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  1. Does Mariota call his own plays moron, who do you think executes the plays called from the OCs? The OCs sure hells doesn't. Look around the league on Sunday, the only team that was scoring at will was Bal, and Dal, all the others took a while until they got it going. You gonna bitch and complain about them only scoring 15 points until the browns td? How about the balls Mariota and the offense had to answer right back with 21 straight unanswered? Like what i said dont like MM8, go cheer for another team.....hes the starting qb for the Titans
  2. BS, you fake ass fans needs to be replaced. Go cheer for another team while Mariota is here and the starter for the Titans.
  3. Coming off a win and your qb throws 3 tds no ints or turnovers and all these idiots talk about is getting another qb? Wow what a shit show
  4. What pattern is that? The one where NONE of MM8 previous OCs are currently employed as OCs? ( 1 head coach who had Aaron Rodgers and still managed all of 10 points ). You can point to MM8 as the problem if they were succeeding somewhere else.
  5. Idiot, Mariota as lead the titans to 4th quarter comebacks before.
  6. He was injured and his receivers dropped some sure ass tds in those 2 years if you forgotten. Not to mention, remind me again how many OCs and head coaches he has gone through in those 5 years. I don't remember ANY qb in history with good numbers that have had 4 different OCs in 5 years......
  7. There have only been 18 QBS in history taken at #2 overrall, Mariotas numbers beats them all ( including donovan mcnabb and archie manning ) so for you to say his numbers show hes a bust tells me your just a hater.......
  8. I seriously can't believe the people in this board. They expect a brady type player like its the norm for this franchise. In the past 20 years, only Mcnair was close to that, but Mariota blows his numbers out of the water for first 4 years of starting. Who the HELL have we had that even comes close?
  9. So now its Mariotas fault that his RB looks like crap when he can't catch a good thrown screen pass to extend a drive.....gotcha
  10. Lol, Mariota has made those throws before dude, not his first time......