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  1. Hell, based on last week, who knows what Mariota would’ve put up in the Denver game. How many passing yards in the 1st half?
  2. Really? You felt comfortable with the offense last week?
  3. Look. If you want to say the QB change made all the difference in the offense, then fine, just say it. If you feel comfortable with the O, just say it.
  4. Nobody is comfortable with this offense. Like was presented in the OP.
  5. That little fuck? I’d do it to ANYone you’d bring up
  6. I mean because 2 drives with TD’s started within the 10. And last ranked pass defense which is where we’re evaluating Tannehill. You’re saying he had a good game last week?
  7. Y’all do know I would dice up Ben Shapiro into even tinier big sized pieces right?
  8. Defense won both games. Less skilled rushers and overall worse defenses. Less success downfield than early