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  1. Had Davis wide open. Tannehill playing like shit right now
  2. Looked like he had raymond deep instead of hitting firkster
  3. Im talking about his role in general. His playing time has been reduced.
  4. With us not playing him there might be something In the works. https://www.google.com/amp/s/seahawkswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/17/seahawks-are-working-on-some-stuff-at-the-tight-end-spot/amp/
  5. Fkin coach goes for it on 4th all the dmn time when he shouldnt and when he should go for it on 4th he trots out the kicker who has missed 3x already. Jrob deserves so blame on this shit
  6. The sad part Henry fell too us. He missed on all 3 first picks. He traded for Murray who gave us 1 good year so I dont think we had Henry on our radar but we got luck and he fell to us.
  7. Yeah he looked awful to me. Was getting blown back by the rookie. Would like to see us plug him in at RG after lewan comes back and move Kelly to RT. Would have the best O-line on the field and since he wont be here next year wouldn't worry about hurting his feelings
  8. Conklin was getting drove back all night and would rather see Kelly play RT and Conklin at guard after Lewan comes back. We should go ahead and extend Kelly because Conklin isn't the answer in my opinion.
  9. Why didnt he take the hold smdh now they get a fg
  10. I think it is time for a change for both parties but let's not excuse this line or lack of. Conklin is horrible, the RG is awfull and The newly signed center and Rg is playing awfull. Jrob or Vrabel needs some flack too
  11. Casey on ground again. Telling you guys he is done