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  1. I agree,but our offesive coordinater doesn't make things any better the way he draws up conservative plays,
  2. Mariota is about to sign a deal with the jags and you stuck on Mariota, smh,he just sucks, if tannihil gets hurt what can he do?look how bad he plays when he's out there, he's a deer in headlights most of the time, just let it go and move on from this guy
  3. He's not worth it if you ask me, why didn't Texans keep him, he's a pre madanna defensive player, always saving hisself from injury instead of going all out, I hope we don't sign him, he isn't worth it,smh
  4. Hate to see Casey go especially walker,I just hope we get sumtin back in return for the players we traded, this up coming up season Will be a challenge to get back to the Playoffs
  5. Then why bring in Brady then?if our o-line won't protect him,that's why we should franchise tag him,
  6. I will have a meltdown if he walks and Brady isn't sign,and we resign Mariota, I'll be really pissed,
  7. Ikr, the funny thing about it is that on a different tread fans are saying we should keep Mariota ,or resign him, which is dumb, the coaching staff have to get it together next season, that's for sure
  8. I know right, i think tannihil will be fine next season, he's a veteran qb who played on worse teams in Miami, I don't understand why fans don't buy into tannihil since he's the reason we even made the playoffs last year anyways, Henry didn't start playing great until the qb Change took place and tannihil was doing his thing,
  9. There's a chance Henry might suck next year before tannihil does,just think about it, as long as tannihil plays like he did last season we should be ok, but the focus is going to be on henry, because of how great he played this year, now what's the chance that he will have another year like he did
  10. Even Alex Smith game was better than Mariota,let's not kid ourselves
  11. Damm,just move on, if we are the reason why he failed miserable then what makes you think it's going to change if we resign him, tannihil played alot better under the same o-line and led us into the playoffs and to the afc conference finals but fans still say tannihil isn't the answer, smh, but Mariota definitely isn't ,and I'll leave it at that
  12. I disagree,it's true we need a good defense,but we can still win with tannihil,we just need a good offisive coordinator that can mixed things up,and revamp our o-line, let's crawl before we walk in trying to get a new quarterback,last season fans were still talking about Mariota should still be our qb after stinking up the joint for 6 games, tannihil has earned that right to be our qb
  13. Actually,we have to try to mix it up next year if we're gonna be taking seriously, defenses are gonna be zooming in on Henry as well,

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