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  1. Very few drops, and protection was pretty good. He is also VERY accurate.
  2. We have our core of players. The only intangible will be losing Conklin and how they address that. Tanne has experience now, and weapons. If we can sign Clowney (or someone near him) we should be decent on Defense. Doubtful a rookie picks us apart, although we have no tape on him. He certainly won't have chemistry, so it's either dink and dunk or bombs. We should get a pick or two. Pressure is on them at home too. Casey may give them a little info, but not enough to hurt. Hope he hasn't adjusted to the altitude. Practice is one thing. A game another.
  3. Because that was the best year span for our team. We went to the SB. I don't even remember us having big wideouts except for Britt.
  4. They can't cover everyone. The kid claims he can run a 4.3 40. Add in Kalu and Hump and teams are going to be pressed to try and find a LB that can cover.
  5. Watching that tape he has one of the quickest cuts I have ever seen. Henry gets rich doing that with our O line. This kid could prosper too.
  6. Mason, Dyson, Berlin and Bennett were not exactly specimens of physicality.
  7. At 2:00 central, on a variety of channels, TBS, TNT, HLN and some others, there will be a golf match that features Tiger Woods paired with Peyton Manning against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. Enjoy.
  8. They have no guidance and it's the way things are for most of them. Learned behavior.
  9. Henry is a beast that got tons of yards AFTER contact and broke a lot of tackles. The highlites on this kid showed very little of that. Two very different players. Just saying don't be dazzled just yet. He's fast, but he was playing low tier talent.
  10. But Jon Robinson said on The Midday 180 that won't be the thing that triggers a deal with Clowney. [Unlocked.] “Like I’ve said numerous times now there are several guys who are still free agents who are out there, that we’ve had discussions with,” he said. “I would again echo what I’ve said: There is nothing imminent. We’ve had those talks. I don’t think -- that’s not coming in at any point this afternoon. "But we’ll continue to take stock of where the roster is at and work through things and if something manifests itself and we can figure it out with somebody that is a free agent now and we think it helps our football team then we’ll certainly entertain it.”
  11. Come on. He had holes an elephant could run through. A few of his highlites were of not going down and picking up a fumble. Magic.
  12. Channel 4 tonight mentioned during the draft recap that the season may begin October 15th, with no bye weeks. No pro bowl either. This old news?

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