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  1. All it takes is one team to love a certain player etc and mAke that move.My guess would be if a tackle drops or corner is on board maybe sumone really convets they might wanna move up otherwise I couldn’t really see it.Robinson doesn’t seem to care much for his picks in rds 4-7 and hasn’t made a 4th rd pick EVER while here.He sees more value in rd 1-3 after that I believe he thinks Udfas are just as valuable.Think 130 Udfa were active at the end of the season so that says a lot.Jmo
  2. Walker doesn’t get the hype as a lot of others,but his game film looks nasty.I remember watching him last year constantly making plays.1 min mark he destroys 2 ppl on the kickoff.Great special teams guy and can get after the qb.Lil undersized but just curious on ur guys thoughts.Im not saying 19 but kid has skill to be a good player.
  3. Tannehill isn’t a bum,he’s also not Tom Brady.If Mariota gets hurt,god forbid but we have to face the facts then I like to see what he could do.Tannehill was highly thought of by sun in the league.Miami never built much around him outside Landry and his line was mostly trash or bad picks and frank gore lol.Best case we don’t see him this year minus mop up.If he plays and plays well then things are going to get interesting.I like to see what he could do with our line and weapons etc give him a fair shot.I assume Jrob n company are thinking the same,but also doing deligence in later rounds just Incase they find a decent guy.
  4. You gotta stop type talking out loud.Looked up and all the sudden ur mom was at my house again,I don’t mind it but she said she wished u be a little nicer About it....but bravo she’s a champ!
  5. I’ve lurked since 2011,god don’t make me walk back down that memory...Sum folks bring great discussion,sum make the shit intolerable.Ive always enjoyed reading except the 72 trials of mariota gets fukin old.Hell compared to Kiper McShay most these fuktards are geniuses,but it’s hard to carry a convo always turns to mariota this mariota that it seems.Biggest gripe some ppl bring good shit to the board and seems it gets lost in the wash.I just want sum where to talk football where I can say Eat a dick and not get spanked😂😂😂
  6. If Oliver drops to the fins I’m on the phone immediately,doubt that happens but we did extensive research for a reason.My hope would be sumone really convets a corner and 19 would be sweet spot to grab the first one or if Hollywood was there and were not sold.Raiders at 24 would be a nice trade partner and they need help on the backend,being browns cousin could hurt or help them idk.Were all just talking hypotheticals at this point.Long as we don’t EVER move up for a kicker I want burn that shit to the ground..In Jrob we trust
  7. Agree Simmons could be out all this year and no guarantee that injury doesn’t linger.let’s just use Conk for example since he’s fresh and see how much he struggled and many others have after a serious injury.Conk prob came back to fast,scheme etc anyone guess but u get my drift.Add in the off field stuff which isn’t huge but I’m tired watching injured guys not pan out over foot problems acls etc.A lot of risk involved I’m interested to see who jumps on him.He could be jaylon Smith who Dallas took a risk on albeit it later in draft bt he’s played pretty well I believe
  8. So theoretically speaking who would u all want between Simmons,Burns,Tillery,Lawrence if the board fell that way and we were dead set on going Defense??Just curious they all have a few ?? marks but we’re just speaking hypotheticals.
  9. Simmons scares the shit outta me personally.Coming off the torn acl in itself is a worry (see Conklin and his performance)so u may have a guy that sits 2019 idc what the doctors say.So ur looking at 2020 befor kid can play full strength and no one knows how he bounces back so that’s all a crapshoot.Add in the off field crap(video)and it’s a hard pass for me.Rather take a safe bet that’s ready to go than a guy I may or may not have within the next year half and also comes with baggage.
  10. “Clearly you know all the head coaches, but you have a better relationship with some of the other ones, and Bill is one that I have a better relationship with,” Vrabel said. “So it was, “Hey, we’re putting in to play you guys in the preseason. And Bill was like, “Can we come to Nashville and practice?” I feel like they are a good team to practice against just because of the same expectations, trying to get stuff done, trying to get things accomplished but not fighting or anything.”To quote Vrabel n Just to put sum perspective on it pretty sure it was our idea and mutually agreed upon.
  11. Just tossing this out but JRob has Never made a 4th rd pick since being here.Just traded another,think he sees value in rounds 1-3.He rather trade or move up using 4-7 and bring in a shitload of Udfa.I like the theory pretty sure we had 4-5 on active roster at years end for whatever reason.Falk pick still kind of a head scratcher though but hey if u connect the dots his strategy makes sense.
  12. Just nice click a thread and listen to sumthing besides a Mariota health circle jerk.Fukin place is horrible during dead season
  13. I like Mariota,but as coach always said"Best ability is availability".. Anyone thinking Tanny just chilling like ur typical backup insane.Dude knows we're loaded and have a top 5 defense.Miami never gave him weapons or a line like he have here.I hope like hell Mariota comes out lights it up,but if not I think Tannehill can grasp the offense quickly he mite tear sum shit up.Then again he mite eat shit n die.Mariota on notice,no new OC excuse etc.Lil common sense and dots connect perfectly for us going forwards!
  14. Mahomes,Mariota,and Mayfield all start with MA...it's news and I realized this all while smoking...Debunking the pot makes u dumb theory,Bam Bitches!!
  15. Bottom line is u either fukin got it or you dont,Brady Brees,Mahomes,Mayfield Goff Garrapolo can come in make ur momma and her bingo buddies win Superbowls with time.Plus they get players like Odell,landry,Gurley,Thomas,Kamara real true playmakers.It's Mariota 5th year and we don't even know if he's allowed to speak up.If we're gonna take that leap he has GOT TO lead these dudes.That soft bs "excuse me kline,Spain u mind not getting my spine broke every year,so sorry bother u guys"...Make or break ole ryan Tammy hill here to compete don't give a fuk wat who told who.He knows the deal,more injuries than a nursing home.
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