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  1. Why anyone would want to waste any of our top 100 picks on Rousseau is insane to me. Surtain wont be there at 22, Friermouth wont be there at 85, Moore wont be there at 85/100 and D.Brown wont be there at 126.
  2. If hes there in the 6th round id take a stab at him as a CB5 or something.
  3. You dont win a division title then immediately rebuild. JRob is just scrabbling to keep us relevant in a rough cap year, lucky for us our division will be fairly weak this season.
  4. Maybe its because Lewan is a proven Pro Bowl caliber OT that plays a position where stability is more valued than burst? Dupree has been proven to be a good complimentary pass rusher, but we dont have the talent at the position for him to be that, hes never been EDGE1, yet thats what we're paying him. How dont you understand that?
  5. Doesnt matter. ACLs can be healed but they absolutely can affect a players burst. We're paying a guy that benefited from having TJ Watt on the other side of the defence like a guy that did it on his own. We dont have a TJ for Dupree to benefit from, hence why people dont like the move. Moron.
  6. 16.5m a season for a player coming off an ACL tear who played opposite one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. I think peoples apprehension is very fair.
  7. I wouldnt be surprised if hes taken in the 2nd round
  8. Our contracted WR room currently is AJ Brown, Adam Humphries (Probable cut) and Cam Batson. Id have WR as our second biggest need behind pass rush.
  9. This was my first mock. Im still locked in on Zaven Collins, even with Rousseau falling lower on alot of mocks.
  10. Definitely gonna need safety depth, especially since i expect Vaccaro to be a cut, probably another CB for depth because i doubt King comes back.
  11. Colts dont even have a QB yet are higher than us. Disrespectful
  12. Trading up for a tackle just isnt the move. We have 2 starting tackles in Lewan/Kelly. Is Kelly an average tackle? Absolutely. Is he bad enough that we need to trade up for another one? No. We cant afford to be trading picks to move up. Too many holes to fill.
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