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  1. What round is Trey Smith going in? Think hes there in the 3rd?
  2. Man, we've gotten lucky with our needs really matching quality depth in this draft. I may end up just as excited for some Day 3 picks as I do for a 1st rounder.
  3. Every draft pick is a gamble. Trading it away when we dont have copious amounts of salary cap space is just dumb.
  4. Interesting thats its been 2 days since their season ended and they're already waiving players but we've been done for over a week and we've only done future's contracts.
  5. Probably thinks he could be in the WR1 conversation next year.
  6. Id be disappointed if we arent at least talking about interviewing Mike McDaniel considering we're a run heavy team.
  7. And yet he keeps getting mocked to us at 22, even over Ojulari
  8. Guy wasnt able to be the dominant force he could be because he spent most of his time chip blocking for backup tackles.
  9. I still think this Edge class is fairly deep and would love to see us get Collins in the first.
  10. Im thinking Green Bay. Isnt a single team in the AFC I want to see win it, Saints a close second.
  11. I do really like Nixon but watching Barmore dominate the playoffs along the line is big for him. Combine will be huge for both.
  12. Barmore has pretty much cemented himself as IDL1 these last 2 weeks.
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