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  1. Anyone with eyeballs can see a nite and day difference.That confidence Tanny brings EVERY play,like that he knows he’s the man and his guys can get it done.Mariota had that fire occasionally but never gave me that”Yo mofo go long we gonna torch this Fukin dude”attitude.Also with RT when u watch him run thru progressions it’s a thing of beauty,no happy feet panic just scans that shit picks n fires.Mariota would get happy feet panick and ended in a sack etc.Fuk it go tequila Titans and titties
  2. Wish this game was at home..Raiders just got drummed two weeks n a row and play pretty damn good there.Their banged up and traveled half the world so who knows but they seem to always pull sum snakey ass late game shit on us.Last 2-3 refs etc fuk us esp on the td catch bs.Think I’m rite lol my BA C pretty Fukin high like me 🤟
  3. Lil sketchy were having to rely on blocked kicks to win the game.Dont get me wrong just the way shit falls but I much rather have my foot on their throats and not have to stress blocking a kick.Cool stat none the less though
  4. Poor mariota😂😂Dude just looks so depressed on the sidelines.On another note compared to 6-7 weeks ago this team has a totally diff feel.Playing a lot more loose talkin smack they seem to be having fun.RT really provided that spark the whole team needed u ask me..Do work #TitanUp
  5. We took Faulk in round 5-6 so to Jrob I’m sure it was a no Fukin brainer.I mean any coach woulda prob jumped on that one.RT never been terrible and is Def worth a late round flyer.Now keepin him here and happy are two diff things guess will just see how it all plays out.
  6. Justin Blackmon was another I thought could have a good career,and just pissed it away.Amazing the chances sum of these guys get coming from literally Nuthin and still proceed to just fuk it off.
  7. Tannehill never been a bad qb,prob middle of the pack.Hes also never had a defense like ours and the offensive weapons he does now,and a competent well semi competent coaching staff.Lets see how these last few games play out,if he continues to stay consistent etc then you most Def resign him.4 games is jumping the gun and 3cof those we had to lead 4th quarter comebacks.Im all for the dude just need to see more of it first.
  8. Hilton being injured really hurts the colts.Thats Brissett go to guy .He had a couple drop off his hands he normally catches good defense on those plays also but had he made those who knows. I really hope dudes out against us-Seems to always torch our asses
  9. I had him in fantasy a couple years back fuller-And dude had a stupid amount of tds n limited games.Think thT might been the healthiest he has been though.If he stayed healthy that be one the best wr tandems n the Nfl.
  10. Lewis is Fukin useless in general,much rather kept Dawkins or mcnichols worse case.Gotta say that was a bad contract,but who have thought he be so shitty.
  11. Appreciate the perspective-It’s not a bad board if u can get past the mariota beat off seassions.RT has been a pleasant surprise for sure.
  12. Still pissed we didn’t take White instead of Adoree but whatever.Hell mularkey his gimmicky shit figured he be a decent to elite return guy my god he’s horrible and plays ball well but can’t get int if it drops n his hands,we’ve all seen a few lol..
  13. Wonder if this has any bearing on Tua lil brothers decision to stay or leave.Got bear bryants son in the wings and another kid their gettin In 20 class ridiculous Fukin arm also.Wonder if he transfers now or not guess it all depends.Random shit I know lol
  14. New England’s got quiet a few with sum 6ft white boys.Yeah having a Julio or Megatron is great but I think u go with the defensive stud every time.Look at the amount of wrs balling rite now,90% prob picked 20 or later.
  15. Fukin mind boggling kid was money in the red zone and accuracy first two years with walk on’s n shit players.Ive never seen a team get supremely better and the qb goes completely opposite and sucks so bad he gets benched.That leg break broke his confidence-8 game stretch was a con in 16 but like New England and there superior defense this year we played like 5-6 worse offense b league during that.Mariota and carr have to be baffling to deal with as a coach.Clutch as fuk once every full moon and suck dog dick the other 3 weeks.