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  1. Super weird point to make considering you’re trying to argue Trumps threats aren’t mostly bluster as proof by a vague feel good EO his team worked out in a few hours to get ahead of the next news cycle. they never threatened removal because it was never in their power. They threatened impeachment for years after repeated abuses of power and finally grew a semi functional spine and followed through to a bare minimum. Even being on a spree of spouting disingenuous bullshit followed by emojis this is a baffling thing to bring up out of the blue and think you just made a good point.
  2. Gonna personally send Thor to the gulag when the revolution comes.
  3. Dollop

    Bernie Sanders Out

    So basically we’re guaranteed to have a president with brain worms now. still the easiest vote ever.
  4. Can’t be any worse since people from China were still coming over after president Deals said he shut it down! Another sick Trump burn man! Can’t even get the border thing done when that’s his whole schtick!
  5. I wouldn’t say Trumps handling/response of the virus is as destructive as him nuking the country yet but it’s pretty close. You make a good point.
  6. Imagine voting for a reality TV star and being shocked he shits his pants during a crisis.
  7. Heap should have been looking lower before he backed over his daughter.
  8. Tannehill may just be a great bridge QB that can win with a good supporting cast, or he may be more. imagine totally hitching your wagon to a retard like Josh Allen. going to completely squander that stacked D on mostly Rook contracts with no playoff wins to show for it while you try to teach a glorified TE/fullback hybrid to throw the ball 20 yards downfield and have it come anywhere close to the target.
  9. Billions of law abiding citizens 🤣
  10. You’re the one that brought up race, you’re the one that always brings up race. Even when it has nothing at all to do with the topic, and nobody brought it up. See this thread. i wish there was a political party that denigrated Christian beliefs that hold sway in this country as you have, and which I agree 100%.
  11. I doubt if given the chance hilldawg would bankrupt a casino and have such a messy bitch of an administration. also it would be cool to physically bash anyone who supports Trump. Didn’t think about that. eagerly awaiting your reply.
  12. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worst deep ball thrower than Josh Allen. I mean just by chance you’d think he’d be better or be able to at least give his guy a chance to make a play on a ball that should be and easy touchdown. It’s also funny watching him when he can’t rifle it in to his first option because he can’t read the field. Bills have the making of a decent TE when he flames out.

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