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  1. hilary is not charismatic and I don’t like the idea of political dynasty’s ala Bush. I also don’t agree with her politics compared to like a Warren she's also obviously very intelligent and very qualified. When you take out outlandish conspiracy theories it’s hard to pinpoint how she’s corrupt or evil.
  2. Nothing matters before you became president. Also, you can do whatever you want as president without repercussions.* *all of this only applies to Donald Trump.
  3. Agreed. I hope the left adopts it as well.
  4. So you admit that the crimes Trump claims opponents have committed are just the ramblings of a senile old man? one of his slogans was literally “lock her up.”
  5. Cummings is a piece of shit because he didn’t do stuff he didn’t have the authority to do and is somewhat unethical if he did.
  6. “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool! I will call you later.” I’m dead.
  7. “It is my constitutional right that the forefathers fought and died for to be able to nuke a small pond and vaporize all the geese and carp”
  8. Good thing that psycho didn’t live in a place where he could easily get an AR-15 and kill dozens instead.
  9. Pretty much. He puts zero effort into his posts and just wants people to go around with him when he’s bored. Tux and duckie are batshit crazy. Earl and Jake have mush for brains. Soxcat is a closeted asshole. Rolltard is just a freak. If any of them are Schtick too they’re way better than Ben and somewhat believable.
  10. He was just calling to say hi and decided to go slip in a few high crimes and misdemeanors by asking a foreign leader to corroborate an aging 4chan conspiracy theory against a leading rival in and upcoming election by presenting it as a favor to the United States.
  11. Unfortunate. I’m glad you agree.
  12. The storm is coming! were we go one, we go all!
  13. Biden’s son didn’t magically get 600,000. He got that from a long tradition of someone with a famous and powerful parent getting ridiculous and unwarranted opportunities and pay. I’m not judging at all, it’s just how the world works. It’s the same for people you hate and think are corrupt as hell, and people you love and think are as pure as the driven snow. This is literally what Trump owes all his success too, and how his family runs their businesses. I think even repubs have to roll their eyes at the hypocrisy if he wanted to hammer Biden on this. No one gave a shit when Ivanka got those Chinese copyrights, or that she at least had and office in the White House. Having Kushner do whatever the hell he does despite failing security checks. His “charity” foundation dissolved because his failsons effectively used it as a piggy bank. Those are all small potatoes with this guy.