hated teams...ever since I can remember. Tannehill has worked them before, even in the snow (with Tight Ends no less). BEAT THAT ASS TENNESSEE!
  10. Three undefeateds left after 6 weeks, thanks to Minnesota GIFTING the Seachickens a win. BIG match-up next week!!
  11. Well they'll be able to attract a decent HC with that #1 pick and Lawrence...maybe...who knows...it's still NYC.

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