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  1. Who cares! Do you really think it's going to matter? Do you really think the Titans are going anywhere? By the way, some of you here wanted Derrick Henry traded and took that idiot coach half of last season to realize what he had before plugging him into the starting lineup. M. Thomas brakes the record and catches 12 passes, the same way the Ravens last year sacked Mariota a record 12 times, just like Tannehill all of a sudden goes back to his normal self looking good in the stat department but sacked five times on a two game losing streak but still anointed the hero of Nashville.. Just like two offensive linemen named Spain and Kline go to playoff teams and shine, the same way Taywan Taylor is replaced by white boy Humphries who was one of the dumbest free agent signings in franchise history. And just like the absolute most average role players getting the ball during the most critical times in the game and find a way to fuck it up. Mike "fucking" Vrabel and his band of groupies that love whatever he does as long as Marcus Mariota isn't in uniform and any other coach isn't roaming the sideline. So great how everyone celebrates regression over again, but love coming here and publicly sticking it to all of you just for future reference when everyone starts crying again after 6-10 seasons. Check out franchise history geniuses. Check out how many records, backup quarterbacks, and free agent players have stuck it back to this franchise that was suppose to upgrade over the subpar Mike Mularkey and Marcus Mariota with this hire also anointed as the Patriots south.
  2. Ryan Tannehill is the best backup in the league. And after the Titans keep and pay him, dump Marcus, continue the marriage with Vrabel for another three years, you know what's going to happen in Nashville....??? Nothing. The same stupid bullshit talked about on the same pretty fan boards along with a bunch of retards cheering for another team to lose to hopefully get into the playoffs at 8-7. I too, have watched Tannehill here in South Florida for quiet some time and only fitting that of all teams to bring a guy like him as the new savior my Titans would be the team to do exactly that.
  3. Look, it's simple. Colts can't finish with the same record. Lose the head to head tie breaker with Steelers, unless they lose one more AFC matchup. If the Colts finish with the same record as Titans, we're fucked. If they don't, and Steelers lose one more, Titans are in. With Steelers and Titans finishing with same record. Highly unlikely Oakland and Cleveland finish at 8-8.
  4. Defense and run game have always been stout in Nashville since the inception. Tannehill will always be the league's best back up quarterback. Perfect fill-in-player. Easy when you're playing for a long term deal and no pressure coming under center with a 2-4 team that's struggling. But long term, year after year? Check his history. Check the stats. Check the talent he had in Miami and the sack ratio in comparison to Mariota throughout the same time period. Drafting in the mid to upper teens, best case, reaching for another college stud to do it over again. Isn't that the definition of insanity?
  5. I remember when "you" Nine where so passionate and supportive of Young when Fisher and company destroyed him, how you and the very few saw brilliance that could've been cultivated into star power had he been under the right coaching staff. Same thing here with a very talented team that would be in the same position, regardless, and needed the right hires to truly elevate. Nice to see Tannehill make a midseason run and open up the offense, but seen it all before so many times, year after year, with other veteran quarterbacks in the past. Not to mention, what happened between the Eagles and Vikings with Foles and Keenum.
  6. I can promise all of the genius fans on this board that Mariota will have the same turn around, if not better, somewhere else next season, and probably shove it back down Robinson's throat like McNair, Mason, Rolle, and so many others have done in the past. There's more snowflakes falling over Nashville these days, then blue sky sun.
  7. Silly bitches, tricks are for kids. 8-6 four years in a row. With Mularkey and Vrabel. Mariota and Tannehill. Not gonna win a Super Bowl or division title by looking pretty for six weeks than losing when it counts. Playing the Chiefs again if the Titans make the playoffs in the number six seed. It's more than clear just how young and stupid most of you are, not to mention redneck ignorant. Your thinking and posted opinions make it all seem that your the children of certain players and coaches, and love how some of you are calling Tannehill the MVP. Get to the playoffs first, Tannethrill, win a game or two, then do it again for the following five seasons under Vrabel. Nick Foles worked out so well in Jacksonville and everywhere else outside of Philly. So did Fitzpatrick and Keenum. Titans lose more tie breaker scenarios than make and had to win that game on Sunday. Great job coaching when it mattered, great special teams calling, and watching the football Gods flip the script for the 6 down, 1st and goal, one yard line, Chargers victory. Go Titans!
  8. You know what's worth 15 - 25M per year, this thread and the Ryan Fitzpatrick homer prediction above! After dropping out of my fat ass and into the toilet!
  9. It's not even worth coming on this board with these retards with the few exceptions... It would be the greatest thing for your franchise to sign Mariota and shove his success right back down redneck nation throats! The sheer ignorance here is like communicating with sixth graders.
  10. JonBoy, you are one of the few solid fans on this entertaining board, just pointing out the fact that nobody claiming to be an expert, expert opinion or professional sports writer/Dion Sanders outside of playing the game in a uniform knows shit about the game. Kim Kardashian can probably have a football conversation with the individual who wroitenn it. The "w" word was sarcasm. That also goes for most of the Titans fans on this wonderful board, outside of the Jonboy few.
  11. Those were the days!!! Look at all those "thumbs up!" What a fluke this kid was. Wow can Tannehill run and lead a team to a comeback win against Kansas City during week ten at home in Nashville. Well, half-home considering how accommodating we are to every other fan base. Such southern hospitality.
  12. Another wonderful expert analysis, come true. Great job!
  13. Ah, the good old days from the wise philosopher.
  14. This fan base has literally turned into the dumbest and most ignorant of dumber. Applauding mediocrity and the most ridiculous hire next to Ed Biles and Hugh Campbell in a first year defensive coordinator, (at least Ken Whisenhunt had a Super Bowl appearance track record). Tearing the walls right down again under the blinding lights of youthful coaches and an all-of-a-sudden-Jeff-Fisher-built-Rams-franchise. He did in fact draft that kid Goff, right? Put together most of those other players too, just saying. Worse coach in history. Not to mention giving the Titans the greatest 1990 Dallas Cowboy draft position gift of all time. Great job Robinson. And finally rebuilt into a contender (under of all coaches Mike Mularkey), and finally had a pretty solid team that went into the divisional round coming back 18 down in of all places Kansas City. But of course, that just wasn't good enough for you spoiled idiots. And now turn to Ryan Tannehill (love checking his overall record and stats), under a third year NFL defensive coordinator/coach, hiring their fourth offensive coordinator since 2015 (Arthur Smith of all people) supposed to elevate Mariota and the offense to the next level considering it hit a ceiling under that other guy... And once again, looking for the next year's draft gem. Genius. Well here's a bold prediction seemingly inevitable... The Titans trade for Cam Newton... Poor Marcus (who apparently sucks worse than Sam Darnold) will go to Green Bay under LaFleur, and Tannehill will sign a four year extension under the "great" Mike Vrabel - who will coach this team to a 7-9 record this year. And Marcus Mariota will be in the playoffs before Ryan Tannehill and Mike Vrabel in another uniform. Not to piss off the sensitive expert fans - posting redundantly stupid and obvious topics (that was pun/irony/) but I'll start off the replies for y'all.... "What the fuck are you even talking about?" "Poor Touched The Tard, whole tard persona revolves around him thinking he’s a homers fool. Such a classic tard shit for brains." "Dude, what's with this guy." "Reason why certain post should be flagged." "Vrabel issues are on what he inherited. It's not coaching." "This is too sad to even type a reply." "Our losses, the vast majority of pain, is LG, overall line play, QB, and kicker. Yes, Vrabel has made some dumb, overly aggressive choices. Honestly we're probably 6-3 with a average kicker. How many other teams have missed so many FG/extra points." (6-3 with Tannehill from week one and say Gostkowski? Rigghhtttt...?)" "Guru, can you please block this guy."

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