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  1. Zimmerman killed the only other witness. Even if you believe his bullshit chain of events it’s still textbook manslaughter.
  2. That’s because this last election was the first you were eligible to vote.
  3. I’m sure you think they’re dem plants too. Do you even know what your original point was? in 5 years you’ll also be trashing the Trumps as obvious human garbage that you saw all along as you hail the newest GOP darlings.
  4. Ben has some free time this morning. what a retard.
  5. Not sure how you can look at Barr’s history and not think he’s a piece a piece of shit. He’s a pretty apparent political operative. hes also very intelligent unlike most Trump hires.
  6. we obviously treat healthcare as a human right already. What are you taking about? It’s about having and actual plan and making it affordable.
  7. As someone who deeply dislikes the 2020 candidate Biden it is still refreshing that reports/proven allegations of reprehensible and/or criminal conduct in a candidates personal life involve a family member and not the person themself.
  8. Ben puts literally zero effort into his trolls.
  9. I’d put a baby in this broad.
  10. Just because you and trump both have male order brides doesn’t make you kindred spirits midget.
  11. Rolltards problem is that he assumes everyone else is as much of a morally bankrupt piece of filth as he is.