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  1. Great win for you guys today. Titans deserved the win. Best team on the field today. Congrats.
  2. Entire Chiefs starting oline now out. I would put Moore in and not risk Mahomes.
  3. Last week tons of Viking Fans in KC. Its easy to sell tickets online at a nice profit. I dont think you know who, what fans, buy your tickets.
  4. Im not a must win it all guy. Its great finally having a really good Qb. First time in 50 years for KC. Its fun knowing KC is in every game., win or lose.
  5. From Arrowhead Pride Game Preview We have been robbed of seeing Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman and the running backs all available at the same time. All the skill players are healthy for the first time since the first quarter of the first game of the season. Andy Reid has a stack of “Pat plays” that he may not have pulled out without Watkins and Hill on the field. It’s finally time. The MVP is back, and the Chiefs will return to their explosive ways the rest of the way out. They’re back with a vengeance, something to prove and a desire to clinch a first-round playoff bye. The glimpses we’ve had of a stock cabinet should scare the league. Some middling offenses try to establish the run. The Chiefs are here to #EstablishTheFun. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/11/9/20954725/chiefs-titans-preview-its-time-for-chiefs-offense-to-establish-the-fun
  6. This is a great match up. KC will need to bring their A game to win. Stopping Henry will be priority #1. Of course the Titans know that and will scheme accordingly. KC linebackers are not very good. Tannehill can exploit that. KC Dbs , especially the safety play, are very good ....unlike last year. KC needs to get up early or this game will be ....who has the ball last. Watch out for Hardman , he is an awesome rookie receiver that is as fast as Hill. Looking forward to this. The fact KC is starting Mahomes shows how mush Reid & Co respect the Titans.
  7. Ok you win. Bottom line he is ready to go.
  8. So are you betting the house on it? Should be a good game. FYI.......Mahomes and Hill have only been on the field together for 10 plays this season. Hill was hurt and out after game one. Mahomes has not played with both Hill and Hardman on the field together. As you know those two are really really really fast. Watkins is healthy again as well. So the KC opffense has not been at full strength until this week. I think Mahomes gets 5 td passes this week. KC 41 Titans 24
  9. Fisher, LDT and Wylie are the starters that have been out 3 weeks and unlikely to start Sunday.
  10. It was not a dislocated knee. His knee cap was reset. Mahomes said he felt no pain after it was reset on the field. He thought he was going back in after the half. Turns out he is double jointed. No doubt KC would not risk him playing if they were not 1,000 percent sure he is good to go.
  11. Because he is ready. The injury was not that serious. He could have played last week.

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