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  1. But you believe a rookie 4th round rookie pick can do better than Woodside.......or a guy that led the NFL in interceptions. Sober up man. You are rambling and making no sense.
  2. We don't need a QB. Stop with that insanity. We need a great edge rusher and a complimentary back to Henry that is quick and can catch passes. Just that simple. Why waste a high pick on a QB that is going to ride the bench for 3 years? We have a good backup in Woodside. He knows the system and is OK for relief work. Tanne isn't likely to get hurt, especially if we get him someone to check down to and get the ball out.
  3. If we get Jones I could certainly feel better about losing Casey.
  4. Kidding.....right? The leadership is with Tanne. I would assume Byard is the guy on D that leads. I didn't see this coming, and a 7th seems like a token gesture. We stuffed so many runs inside because of him, Simmons and Jones I am amazed, but let's see what Jrob is up to.
  5. Kelly is horrible. They have to always have a TE on his side when he's in because he can't pass block. This is a joke.
  6. Told you he would never be in our division, and unlikely on an AFC team.
  7. When California falls into the pacific it will be.
  8. If the Tennessee Titans need an offensive tackle, this is a sneaky name for the first round. The NFL Combine has produced a lot of risers at offensive tackle which could be important for the Tennessee Titans. As much as I hate the idea of letting a good free agent walk only to replace him with a rookie in a month, cap troubles may make it hard for the Tennessee Titans to keep Jack Conklin. If that happens, then one of the biggest names at the combine should be front and center in the Titans draft plans. While Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton had the best days of the top tier of offensive tackles, someone quietly had the most important performance of the day. Those bragging rights belong to Ezra Cleveland from Boise State. With a 4.46, Cleveland is now on this list. While the name isn’t exactly full of super stars, the hit rate of players whose film suggests they should be first round picks tends to work out pretty well. If there ends up being a need at tackle, don’t discredit how important short area quickness and change of direction will be for the Tennessee Titans and their ZBS/play action offense. There is a good chance that Wirfs, Thomas, Wills, and Becton are all off the board in the top-20 picks, so with the next group staring us in the face it is important to remember that of those fringe 1st round picks, one stood out athletically: Ezra Cleveland.
  9. Dan Kadar, Mocking the Draft The SBNation staple Dan Kadar weighed in on his post-combine 2020 NFL Mock Draft where he made a pick for the Tennessee Titans that might take a lot of people by surprise: Julian Okwara EDGE, Notre Dame A leg injury limited Okwara to only doing the bench press at the combine, which is unfortunate. Several teams in this range are after a pass rusher, but Okwara might slide over concerns about his health. If he does, Tennessee could take a chance in the back for the first round and find a partner for Harold Landry. Okwara is so interesting because if he doesn’t test at his Pro Day, then what do you even do with this guy. He has only played more than 10 games in a season once in his four year career and he really hasn’t been very productive. On top of that, you have absolutely no idea what he is going to be athletically because he played at 250 lb. in college and didn’t test. On tape he is fine, but I don’t think he is anywhere near a first round talent and at this point you are basically betting on bloodlines and hoping that you can get him to be a rotational player opposite Landry who can’t really rush the passer that well. If the Titans are stuck with this it is going to be really hard to give it a good grade. Daniel Jeremiah, NFL.com Whether you agree with him or not, Matt Miller is one of the most respected draft analysts out there so when he posts a mock it is always interesting to see where he goes with the Titans. In the last mock I believe he had the Titans taking a cornerback and it feels like he has bounced back and forth between running back and cornerback for the majority of his mocks. It shouldn’t be any surprise then that he went with a running back this week: Jonathan Taylor RB, Wisconsin The Tennessee Titans may have plans to bring back free-agent running back Derrick Henry, but after watching Jonathan Taylor run a 4.39 40-yard dash at 226 pounds, general manager Jon Robinson might want to reconsider the money his team could save by going younger at the position. Taylor has the draft’s best vision at running back but has seen a large share of carries (300-plus per season) in college in addition to a high number of fumbles (15). If teams are convinced his fumbles are tied to his heavy workload, they could be OK drafting Taylor and unleashing him on defenses as the best off-tackle back in the class. For the Titans, letting Henry walk would seem like a massive loss, but given the talent at running back in this class, it might be a better business decision to let him go. Of all the mock drafts I have seen, this feels like the most realistic. I probably wouldn’t take a running back in the first round, but I do think it would be something the Titans consider. Taylor has been a workhorse at the college level and he tested phenomenally at the combine given his size. The problem with Taylor is the same as it has always been which is that he fumbles WAY too much. If you took away his fumbles he is clearly the RB1 in this draft, but spending a first round pick on a player who is going to give the ball away in half his games seems like such a bad investment when you think about what you could use that pick on. Again, I think this is a correct pick and a good job by Miller, but Taylor’s flaws and the value of running back make me nervous if this pick happens. This one is interesting because when I got the notification on my phone for this it said that the Titans were getting a “6’3, speedy receiver at 29” but when you click on it, that isn’t the case. To me, that means that there was an oversight and a pick was changed for one reason or another and I would bet that Jeremiah was going to give the Titans Denzel Mims but changed that pick and gave Mims to the Green Bay Packers on pick later and Tennessee drafted: Josh Jones OT, Houston. It looks as if the Titans will likely lose right tackle Jack Conklin in free agency. Jones would slide right into that spot. Not a ton of description there, but we can work with it. If the assumption is that the Titans are going to lose Jack Conklin in free agency, I just have to believe that they are either going to start Dennis Kelly and then draft a backup in the mid rounds or they are going to have to have a stud fall to them at 29. In this case, I don’t know if taking the 6th best tackle in Jeremiah’s rankings would fit that description. Maybe an EDGE or a CB makes more sense at that spot in the draft but I think if nearly 20% of the teams ahead of you have drafted offensive tackles then you are probably better off picking another position and seeing where you stand in the second round.
  10. Women are strange creatures. This girls bragging rights to other women are that I sucked his dick. Makes her somehow important I suppose, like banging a rock star. Yeah babe, you're one of a hundred, but it was special with you.
  11. Since it was tied to TWO teams it wasn't like it was a done deal. One would assume speculation, or at least I would have.
  12. In the older days a "Cheesecake" photo was a tease of women in luring poses. Must be a carryover.
  13. Buck Reising of A-Z sports thinks we have too many overpaid linemen and Conklin will be leaving for either of those two teams.

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