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  1. Clowney's had enough losing in his career.
  2. So he’s effectively our second best corner now based on metrics.
  3. Exactly. Tannehills going to beat no one of significance if he throws the ball 40 times. That’s not the QB he is and that’s not the system we run.
  4. I feel as though we need to win out to have any chance at the playoffs, and the schedule sets up nicely to do that. If we can’t beat Houston we don’t deserve it.
  5. He’s definitely missed easy throws. Velocity is still okay and his movement is good. It’s just his accuracy that’s tanked a bit.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, Tannehill’s a nice player but by no means is he untouchable. That position can absolutely and should be upgraded if the chance arises. Whether it’s a first round QB that the org really likes or a Tom Brady for example. Let’s see how he plays against the Texans first though before we look in to upgrading or locking him up. In terms of Brady being washed up, I’d look at the numbers and his supporting cast first before jumping to that conclusion.
  7. Plus I can see with the new stadium them wanting to go in there with a successor in place for when Rivers retires. It's gonna be an uphill battle in that market so if they can keep consistently winning they should begin to establish a solid base.
  8. So who's to blame for trotting him out there? The org or Mariota himself? If he was more beat up than a crash test dummy why risk your hopeful franchise QB or your future? Seems like an oversight from the medical staff or Mariota is just reckless, and considering how he runs, it was probably his decision.
  9. Out of those three the Giants would probably be the favourite for him due to the simple fact that Rivers and Brady look to still have a few more years in the tank where as Eli has been in the tank for the last two. Pats have too many holes right now I think to give up a 1st this year and the Chargers have nothing on the interior offensive and defensive lines.
  10. If Locker wanted to play, he definitely would have gotten another shot. Some of these guys still getting contracts(Nathan Peterman, Landry Jones) boggles the mind. But I do agree that Mariota would have more suitors, that's undeniable. The potential is there, it's just that he can't stay on the field and that drives everyone crazy.
  11. If you get Suh from the playoffs I'm in, if it's Suh from the regular season I don't want any part of him. Especially mid-season it was like he hit a wall, and with him in the middle they got the ball run down their throats, pretty sure LA was bottom 10 in run defense if I'm not mistaken.
  12. I don't see him on the edge much if at all this season if we go DE with the first pick. I still see him out there inside most of the time and will be fighting Woodyard and more than likely overtake him at some point in the season(that's the dream at least), he's a heatseeker when locked in.
  13. After Locker and Mariota, it's getting tiresome to be honest. But I'm gearing up for another year in the QB pool in 2020, which doesn't seem too bad when you see how good that class is. Seems like every year that we're in the market for a QB, the class is mediocre at best.
  14. I really like this outlook, mainly due to the fact that I think the QB class is awful this year. If anything I see it as a wasted pick even if we use it on a guy in the mid-rounds. It's better to get depth/a potential starter elsewhere on the team or at the very least find a special teams ace who can tackle well and get down the field on punts then a QB who will be in the XFL next year.

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