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  1. I know some of you looked at the title of this thread and are thinking to yourselves. Hell No! he is washed up, and did not do anything for the titans last year. In a what have you done lately type league, I understand the sentiment. But... What does this team have to loose? There is no one here on this board who can honestly say that it can get any worst out there than what we have seen over the past two weeks. The best way to make up for a weak group of cornerbacks, is to get to the quarter back quickly. As someone who watched him for several years on the dolphins, I can tell you that there is not another edge rusher out there with a lower risk, high reward valuation. Cam is a fitness and health nut. If anybody is going to be in game shape despite missing training camp, it's going to be him. And even him at 75% of the last time he played a full season, will lead to a way higher pressure rate per down then what you guys are getting right now. Cam always gave 100%, it's a matter of principle to him. That allone will gaurantee you 6.5 sacs and lots of qb hit's and pressure. The combination of Wake, Clowny, and Beasly (if he comes back at all), will do quite a bit to improve the team speed at the line of scrimmage. The blue print to beat this defense looks like a pretty easy one: get the ball out quarterbacks hands quickly and punish corners for the vast amount of space that they are giving up at the line scrimmage because of their skill level From what I can see, the only thing that this defense has going for it right now is the Safeties. Byard, Vicaro, and Butler is a fanatic combination. Give them half decent edge rushers and they can play closer to the line of scrimmage to help make up for the lack of talent at the corner back position. I know some of you are pinning everything on getting Adoree Jackson back, but I will state it again, Even what he was there, they were not that good last year outside of logan ryan (and Even he was not that great, just serviceable). This is not a knee jerk reaction thread. I voiced this concern in my thread from last week, even before the game started. I believe It's still a good read and you can check it out here: Anybody who watched last year should have seen that Dean Pees coached and schemed the hell out of that defense. Mike Vrable has not proven himself to be a defensive mastermind, despite what he may think of himself.. A good head coach... Absolutely. But his role as a defensive guru is nothing more than an experiment in how far can you stroke your own ego. We should also be brining in free agent corners now, before the market gets even drier than what it is already.... Buckle up boys, this team will probably going to need to run up the score to just to win games by a hair.
  2. I pulled this out of the week one thread since I posted it to late and feel that it still relevant after the way this game went. I hope to get one of these going 24 -48 hours before every game. Moderators, if I broke any rules here please feel free to delete this thread. It will not bother me one bit. The idea here is for the original posters not to add on to the thread in the form of replies but to edit you original pregame comment with your post game analysis PRE-GAME: I know its a little late. but tonight's game is going to be interesting. Typically I look for an in-depth weekly strategy pregame thread that leads it's self to some healthy discussion post-game after all the emotions have calmed down, but I am not seeing one for you guys in this forum. Full Weekly game threads get way to long and typically go way off topic. Just short, sweet and simple bullet points from members about their concerns. Would be kind of cool to establish expectations for each player that forum members feel will be key to the game and make some predictions about their stats, impact, and outlook. Mike Vrabel - (Can he really coach to the defense to the level of last years performance under Pees) QB Pressure - Where is it going to come from? Clowny by himself??? Cory Davis - Will he show up at the beginning, middle, or end of the game (He is the key to this offense. He has alpha skills and if he comes to play and demands a double team from time to time, he and AJ will force defenses into awkward positions and leave the middle of the field wide open for humph, Fisker, and the stud tight-end to do some real damage) Most damaging offensive formation? 2 - receivers, 2 - tight ends, or 3 - receivers and 1 tight end?????? Is this secondary going to do anything but get railroaded? Last year was pretty scary to watch Anyways, I believe that the defense is the key this year. They only have to be decent, but outside of Butler and Clowny, there might not be enough there to get a lead and keep teams at bay. Or even worst, have to come from behind because they can stop people on critical downs. Offense can be special. This denver defense will let us know if they have it in them. This time of year the defenses are always ahead of the offenses, so I will not be to concerned if the performance today is not greatest. With that stated, if this denver offense makes it look easy against the defense.... It will be a long year. Talent is thin, I am not to sure how much improvement cam be made using a scheme, especially with Dean Peese being gone and Vrable playing double duty. Go - Titans POST-GAME: Man you guys are harsh! This game went the best way it possibly could. There were a lot of things to over-come and they found a way to win. Here they are in no certain order: 1. Mile High Stadium - Even the broncos were gassed 2. No pre-season games - First time the team has seen even a scrimmage against players besides themselves 3. Playing a game at that started at freaking 10PM - If you think that this had no impact, especially when combined with number 1 and 2, 4. Brought in your Kicker 10 days ago - No further comment on this one. 5. Limited training camp Basically, almost all of the week one games that were played was pretty much a dumpster fire league wide. Yes there were some good performing teams out there, but for the most part, the lack of a training camp and pre-season games were evident on both sides of the ball. With that said, I believe we might be in some serious trouble when it comes to the defensive side of things. It's a good thing that we were not dealing with a more accomplished QB on the Denver side of things. I am not to certain that having Adoree back there would have solved all of these issues. He is an up and coming player in this league, but not a lock-down corner. Last year, I believe that there was quite a bit to be desired from the corner-back position and this year, without a proven defensive coordinator, that secondary will be exposed. I could be wrong, but Vrable might be biting at more than he can chew at this point in his coaching career. Offensively, we looked tired out there. Henry looked slow and not his usual forceful self. In a nut shell it looked like his first game back. It speaks volumes that even in this state he was able to get as many yards as he did. I believe the air in that stadium played a great part in keeping him bottled up. I don't think there is anything to worry about on that side of things. Get him out of denver and acclimated to taking those hits again, and he should hopefully be fine On the passing side of things, I am not to certain that things went as they expected by a long shot. To many dropped passes and lots of miss-communication. I know I stated that Davis was the key to the offensive, but I didn't expect him to be the only real offensive threat. I was disappointed that Janu did not get more action, especially on a secondary that was as depleted as Denver's. But it was the first game back, so looking to much into this performance maybe a fools errand. When you consider the number of passes thrown by Tannehill in this game, the close to 68% completion rate is actually a pretty solid outing. Ball distribution was pretty solid all around and speaks volume when you consider that there was no real training camp or pre-season. Could be the beginning of something special as a unit. All in all we looked really slow predictable on offense. You knew the runs were coming and where they were coming from. Tannehill and the crew needs to work on that play-action hand-off. They could get so much more out of it if they stopped looking like they were just going through the motions when attempting it. Quick concise actions, and hide the ball for as long as possible without killing the quarterbacks timing related to surveying the field and going through his progressions. The dropped balls will take care of themselves with this unit. They have good hands. Defensively... To be continued... lots to talk about there. Some good, but a lot of bad....
  3. I know its a little late. but tonight's game is going to be interesting. Typically I look for an in-depth weekly strategy pregame thread that leads it's self to some healthy discussion post-game after all the emotions have calmed down, but I am not seeing one for you guys in this forum. Full Weekly game threads get way to long and typically go way off topic. Just short, sweet and simple bullet points from members about their concerns. Would be kind of cool to establish expectations for each player that forum members feel will be key to the game and make some predictions about their stats, impact, and outlook. Mike Vrabel - (Can he really coach to the defense to the level of last years performance under Pees) QB Pressure - Where is it going to come from? Clowny by himself??? Cory Davis - Will he show up at the beginning, middle, or end of the game (He is the key to this offense. He has alpha skills and if he comes to play and demands a double team from time to time, he and AJ will force defenses into ackward positions and leave the middle of the field wide open for humph, Fisker, and the stud tight-end to do some real damage) Most damaging offensive formation? 2 - receivers, 2 - tight ends, or 3 - receivers and 1 tight end?????? Is this secondary going to do anything but get railroaded? Last year was pretty scary to watch Anyways, I believe that the defense is the key this year. They only have to be decent, but outside of Butler and Clowny, there might not be enough there to get a lead and keep teams at bay. Or even worst, have to come from behind because they can stop people on critical downs. Offense can be special. This denver defense will let us know if they have it in them. This time of year the defenses are always ahead of the offenses, so I will not be to concerned if the performance today is not greatest. With that stated, if this denver offense makes it look easy against the defense.... It will be a long year. Talent is thin, I am not to sure how much improvement cam be made using a scheme, especially with Dean Peese being gone and Vrable playing double duty. Go - Titans
  4. This! As obvious is this may sound. It's a bit more important than anybody really knows. In Miami, Tannehill had a knack for getting on the same page with his receivers, but particularly in the of season. Communication for him is the key, and he seems to do it very well when it comes down to receivers that are willing to put in the practice time with him during the of season. His ability to excel with receivers that are either just average or slightly above average, can be seen when you look at the laundry list of scrub receivers that he had to deal with while in Miami. If you look up the careers of players like Brian Hartline and Devon Bess you will see what I mean. Names you probably never heard of, because they did nothing outside of Ryan's shadow in Miami. Another good examples would be Kenny stills. While playing in New Orleans, he had access to Sean Peyton and Drew Brees, but accomplished nothing to the point of being simply thrown away to the dolphins. While in Miami with Ryan, the two terrorized the AFC with down the field bombs that required impeccable timing and receiver to qb communication. The cautionary tale would be, The one receiver that refused to put in extra time with Ryan: Mike Wallace. An immeasurable talent when it came to speed, but some say soft and obviously lazy in his approach to the game (sounds like anybody you know?). Mike had talent in spades and I believe it both made his carrier and at the same time stunted his football growth. He relied on it way to much and never really got the timing /placement part of the game locked down. He did just OK in Miami, with Ryan taking a good amount of the blame, because there is belief out there that its the QB's job to get the ball to where it needs to be. But he never really did any of the group session stuff the Ryan was known to be putting together with his other receivers, and had no problem letting people know that. Obviously, the lack of preparation and minimal effort on the practice field began to rear their ugly heads. On long /deep routes, the QB gets blamed even more, but it is those routes that require the best communication between the rout runner (who has plenty of time for improv while the ball is in the air) and the quarterback (who has to know what the receivers natural nuances are and what they are going to do in specific coverage situations). Needles to say, without the coaches tape and input, we had a hell of a time in Miami forums putting the blame on the appropriate party for when the communication broke down between the two, which usually resulted in balls either being ahead or behind the receiver. We only got real clarity in the issue when Kenny stills was brought in to replace him and he and Ryan tore up the league as a combo when it came to down field passing. I believe this is the key to the passing offense this year. Tennessee did not bring in a replacement for Cory like I hoped they would have. If Cory and ryan do not have or make the time to get in sync with each other, the passing game will not get to the next level. Defensive schemes with adapt and will demand more from the receivers when it comes to the individual matchups. If Cory can win those through a combination of getting separation with his talent and understanding ball placement from Ryan when he can't get separation, AJ brown will get a lot less double coverage, and Humphries/Janu will have a field day. But if teams can afford to place their 3rd\4th corner or line-backer on him and not worry about it, defensive coordinators will have a much better chance at neutralizing this passing attack.
  5. Man I am going to be labelled an habitual offender of the sites no-book writing clause for this response, but I am going to go ahead and do it anyways. It's a Saturday and I am bored. excuse the poor grammar, I have no intention on cleaning this up. When people make statements, they tend to have supporting arguments that back that up in their minds, The point of a conversation is if you feel that your are right, you provide counter points to the points being made. In that regards, I may have overlooked your overall statement by focusing my response to that one quoted statement. I would agree that sometimes people take things out of proportion, but let's be honest. The comment I quoted came from you. At some point you may have indeed stated your question about at what point do you not pay a player his contract demands, I believe there are quite a few people that actually answered the question by stating the salary cap and position are the factors that determine this number and it is not a hardcoded figure. This then evolved into what is the market demanding for a player of Tannehills caliber which ultimately lead to you making the quote that I placed above in my initial response to this thread. All I did was try the best way that I can to thoroughly blow a whole through your thought process of stating that Tannehill can't take a team to the superbowl and those other guys can. You are welcomed go through and present counter points to that, instead of just blowing it off as me taking what you are stating as out of proportion. As it relates to what you just stated above, I believe you unfairly de-value the QB position. IMHO this happens all the time for folks, who see ball, get ball. You see henry doing what he does well, and you immediately think well, if defense has to stop henry then any average QB should be able to rip the middle of the field apart. You forget about the qb understanding the coverage and the defense that is on the field. You forget about the many stunts and shift's the defensive plays make and that has to be accounted for when it comes to getting the offense in the right position at the line of scrimmage. You also forget about timing, ball placement, the timing, and sometimes silent communication that happens on the field real time a qb is responsible for. But I think most importantly, you forget about being able to all of this with that big arm of his. He consistently can make throws with ease from almost anywhere on the field that other QB's wish they could make half the time. I know the season is over and we are all about what have done for me lately, but it is all on film, go back and watch it on YouTube if you need to refresher. If you need some help understanding the value of this, you need to go back to the John Grudens raiders press conference after Tannehill did them in. I will quote him in stating that he lauded Tannehills "pin point audibles" for ripping apart his defense. What I know when I joined this board is that everyone was talking about trading Henry and trying to get another back with a different skill set to help out the offense. Were they right when the were stating that then? I also heard only scant whispers of AJ browser ability and that the coaching staff sucked. What takes a qb from good to elite is his ability to make those adjustment mentioned earlier. Those tangibles, allow Henry to show that he can be all he has been all his career (which was a elite back), It also allows the coaching staff to focus on getting the other players ready, because you can count on your QB doing his job better than the other QB in orchestrating the personal on the field and making the plays work. Not every QB can do that, even what you call the good/average one's struggle with line adjustments, leadership, timing and accuracy. Some of these traits don't directly show on the stat sheet for the QB, but manifest itself in these 200 yard rushing, and 100 receiving stats that some of the other players are getting. This type of QB production while unnoticed is what usually what keeps good teams playing great for years. How much is that worth to you? You state that you saw the difference that Tannehill made when he took over, but are you placing the right value on the results? I would say No. The team got to within 1 quarter of good play calling from the super bowl, but yet you make statements that you did in my first post quoting you about how close we can get to the Super Bowl. The fact that this happened, makes me question your ability to objectively place that value. Since it is just your honest opinion as stated above, I guess you are entitled to it. So for this I apologize.
  6. Damn, sorry about the book from above. Got a little carried away there didn't I? 😁
  7. Dude, what you are saying here is exactly what's wrong with this thread to begin with. A single player does not win you a superbowl. A collection of players called a team does it. And if you ever had a team that is really configured in a way where a single player has to do this, then they are going to run into the reality that this league actually has defensive minds that are good enough to stop your one key weapon. Tannehill is nothing without his receivers catching the ball, his oline giving good pass protection while he is trying to pass, and his running back keeping them honest. The GOAT (T Brady) looked like a Goat this year and completely dis-proves this train of thought. When it comes to these play-off's, if you are advocating Tannehill is a mediocre/average QB because of his performance in these games, you cannot really be a Titans Fan that truly watched these games. You can't blame the man for Derrick henry's great performance. No team... or No competent coaching staff won't run on you 50 times a game if you can't stop their running back. Sorry dude, No one! So the whole premise for your judgment of the man obviously came down to the 1 to 3 drives with piss poor play calling by the coaching staff, in the final quarter of the game before the superbowl??? I know that it is hard for little minds to ignore the last shiny object that they see, but can you really say the man is not what the rest of the tape this seasons says he his based on those last few sequences? Help me here, as I am not to certain on how to resolve this conflict with your statements in my mind. In one hand you bring up an argument that the Steelers almost took a scrub at QB into the play-offs (seemingly acknowledging that the supporting cast is important). And then you ask if Tannehill can compete Watson, Jackson, and Manhomes? By what measuring Stick? Getting us to the Superbowl? I know we have short memories sometimes, but two of those quarterbacks, was sitting at home watching the one that quarterback that you are trashing play in the AFC championship Game (again. the game before the superbowl). At one point, Tannehill was 4 points, one quarter, and a few defensive stops away from the goal you are stating that he can't reach. I know you could still argue that he still did not make it there, but com one dude. Really? With that score, those situations, and some limited factors, you know he could have been playin in the superbowl, so please stop arguing this point. This years Titan team with Tannehill at the helm makes you look like a fool when doing so. Aron rogers, Tom Brady, Drew Breese, all failed to get their teams the superbowl this year dude. Somebody has to lose for someone else to win. It's that simple. At this point, you are only arguing this point only because you still "Technically" can, not because it is a reasonable argument to make anymore. It's all about the fear that he can't do it again. Since this is now a matter of opinion, There is nothing that no one will do to convince you that he can. Even if he does, what's to stop you from wanting to see it three years in a row and then four or five before you are convinced? Let me help you here so that this all really makes sense. In the paragraph above, remove the names of each quarterback mentioned and put the names of the teams, and it will all make sense. Most observers would agree that each of those quarterbacks that you praise above tannehill, were handed teams that were already built to compete the day they got there. The ravens were good before Lamar, KC was lighting up defenses before Manhomes, the Texans were an up and coming team before Deshaun. The only thing that those quarterbacks added to those teams, is a run element. I am not stating that Manhomes is not a gifted passer, but what cannot be overlooked is who he is throwing those passes to, and the fact that the offense is built to do almost nothing but pass. In my book he gets a passing grade by default. Andy Reid and his staff is what make that team run. The same way Drew Breese NEED'S Sean Peyton's Offensive scheme, and Bill Bellichick and to "compensate" for the lack of talent round brady this year and still almost get them to the number two seed of the AFC. If you can look at me with a strait face and say Manhomes is winning the superbowl with the 2018 dolphins coaching staff and personnel. I could do nothing for you at that point because the conversation would be hapless. If you want, I can post something that wrote up giving some solid reasoning and proof of what happened in 2018 so that you can feel better about that who situation. Just ask and I will post it. I plan to post the whole write-up sometime in the next few days, but I will post that small section just to help you or anyone else out when it comes to feeling at ease with Tannehill. Even with that. 2 out of the last three years he has played, His teams went to the playoffs because of his stellar play. The bottom line is that you cannot compare Tannehill to any of these other you gun QB's due to the fact that he had to work 10 times harder to get the dolphins anywhere near the playoffs. As stated in the paragraph above. The level of competency that is around you when you enter the league at QB Matters more than your individual talents. Each of the QB's you mentioned could be considered with being born with the equivalent of a silver spoon. Extremely talented QB's will linger around the league all the time, some them never get the opportunity to get into a good situation. Baker Mayfield is that promising young gun that everybody fell in love with and is a good example of the situation. When you spend enough years swimming in mediocrity, you get labeled as mediocre. It's even worst when you are the QB of the team that situation, you can be nothing but mediocre weather it is your fault or not. Tannehill is a damn good example of this situation. Only 3 QBs in NFL history have 15,000 Pass Yards over their first 4 seasons, Tannehill is one of them. Obviously with these young guns now a days, these number will change, but the situations that they did it with matters. With regards to contract and Salary, I would say that you lock up Tannehill long term right now. I think in this regards I would argue to your benefit even though we are on different tangents when it comes to strategy. You see, in contract negotiations, you get a good player that the point of explosion, not after he has already exploded. The franchise tag that you are advocating changes what could have been, a 25 to 30 mill a year contract to 33 to 38 next year if he plays well. If you can't swallow paying the man now for the reasons you stated, then you won't want to sign him next year for the same reasons. As some people have point out. At that point you might as well as throw in the towel and rebuild. You are only willing to pay backup money to quarterbacks. The bottom line is, the titans have had an inside look at tannehill that no one else has had. You use that to your advantage. If he get's the franchise tag and they are not working on another deal in the mean time to get that tag rescinded this season, then we have a problem. That would mean that despite an extensive look at the QB, there are somethings there that they saw, and is giving them pause. If he plays into next year with that contract and he light's it up the first few games, the price goes up.. At the point where you realize that you have a sure thing. Everyone else would have known this also. You loose all leverage and will have to pay more. If it was me I would weigh where he came from, the continuous improvements that he has made to his game despite those situations, and see what is in front of me now and get him locked up. Is there a risk yes. But by doing so, you get rewarded with cheaper contract demands.
  8. Don't loos your minds. It was a tough game to lose, but somebody had to lose it. I will start of by stating that this board has been fun to visit and read. Yes you have your trolls, debbie downers, and down right crazy posters (still don't know what the inside joke for Manning Envy is, and I am not sure I want to.. But he still adds character I guess), but for the most part, you guys are quality posters. Coming from the dolphins boards to this one has been a breath of fresh air. THE GAME This game went about as well for the titans as it could have for them to win it. It was not a shoot out by any means. This is one of those times where the final score did not paint a good picture of what went on. The score was 21-17 going into the fourth quarter??? I like our chances! I think I speak for most people here when I say that my heart sank with the play call at the end of the 2nd quarter. The two consecutive runs and then the screen. Ask me how many times I have seen this as a dolphins fan... I about lost my mind when that sequence happened. If you make something out of that drive, you could have changed the arc of the whole game. But instead, you come out flat and run what looks like the same play twice, into the tooth of their defense. Good or bad decision? I will get to that in a little bit... Ultimately, the titans coaching staff did what they thought was the best way to win. With Henry rushing for 180+ for the past three games, who can question the wisdom? If they would not have played this game like they did, do you know how many of you would have pitch forks in your hands looking for Vrables head on a platter? The headlines would write themselves: Tannehill makes 35/50 Attempts, henry 13 rushes, What the hell were the Titans thinking??? They say that hind-sight is always 20/20, but the reality of it is that history is always observed from a point of view. Here are a few ways that some of you may have interpreted the series of events: 1. Vrabel and his coordinators sucks and called a horrible game. This one could be argued a punch of different ways and the criticism is fair. It is their job to get the players ready to play and put together something that could win you the game. The problem with sticking to this argument is when you look at the score after 3 quarters, the number of penalties in the game and fact that we were ahead until the end of the second quarter, logical reasoning would tell you that they passed most of their test You could fault them for relying on Henry to much and not adjusting to the flow of the game when it came to what was really working for them. But again, if Henry breaks one or two long runs, then they are geniuses for sticking with the plan. 2. We need to draft a new QB, because Tannehill can't sling it like MaHolmes I am not to sure I want to give this one any air at all. There are some of you out there that actually believe that you have to be Manholmes to get to the super bowl, despite the fact that Tannehill is not Manholmes, and he was playing in the AFC championship game (which is one game away from the super bowl). Yuck... I feel dirty that I had to even type that sentence out, just because of how stupid the initial thought processes was. Even worst, there are some posters that actually bought into the talking head hype, that Tannehill is Trent Dilfer when it comes to this season/playoff run. I know you can't educate the masses, but these people are Titans fans that are posting in this forum... They should know better. 3. The Defense was horrible and could not stop them when it mattered 21/17 after three quarters. Enough said??? For me, the reason the game was lost was pretty simple. Derrick and the O-line did not produce... Is that a fair assessment? Probably not (considering that the design of the run plays looked a little predictable), but it is the chicken that came before the egg. The game plan was simply to let Derrick continue to run wild, but it did not work out that way. Was he gassed from all of the touches of the pervious games? Possible. But I have another theory.... The weather! If anyone has time to go back and look at how slow these guys were moving you will see what I am talking about. It looks like Derrick just could not get the train moving at these temps. I was a track athlete in my younger days, and the one thing I can tell you is that running in extreme cold slows you down by a considerable margin. The other thing to note is that all of those hits that he took the past three weeks may not have been that big of a deal in normal weather, but when the body is cold, you get a bit more tender, and it is as if all your past injuries and bruises are fresh. This again is just my opinion MIKE VRABLE: Good young coach. Will be around the league for a long time. Understands the value of discipline when it comes to the winning formula. Don't be the fools that the Browns were when they let Bellichick walk. Is he a genius when it comes to play design? Probably not, so we will always need good cordinators. But mistake free football, from a group of players that knows their assignments and plays hard as hell for their coach, is good enough to get you into the playoff's every year. That is what this guy brings. Discipline and as a result, execution. DEAN PEES: Probably the best defensive coordinator left in football. You guys need a young gun underneath him that is soaking up everything he knows before he has to ride off into the sunset. As long as he is here, you guys will always have a chance to win. It is going to be interesting what you guys will do with some quality defensive ends and when your linebacker matures. CORY DAVIS: Soft/Lazy. Does not fight for the ball and is your weakest link on offense at the moment. You guys need a dynamic reciever in on other side of AJ and things will get interesting very quickly. There is a reason why he did not get a lot of balls thrown his way: he is hardly ever in the right place at the right time (that does not mean that he does not get open). With a quarterback like Tannehill ball placement and timing is critical. if you don't get to where you need to be and when you need to be there, then you are not getting the ball. DEFENSE: Get Malcom Butler back and some defensive ends, and you guys will be scary BACKUP Quarterback The most important position on your team outside of quarterback. You guy's need one ASAP. And it needs to be a rookie, not a veteran backup. Tannehill may have 5-10 more years left in him, and it could turn out that he will be your quarterback the entire time, but you want a similar situation to What KC, New England, Greenbay, and the Chargers had: you want to have the young gun learn how to be a quarterback from Tannehill and then eventually, when the times comes, for him to push Tannehill into the unemployment line/backup role after an injury or a down season where it is clear that he may lost a step. Tannehill will be good for this. He is a high character, team guy that loves to teach and has traits that you want in your young QB. The problem that you will have is that you will not want to choose the wrong guy. You need a raw, relatively uknown/undervalued late-round/undrafted QB with good size, accuracy, arm strength and high intelligence. I know it sounds like you want something for nothing, but a good scouting department that is looking at smaller schools will find you one. It does not have to be someone from one of the big programs either. No matter how you do it though, you will want someone young, green, and hungry to learn.
  9. Yeah, this one was pretty bad when it came to pass interference on the patriots side of the ball. I also saw some holding being done Edelman and a few others that should have been called. I am not to sure what was going on there from the officials point of view, but it definatly looked like they could do whatever they wanted to the Titans players and get away with it. Yes we had a break or two ourselves, but that still does not make this right. It's going to be interesting to see how the ravens coaching staff approaches this one. They have done a number on the dolphins multiple times over the years and Tannehill has been on the receiving end of it. They seem to like to run stunts, overloads, and they do a pretty good job of shooting gaps. Based on what I have seen from the Tennessee offensive line, they are going to do a pretty poor job against that type of scheme and talent. There is a high probability that they get to Henry before he has a chance to get going and on the plays where Tannehill keeps the balls, he is going to get chased down pretty quickly and possibly fumble in the process. Their philosophy seems to be: Shoot the gaps with reckless abandone and take down whoever is holding on to the ball when you get there. The only way you guys will beat this, is if Tanny has significantly improved his read/blitz recognition from his time in Miami. There was a reason why he had a reputation for poor pocket presence in Miami, but seems to have escaped that while playing for you guys: He has not had to face AFE East Defenses this year. Take a look at what the Bills were doing the Texans yesterday and Imagine having to face that 2 times a year. The Jets and patriot defensive lines were almost as good in the same time frame. Baltimore was one of the few teams that were also built in this mold I can agree on the poor offensive game plan. Tannehill is best on the move. I imagine bill might have had a spy there, so maybe that is the reason we did not see the rollout more, but I believe that if they can find a way to effectively rollout of play action, it could be a very dangerous offense. I am surprised we did not see more wide receiver sweep formations for AJ Brown or direct snaps to henry, along with designed Tannehill keepers. to the sideline going the opposite direction of the play action. This. A pretty good elaboration of where I wanted to go with the initial post, but did not want to make it to long by going there. I am beginning to think that the compliments that he had been giving him over the years is not just the usual lip service that beliicheck does for all his oppenents We can agree on this. For the most part he did a pretty decent job in managing the game for most of the game. He did indeed avoid the sacks, but in my opinion he seemed to have lost track of the moment. What I mean by that, is the two fumbles should not have happened in a game like this. Fumbling while taking a hit/sack is one thing, but taking your eyes of the ball when it is being hiked to you is something completely different. Those are not forced physical errors, they are mental. It would have been different if the ball slipped through his hands because of velocity or being slippery. It looked like he just got ahead of himself. Whether you win or lose, those types of mistakes should get the same weight. I am pretty sure if you don't recover those, it could have been one of those things that completely changes the game. This is especially vexing when you know that one thing that the coach was tyring to preach is to not give them anything and to play mistake free football I could be wrong, but they seemed to have some pretty decent success in limiting the chunk yardage when it that formation. They didn't completely shut him down, but effectiveness of the strategy was is relative. When you compare the first half to the second half they did a much better job in limiting him. During those periods, henry seemed to be running into the teeth of the defense with very little room to gain big yards.
  10. Crap today.. And it's not because he contributed to less than 100 yards of offense to this win. With what Bellicheck cooked up, he was not going to get more than 130 yards this game no matter what. All he had to do was be patient in this game and he failed. His job today as to be a good game manager and make the solid decisions with the football. When he threw the ball away to avoid that first sack, I thought that he got the memo, but the interception he threw was one of the worst that could possibly have been thrown in a game like this. Anybody observing this game and that has watched Bill Bellicheck in the past knew what was going on. His strategic philosophy is to take away what he believes is your best strength. When you looked at the line of scrimmage, you can see that Bellicheck made the conscious decision that he was not going to let Tannehill beat them through the air, even if it meant giving up yards to henry in pretty big chunks on the ground. Tannehill should have just taken the compliment and let henry continue to make them pay for that decision. I was quite shocked that Bill took this route... I personally would have deployed the "Super Bowl Run D" that they used on the Rams and deployed it for the entire game. I would have then put Gilmore on the rookie, and dared Cory Davis to show up. I won't know for certain until the coaches film of all of his drop backs are posted, but man, next weeks game against the Ravens may be brutal.
  11. No dude, I use to live in Miami but never went there.
  12. Thanks for wishing us good luck down here. I am not two certain about the people in charge of the rebuild. You let Laremy Tunsil (who wanted to be there) and Minkah Fitzpatrick (who wanted out but still had three to 4 years left on the rookie contract) walk. If you are building to be elite, you don't let elite First Rounders go, because of locker room discord. If your Coach can't handle boys straight out of college, then what happens you have to deal with More demanding free agent pickups? What happens when things are down and you have to pick your guys up? Both of those trades looked like bad personal decisions to even the most basic fan, and it looks like were right. I think we are heading down Cleveland brown purgatory. I don't think that 15 to 20 years at the bottom of the league is worth what the browns have right now. They are going to have to pay those players soon and gut that team. The coach is proving that he can't handle the personalities. First round draft picks can't buy you respect.
  13. Good catch. I should have said that he is a more mature version of himself. I remember when he had happy feet for a season or two. It's all relative though.
  14. Yeah, I remember those stories in the media. Might have come from CRIS and Omar at the Sunsentinel. Good old noodle arm Pennington. If I remember correctly he mentored Ryan for a little bit before the transition and even afterwards. I believe the comparisons for the most part were meant to be a compliment. Despite is lack of arm strength, and the short tenure Chad was considered one of the better quarterbacks to play ball in Miami. Other than Fiedler, he was the only one to get us into the play-offs in a very long time. I believe the comparison came before Ryan developed the long ball and they were being compared based on their accuracy and efficiency levels. I could be wrong though, it's been a long time since I thought of those days
  15. No, not to me. But I have always looked at his raw tangibles as a QB and pegged him to be a QB that Miami could have done very well with if they could provide him some protection (I am talking top 7 material, not just middle of the road like some in the Media has). I look the numbers. After he matured a bit, what you guys are seeing right now is what he has always done for us in between his injuries. Good completion percentages, respectable yards per game, and knack for the deep throw (which you guys have not experienced yet) The only thing that held him back was the supporting cast. Miami's offensive line had star potential (remember they had Laremy Tunsil at left, Mike Pouncy at center, Jawuan james at Right), but they were always injured one way or the other. When they played together, Tannehill had his best season (2016/2017). Even when they were not all playing, Gase had already taught him how to manage bad O-line play (throwing bing bags, footballs and whatever else he could find at him on his drop-backs during practice), so his number numbers weren't really effected by it as much as in the past. His pocket presence, along with his efficiency stats, did not take that big of a hit. Tannehill's raw tangibles are so good, that he had a pretty high ceiling in not just one, but multiple areas of development. As crazy as it may sound, I think he is still learning the position, but this time from a different perspective. He learned if from the receivers end during his early college years allowing him to better communicate and get the most out of his pass catchers. With gase he learned it from coaches percpective and also got some of the things that Adam gleamed of off Payton manning about the way he operated/reacted as a QB during the game when it came to reading defenses. Remember Adam gase is/was still a pretty young coach that could still be influenced as much by Peyton than Peyton being influenced by him at that stage in his career. The information that Ryan gained from his time with Gase allowed him to be a better game manager when it comes to audibling, timing and handling personnel packages on the field. What will he learn from Vrabel and company, I am not sure, but Mike Vrables perspective on defenses may augment Ryan's knowledge pool. I am not saying that this dude, is the next coming of QB Jesus, I am saying that no one knows how good he will eventually be (which is why I have been monitoring the last few Titans games). He turned the corner, got injured and has been putting together a patch work of good performances since 2016/2017. If I remember correctly at the end of the 2015/2016 season, the Miami medial called his long ball mediocre and stated that he was only at good and dinking and dunking down the field. The following summer he got the receivers together and as a result, had that monster year in throwing the long ball (top 4 in percentage and efficiency I think. read the attached article linked in my previous post) So in short, it looks like you are getting the best version of Ryan right now, the un-injured mature version, but I don't think he stops here. If the major injuries are behind him and you can keep him safe and he will reward you, but if you put him in bad situations (3rd and to long) he will force things into the wrong places some times, trying to give his receivers a chance to make a play. I already pointed out the other negatives in my previous post so I wont go there again.

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