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  1. I’d give Jernigan a shot. Really solid and he claims to be healthy!
  2. Should the Titans offer Philadelphia a late round pick for Nate Sudfeld? QB depth is scary!
  3. 28= not old...played at a high level...all about $ and since we’re probably not signing Clooney go ahead and spend some money. Definitely an upgrade over Davis!
  4. Larry Warford (released today by NO) would be a great addition to our Oline. Would be nice having him lineup next to Wilson on the right side. Rated 8th best RG last season.
  5. Definitely a descending player. Colts are this year’s version of the 2019 Browns....totally over hyped! Titans will win both of those games, sweep the Jags and split with Houston. 5-1 in their division.
  6. Not sure Earl is practicing Social Distancing!😳
  7. Kinda surprised nobody mentioned our QB2 situation. Paying Tannehill top dollars and having 2 guys that haven’t played a down in the league is pretty risky! Wonder if they considered Dalton?
  8. Has the roster gotten better this off season or taken a step backward?
  9. How great could this draft could have been if they would have exercised Conklin’s 5th year option? Could have taken Blacklock to replace Casey. After trading up to get him and being all pro his rookie season ...giving up on Conklin might be JRob’s biggest mistake. Don’t do it again with Davis! He’s a solid #2
  10. If they would take a third in next year’s draft with us having an extra 3rd...comp pick for Conklin, I think they should try and make that happen. Three TE’s is one short.
  11. Little surprised they haven’t re-signed Ty Smith. Played fairly well when he got a chance and he’s a solid ST guy! Wouldn’t mind bringing Brock back either.
  12. Best depth player on the team. Glad he’s back!
  13. I’d still like to see them bring in Timmy Jernigan ....when healthy he has starter potential and at worst would be a replacement for Johnson. Kinda surprised he’s still available.
  14. Sure want them to bring Correa back! Quality depth and rotational Edge!
  15. Gut feeling Blake Bortles has a deal in place with the Titans. Another reclamation project sort of like Tannehill!
  16. Two solid rotational guys that need to be re-signed. Hopefully they bring back Kelly as well....especially after losing Conklin!
  17. Cut today by Tampa....could be a nice pickup with Butler on IR! Wonder if JRob will make a claim?
  18. Allowed 10 sacks last year and had a PFF grade of 41! He is a turnstile.
  19. Sure am hoping that the Titans get involved. Might be the missing piece to the puzzle! JRob...”Get er done!”
  20. Sign Suh to keep the seat warm for Simmons...re-sign Cyp to a team friendly deal and go get Lee Smith=Division Champions!

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