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  1. Fuck lafleur can’t hate the dude for progressing his career but NO WAY I’m signing him for less than 2 years with the Mariota Bs turnover we dealt with oc this oc that...hindsight is 20/20 but I feel Lefleur is the guy like naw naw “Ah Shuck” let’s do it Arron high 5s n butt chugs beers cause Arron said so..Or shoots fireworks out his ass.I’m glad it happened the way it did but I thought that was a bad move on Jrob part esp when we had no consistency at all.All respect to Author Smith he has his days,but guys dug in and done it the rite way when he wipe his ass with 100s prob.I think he would
  2. Kirby is Bitch Jones made over,theirs some Duuuuurrty shit he’s done....They took a kid had all pro potential in Shy Tuttle punk bitch named Kubalow or sum shit took his knee out after a play pure dirty.Next year they put Kablow pic on the tickets.I got no respect for that shit the program o Kirby.From what j hear he will win enuff games to stay around d and he’s loaded with talent so he do like richt just enuff to survive.With social media though shit will come out..I’m sure he was well aware Wilson wasn’t ready but thats another token he can toss while in a recruits living room.Losinf Pittma
  3. Bet if Adoree gets back and King can get up to speed u start seeing sum corner blitzes etc.I so expect more man so byard a vaccaroo just worry about their jobs.I don’t think they been able to ginth it thing yet but 2nd half bet was a do
  4. Ahhh not surprising,someone dropped the ball on this one.It was well known and is Kirby will sell his kids as this or that and knows they have issues or need stay etc.His recruiting and winning all he cares about,def not the kids.Reason why most coaches college and media said he needed another year at least.The immaturity issues have been around for couple years.
  5. Pees was the biggest loss of this off-season hands down!His halftime adjustments and understanding for the game were way under appreciated!Butler never really wowed me anyways much rather had Hayward or Bouye at the time..For a rag tag group they held their own second half-Fukin kickers man Florida can find a guy hits 60 yarders working at food city but we can’t spent 4 million find a decent fukin leg..Cmon man.
  6. Gotta say I was impressed with the halftime adjustments today.This team holds itself accountable and u could tell they were pissed over that sorry ass first half.Glad to see them step up,win woulda been nice but that’s life and we’re a contender rather the fukin idiots say so or not..
  7. Colts defense stays together they could be an issue but I think if we play to our strengths,which isn’t screen plays to mofo Henry then will be okay.Rivers dink n dunk champ but hell my 6 yr old could play D in the nfl rite now horrendous all around.
  8. Any argument on the 3rd down pass?I think it was or could have been interference,but didn’t dvr it so wasn’t sure..
  9. I can see that jusr they called two tacky ass plays on us on that last drive...It’s goes both ways I think it could and should have been called but that’s football for ya.The Henry screens ec were more shocking to be honest like when the fuk did he turn into Levon bell or sum shit
  10. I wanna know why the third down call to the endzone wasn’t Dpi?I mean pretty fukin obvious he fucked Davis up making the catch.Ot beeen close Anyways but they call tacky shit like intentional grounding while RT gets pancakes into the dirt.Kicker needs go home suck a fukin dick least he get that strait in huh!!
  11. Tannehill biggest issue is his time in Miami-If he was a 3-4 year guy he prob get a lot more love.Folks wanna dwell on who he was and not what he is now.They fail to gloss over the fact he played for a shit organization his whole time there and Gase lmao we know how that dude coaches and how great he is.Now Tanny found a home his actual talent is coming on display.If they don’t give u the respect you earn it,which he has.
  12. Anyone know why they had Clowney and Landry both out their playing snaps at the end of the game?Seems ridiculous to me being how long the season is and chance of injuries.We had the game well in hand by not rest those guys?Was it lack of depth or what im not sure but I didn’t enjoy seeing them still out there.
  13. Fuck the narrative anyone with any common gd sense knows we missing critical peices just as they were.The Bills let the “Were fukin great Allen is god”Narrative go to the fukkn heads-See dumbass logics post as an example of how assanine those mofos are.Their not as bad as they played last nite and not as good as sum would make them out to be.We had no practices basically and came out pissed off and hungry.Bills thought they were just gonna cakewalk thru this game and we whooped that ass!!Plain and simple end of fukin stoey
  14. I’m just hear to say”FUCK YOU LOGIC”😂😂😂😂😂Eat this Titan dick with all that shit talkin.. P.sFuk ur “Suppose all pros and ur excuses”
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