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  1. I agree,we should be playing much better,fans tend to think tannihil is playing better better but actually the team are growing out tough wins despite Arthur Smith conservative play calling,
  2. And we still won,so what fuck are you complaining about,a win is a win on any given Sunday, mahoms threw for over 440 yards,but Kansas defense allowed Derick Henry to get over 188 yards of rushing, so how was that a fluke if the other team can't stop the run
  3. No qb will set the world on fire with the conservative play calling, the offisive coordinator should be fired, tannihil can gunsling it,but we treating tannihil like he Mariota by calling more run plays afraid that he might make a mistake
  4. Bullshit,the defense was about the same,Marcus held on to the ball and overthrew his target receivers,and titans defense played better when Marcus was in the game only allowing the opposing team to score under 25 points,
  5. Bullshit,Ryan tannihil is elevated his own play despite Arthur Smith shitty play calling
  6. Mariota ain't gonna hang shit, let it go, he's not a starting quarterback for this team,and why would new England pick him up with all of his flaws,smdh,lol
  7. They didn't give up 6 sacs against the bills, Mariota just held on to the ball to long which made the oline look terrible
  8. Titans didn't break him,if you can't make simple open reads in this league you shouldn't be starting at qb position,smdh