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  1. It really is. I don’t believe any of them are athletes either because I’ve never seen athletes hate on another man like that. Mariot has done a lot for this franchise and gave us the stability to get to where we are. If Mariota isn’t here next year, the next guy will come into a good situation IF the coaches are fired and replaced with competent ones imo. I could be wrong but I think Tanny will fizzle with this OC and line too. Will take back my words if I’m wrong
  2. There are some people on this board who flat out lie. And will spin things no matter how civil you are. I don’t think In red or blue, or by the pre set ideology, so usually both sides gang up on me. What has helped me avoid the trap now is the block feature. Some people just come here to trigger people and get a ride, I care to the point they can get a ride out of me. Since I used the block feature the board has become so much better. My issue in the past, specifically, had to do with certain posters trolling when Americans were dying (police shootings). As someone who experienced real police corruption, and worked with and knew some of those effected, that was the straw for me. I’m calm and cool natured just passionate about politics and I care.
  3. Some good points. Historically what happened was ADOS Americans and immigrants moved to the cities for jobs. They were abundant during the manufacturing boom. A lot of poor black people from the South moved north. Immigrants mostly integrates during this period and became “white.” Some ethnic groups could not integrate and still dealt with racism and unjust laws. A black middle class had formed and right as we started to progress there was both govt and social sabotage (See black Wall St, COINTELPRO, assassination of leaders, Philly Bombing, Redlining,etc) as well as the manufacturing jobs leaving. The economic driver for the middle class dissapoeared. Then you had drugs being pushed into the neighborhoods, the rise of street gangs instead of the revolutionary community minded groups of the 60’s, and you get what you see today. Those who could left the violence and destruction and what was left was neighborhoods unemployed, with drug issues and the black market being the only employment. Schools that couldn’t provide a competitive education. Lack of social resources, etc.
  4. Try being a POC driving through Eastern KY. Matter of fact, last story I heard from those parts were about a guy cutting someone’s ear off. You feel comfortable in those parts because it’s the environment and culture you grew up in. Doesn’t mean it’s not relatively dangerous. Cities just have higher pops. Trouble will find you anywhere in America if you’re looking
  5. I have best friends from Eastern KY and know people who just left. Outside of the economics, the culture there is cancer. Beautiful land and mountains and hills but also cons. Not everybody in Baltimore lives in crime ridden areas and some live very nice lifestyles. Regardless, why it’s a competition is beyond me. Communities need help. That should be the only concern
  6. They don’t want to talk about those parts... White power!
  7. Trump lying to sow division. Being against the Constitution. And being UnAmerican. And a thug. Why do you support him?
  8. No need to spin. He lied. It had nothing to do with the military and dealt with issues concerning our CONSTITUTIONAL Rights our Founding Fathers founded this country on. Which is what the flag is supposed to represent. So stop lying to push a narrative. This was about the state killing citizens. Something our Founders would have been against. IF we are considering all Americans equal.
  9. Trump’s team, and likely Trump knew about The Movement before the 2016 election. They were all over our hashtag. For context. When Trump has an opportunity to address the issue he lied and said the protest gesture of kneeling, suggested by an actual combat vet (while that spoiled entitled bitch draft dodged) was disrespecting the flag and country. A lie. When Americans were being by the state he decided to lie and troll. Let’s start there
  10. I actually expect him to get injured behind our O Line. But in fairness, I thought it was only a matter of time before Mariota got injured behind this O Line
  11. Trump was lying when Americans were being killed by the state and telling the state to rough up Americans. That’s not MAGA. He’s done nothing to address the issue and his false ideology is what perpetuates these type of govt abuses. And seeing that he’s a criminal, literally, calling us thugs...
  12. The illegal immigration crisis. Kids being shit by police got no crying Dems. People not American killed (even though we kill who knows how many in wars) equals DNC crying fake tears on tv