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  1. Already being great in pass pro is a plus in my eyes,but knowing a zone offense is gonna pay off great with this crazy off season-Sum guys in the league now can’t pass block for shit...Having good hands is a plus in many categories but u pretty much nailed it.
  2. I’m interested to see the Evans kid-We didn’t hear a lot of hype on him as I did some of the others,but his numbers speak for themselves.Just have a feeling this kids gonna going to exceed expectations.3rd round has produced sum ultra talented running backs.
  3. Dude my fukin Gramps a trip,totally random shit but re watching ravens game he comes in says”I really like that Lannah hill fella”I’m like it’s Tannehill pops o yea couple mins pass Here he comes again“Dam ole Danny hill sure can swing it”I’m like it’s fukin Tannehill.Hour passes no word,here comes his young ass wife”Bob said Titans and Brian Tannenbaum is our qb”I look back like wtf she got a fifth in her hand in like Ahhh fuk it.Gramls in the kitchen still talkin shit..Carry on
  4. Pretty sure Vegas tossed him an offer sumwhere in there.U keep hearing all this “Lower his asking price to play for a contender “.Heard he turned down Miami twice from an article.If he don’t wanna play for us then fuk it let’s move on.Id say we have but if he wants to be a part of the team I’m sure they would take him in a heartbeat.Lmao at the thought of Philly they wanted to hang that mofo when he knocked out Wentz last year,should make for an interesting locker room at least.
  5. That mktherfuker wasn’t no lion or roaring outta the jungle when his scared ass wouldnt fall on that fumble..Smh he just needs to shut up,dress like a normal fukin human and play football!
  6. Absolutely fucking useless shit we all already knew..God I wish football would hurry up and come back.
  7. Fuck we get it the season might get canceled..Not tryin be a dick but every time some mentions anything around here sumone gotta say”the seasons getting canceled anyways”Like gd we fukin get it.Who knows what happens but I don’t need to see it every 3 fukin post..rant over
  8. Who really gives a fuck-So much for comin to this place for any sorta type of football related shit..Even though ain’t much goin on but the fukin special ed kids coming out to play it seems...
  9. The locker pick sucked so so bad but what really puts the icing on the cake is the amount of all pro and pro bowlers that went in that top of that draft.Im not gonna google but off top my head,but there was so quality studs n that one.
  10. If anyone still gives a shit I found this figured it worth a copy paste...
  11. Tony Pauline of ProFootballNetwork.com reported on his podcast this week that Clowney has two teams at the top of his wish list — the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints. “The team that immediately comes to mind is the Tennessee Titans, but I was told that two teams on top of Clowney’s list, as far as where he would like to wind up, are the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints. And he would definitely help both of those teams,” Pauline said, as transcribed by Dan Lyons of The Spun. Neither team has much salary cap space at the moment, however. Teams always find ways to get around that if they really want a player, though there has been no indication that the Saints or Cowboys have shown serious interest in Clowney. Though, Clowney may be willing to take less than market value, as Pauline added that he would be content signing a one-year deal with a playoff contender. “What I’m told is right now, by people in his camp, is that Clowney would be just as happy signing a one-year deal with a playoff-contending team, versus signing a three-year deal with a middle-of-the-road franchise,” Pauline said. “If he can get a decent one-year deal from a team that was in the playoffs, a team that he could help take to the next level … I’m told he would be very happy to do that.” The Titans have been openly interested in Clowney, and they are certainly a playoff contender after reaching the AFC Championship Game last year.
  12. That Ignore shit is for pussies,u go out in the world and sumone says sumthin you don’t agree with just walk away or don’t respond.Same shit here just keep scrolling,if Big Jim is whooping ur kids ass at school u can’t just say”Well billy just put him on ignore”..
  13. University of Tennessee had zero confirmed cases minus one G.a that tested positive.Seems like it’s more prevalent in sum places than others.
  14. Yea I still don’t get the love over that class of wrs,never was a fan of any but maybe Williams.Davis looked like he had potential to develop and Ross bought his spot off his 40 time.Clemson has produced sum decent wrs so Williams got the benefit of the doubt.As we can all see most them dudes ain’t done shit.Williams got a binch of tds last year and maybe Ross finally is getting it.Corey Alrite when he not injured but prob has more blocks than he does tds lol I’m just spitballing that idk.
  15. You don’t take a Wr top 5 unless it’s a Megatron,Hopkins type wide receiver.I liked Corey and woulda been fine with him at 17.Im not stupid based on the ravens and others that needed wr help he would have never dropped.Thats like taking a kicker in the third just because u had a bad fg percentage the year befor.Id much rather had Lattimore,maybe even traded back at 17 cause we had offers.You could came back in the 2nd and grabbed JuJu or even jumped a few spots in the third and grabbed Kupp.Godwin was another that was getting a lot of love and we chose Taylor smh.Im just sayin I think they were a lil to desperate to try and find that”Next big Wr”and over thought it.

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