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  1. You should hope not. Russia is the only chance your boy has of being re-elected.
  2. Damn Clinton destroyed Trump. I wonder if he’ll bitch about it on Twitter.
  3. I’m sure trump has supported them over the years.
  4. Ahh whatever. I think you’re wholly full of shit and biased when it comes to Biden and his competition but are a good dude overall. Agree to disagree I guess.
  5. It doesn’t matter. He’s going to bed with a picture of Biden, and dreaming of a speech that he only fucks up a little bit that fixes all of this while obliterating socialism.
  6. I mean when you respond with the French Revolution and hanging the rich I don’t know how you can laugh when someone views that as your opinion lol.
  7. Then I don’t know why you agree with Tgo. He only supports Biden and a couple other candidates that have no shot. Everyone else wants to purge people with money and turn this country socialist.
  8. Umm..for the same reasons as you. You just explain things as “militancy” to dismiss very valid policy for your weird man crush. Tgo- “I think there needs to be serious regulations and oversight over financial institutions and traders, they shouldn’t be able to do what they want. I also believe the concentration of wealth in this country is a problem, I think the average man also should be given more of a leg up” Someone like Warren talks about this stuff, as someone who’s actually experienced it, and their militant. Biden does everything he possible can to say nothing and you attribute him to magically believing and wanting to do anything about this.
  9. You’re exaggerating but I would think you’d agree that people who commit egregious white collar crimes shouldn’t just be given a fine from the SEC if even that. I don’t think it should take Madoff level fraud to face some sort of punishment.
  10. If hyperbole is warranted then stop getting offended when people call Biden senile for misspeaking every few minutes, chief. I think we have more than enough data to say that simply supporting someone based on a very flimsy idea of electability is a fools hardy. Most of this country doesn’t even vote, and the ones that are on the fence about it only come out when something resonates. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I’ll drop any pretense of “ideological purity” when/if Biden wins the nomination. I’ll probably do volunteer work too. This is the time for debates about policy and ideology. I’m sorry if it makes you mad that Biden doesn’t like to talk in these terms.
  11. I mean when you have ridiculous posts about the French Revolution and “stringing up the rich” while admitting that you agree that the issues that a Sanders or a Warren aren’t shy to express then I don’t know what to say. you think they go to far? Ok, fine. You’re a Biden fan. You don’t have to go extreme hyperbole, especially for Warren. It’s not warranted or conducive to and intelligent conversation.
  12. Wow. You are like the Biden of posting too. ”I fully agree with these very popular progressive critiques on our society and something needs to be done” *policy is being discussed to curb these issues and help the average person* ”woah, woah woah, lets not get all Robespierre, class warfare, [insert softened republican talking point]. Let’s completely gloss over this and....as Americans we need to come together. You know for eight years I had the pleasure to serve as....” Except for a few more gaffes and the talk in first person, Biden and you hyping him up are identical.
  13. “Slightly different wording” Your whole argument has been about rhetoric, and when you get called out on it you go back to “well they have similar policy.” You keep saying you agree with all these things implying that you agree with it being addressed in moderation but you only praise the candidates who go out of the way to tip toe around saying anything substantive about this stuff.
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