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  1. I was the worst. Made excuses for him, when I flat out knew he was dog shit. Well, no one's perfect. I won't do it again.
  2. They'll draft a QB high this year. Whether one's there or not. Hope they hit on the pick too, cuz you're team is pretty good. It's going to waste.
  3. It keeps Jackson from knowing which defender to put in an individual bind for an easy manufactured Mariota completion. Teams are doing this to all the "elite" passers like Jackson/Mariota. Titans/Ravens try to answer it with big pound the ball sets & just run. But the QB still has to throw from the pocket.
  4. Pee Wee football, woo hoo! Who gives a shit? Out is out.
  5. Brown would love Mariota. Cuz Mariota's fast. Same way the Ravens roster picked and love Jackson, cuz he's their boy. Fucking dumb self entitled kneeling idiots. Ultimately Brown would realize Mariota sucks. But he'd still be his boy. Cuz he's such a great guy too, lol. Mett though could actually utilize Browns skills, which wouldn't make Brown any less annoying. He wouldn't be Browns boy though. Wrong color. Isn't fast. Can make more than one read or one type of soft toss middle throw. End of rant
  6. QB isn't a field general in half the league, at least. It's pee wee football. Shotgun, fake or give, first read or check down, possibly keep and run. That's your entire offense. Gus Bradley & co exposed it badly earlier today.
  7. Because he sucks and really hasn't done shit but tag along for the ride
  8. Gotta be able to pass from the pocket. He can't, Mariota can't. These read option guys make the game unwatchable.
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