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  1. The Titans will probably lose to the Broncos and be 2-4. If that happens (Denver is favorite by 2 points) then the season will be lost if it is not already. All of the hype about how we are going to be better is a lot of crap and I am sick of it. We had season tickets in loge one and the Music City Miracle happened right on our side. Those were the great days and I don't believe that it will ever happen again. This coaching hire does not look good at all either, he seems to be lost when a crucial decision has to be made and I see no fire coming from him on the sidelines. I know that a lot of fans are about sick of this team and I don't blame them. The 2 games that they did win, look at those sorry teams are now and we can't win at home either.
  2. You are right on about Vrable, I have not seen anything that proves that he is a good coach and JRobs hired him, what a mess, I don't think that we will ever be good again like we were in those glorious days in 1999 and the next 3 years after. I am tired of wasting my time and loyalty to the Titans and have this same old thing come up again. I don't think that we win at Denver either and I am so tired of waiting till next year, year after year....
  3. We are 2-3 and 0-2 at home, I don't care who we have played it makes no difference. I am about done going to the games. We are going from good to BAD and that is unexcusable.
  4. This game with the Jags is a must win and if we lose and that is a real possibility then Tannehill should play because we will be 0-2 in the division and that is about the worst start that we could have hoped for.
  5. We can't win a championship with him period, he has to go..