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  1. Why are the Titans waiting on extending Mariota, he will be as good as Brady or maybe better with the new system.
  2. I made $50 an hour shipping packages for Amazon. I can tell you how. Go-to my shelf.
  3. I am d repbican. I like to vote. Why do you say no.
  4. I just noticed that people here are therozing about a TV show. Do you not know that it is a work of fiction and follows the writers' fancy?
  5. I almost won a league but others did better and to win you would have to do better than all others.
  6. You are a very bad person. You should not use such foul language nor be so rude.
  7. I was watching Game of Thrones. My electricity went off. Because TVs use electricity, I was not able to finish watching that episode of Game of Thrones.
  8. I am a Titans fan. I am also a fan of Game of Thrones. I do not watch both at the same time because I only have one TV. Some of you might have two TVs and watch both at the same time. That would be good at first thought but might be confusing especially during intense scenes or big plays.