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  1. Titans would be fools not to give him 8-9 mil a year. He’s the engine of the offense and there is no chance we bring in someone as talented as him if we let him walk unless we plan on drafting a RB in the first round which I doubt. He’s a freak of nature.
  2. I think Henry would stay even if it wasn’t a Zeke contract. No one else will offer him Zeke money.
  3. And if he runs for 1400 yards and 12+ TDs this year? hes a freak. He opens up a passing game
  4. Can’t afford to lose him this summer. He’s really coming into his own. Time for the Titans to pay up.
  5. We are going to resign this dude right? Titans need to give him a pay day. We can’t lose him in the offseason.
  6. Titans better get ready to pay Derrick Henry this summer
  7. First time poster. Titans fan since 1999. Titans better get ready to pay Derrick Henry. Can’t lose him this offseason.