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  1. Doesn’t seem very honest to me. This team should be better than last year when they won 9 games.
  2. Anyone have interest in bortles as a backup? I know he isn’t a good starter, but as a backup he’s talented and mobile. Better than what we’ve had in the past imo...
  3. Would not in any scenario pick murray no. 1 overall.
  4. Hilarious. Heard it a couple days ago
  5. I think he could possibly be a starter with another gamewrecker on the inside, but I think if we add a guy like that and another good OLB that Finch would be better off suited as a #3 for now.
  6. The problem is a D should not always have to Rely on ILBs to get pressure. Getting pressure without blitzing is huge and I’m not sure how that could be argued.
  7. I think he’s a really good player, but I’m not sure he will run well enough to get into the first. Going to catch a lot of balls this year though
  8. KJ Hill is returning to school next year.
  9. I guess you can just act like he is going to go back to being all-pro instead of having legitimate discussion. Hope he does, but he was pretty bad this past season so hopefully an offseason being healthy is all it takes.
  10. Where did you see that? Didn’t show he can play tackle at all this year.
  11. Is everyone sold on Conklin or do we think it’s possible the titans bump him to guard and go OT?
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