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  1. Imagine Andy Reid’s floppy man boobs and double those in size. That’s how big daddy’s nuts are
  2. Hey, Touched. How’s it feel knowing you’re gonna have a one hit wonder RB and a below average QB next year? I bet your squealing with joy on the inside. It won’t compare to the squealing you’ll be doing when my nut sack is inserted into your anal cavity you Tard Monkey
  3. You Tard monkeys ready for a big sharp arrowhead to be inserted in that asshole??? Imagine thinking you actually have a chance!! Hahah!!! Wreck them Dad @ManningEnvy
  4. Hey touched, hows it going to feel losing 8 years in a row in Houston? HAAHAH Funny how we gave made Bud Adams our bitch in his hometown HAHAHA
  5. HAHAH!!! Who's ready for the Bull cock to be fully inserted this time. It feels like just weeks ago we put the tip in, oh wait that was just weeks ago! HAHAH And to think, we did it in Tennessee! This time the bull cock will be in Houston and it will be hard, meaty and primed for your little assholes. As you tards are begging to get into the playoffs we are determining if the starters or the backups want fuck you anally. Don't worry tard monkeys, the results will still be the same. A TITANS LOSS! HAHAHAHA Enjoy sitting at home for the playoffs, Tards!
  6. Looks like the Bull cock was too much to handle yet again! HAHA Enjoy sitting on the sidelines for the playoffs, AGAIN you tard losers
  7. Hey touched, are you really that stupid or does the thought of bull cock scare you so much you can't think straight? What a Tard Monkey
  8. Maybe hes just tired of taking the horse cock touched. Too bad, because the beefy bull cock is about to be inserted squarely into his and all of your anuses on sunday you tards HAHAHAAHAHAH
  9. Wow! You really torched him on that one! These tards never learn who is in charge!!
  10. The Bull cock is going to be even worse!!! Get ready touched! HAHAAHAHAHA
  11. They just don't get it do they? These tard monkeys just bend over backwards for the horse and bull cock. Pathetic! HAHAHAH
  12. Hey Touched, how does it feel being the resident Tard if this board? HAHAHA
  13. @ManningEnvy DADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the fuck in here!!!!!!!
  14. Hey Tards, I bet you little bitches are scared shitless that the Texan meat is about to go into your TIGHT little assholes. The bull cock has never been bigger and it is primed and ready to open you up like a turkey being stuffed! You tards better prepare because it's going to be ugly, smelly, and down right disgusting when the bull cock hits the ass hole!

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