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  1. I doubt him coming back and the offensive struggles have anything to do with one another.Id say they feel comfortable and are still semi in it enuff to go ahead and get the experience etc.I also hope they didn’t rush him back just to rush him back though,Fukn suck to reaggravate an injury.
  2. Gotta give credit to Pees he really is one of the best in the business.Things he’s done with this defense has been magical but I wonder how long he hangs in with his health etc if he realizes this offense is goin nowheres.I know he loves the game but at sum point ur health or watch ur defense hold it down while O goes 3 and out over n over.Hopefully with RT that changes,will see.
  3. Tides turned when Delanie basically called them all out for being soft and not holding each other accountable.He can say it was directed to the world or football in general but 99% of time u say sumthin of that nature it’s directed at ur team.Thiught maybe it lit a fire under them after the Atl game but we all saw how that went.Also notices Delanies targets dropped significantly after those comments-not sure one has anything to do with the other but curious none the less
  4. Well fuk I would hope any future franchise qb would be able to extend a play and keep his eyes downfield.Sheesh
  5. One has nothing to do with the other,except both teams suck dog shit.When the Vols put Maurer in at Georgia the other nite u could tell a HUGE Fukin difference n the response of the team.Offense moved so much better players looked way more engaged just a diff feel.Had we got the obvious pi and they hadn’t scored befor halftime we still prob get our asses whooped but that defletated us and pretty much down hill.When JG has been our there u see no where near the same excitement or engagement why I’m all for giving RT his chance.Although JG isn’t making 20 mill so it’s easier to bench his asss but y’all got my Fukin point.
  6. Fukin shocking Lewan and the Oline struggle with Davis and him both starting their first games all year😱🤦‍♂️...Lewan is far from the Fukin problem with this team.I agree though he does need to stfu and just play ball.
  7. 😂😂😂😂Wtf You can’t make this shit up y’all...
  8. We coulda just said he was a weak knee bitch and saved ourselves 3 pages..I just pretend he drinks 23hrs a day and hasn’t a Fukin clue what’s goin on.
  9. Your underselling the Bills defense a lot.If our defense can shut down Atlanta I see no reason we can’t stop Beasly and brown.Now with that point I agree Mariota most Def has to show up and play well.Ur gonna see good defenses etc u just can’t get scared or play stupid ball like we’ve seen in the past.I don’t expect him to light it up but fully expect a win at home.Play safe don’t turn it over and we should be good.This will be a good test for coaching staff and seeing their gamplan.Titans in a low scoring contest 17-10 sumthin like that.
  10. He lost me at “Average receiving core at best”while pointing out how Barkely was gonna throw to his tight ends wrs and rbs.Does buffalo even have wrs,te,and rbs😂😂..If our wr core is mediocre as you say I’d like to know wtf u call ur wr core of Beasley and John brown.Im not sure if it’s a troll post or just lost in denial post.
  11. Pretty sure the Bengals have Finley?I liked him coming out has sum potential.Woukdnt be shocked to see Dalton get benched soon for the rookie but will see.I mean at 0-4 why not see what u got in ur back up.
  12. I hope the dude comes out throws for 300 and 4tds.That Said id be ecstatic but this teams broken me from the inconsistency so it’s gonna take a lot more than that.These are the games we always lose so to win would be a nice change up from the regular shit were used to and at least show us a lil sumthin.