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  1. D would be a nice candidate just throwing that out there...
  2. Gladly take a few hammy issues over the onslaught we saw last year.Seems every week sumone was breaking sumthing or out.Davis did play a full year so that's that,but I liked Watterson wish wr kept him.
  3. Ron Moore is a bum ass receiver coach anyways,underwhelming hire and it showed I think.Hard to judge when half the teams injured,and Corey ur best weapon Sammy Watkins dam sure hated his ass.he's no superstar but done world better since leaving buffalo
  4. I masturbated with my left hand instead of the rite like Ahhh what the hell..needless to say things have never been the same since.Rite hand won't even lather up correctly now
  5. Yea dude got completely shit showed while he was here but players seem to like him and have his back.If he hired the rite assistants i could see it but sum guys just are what they are and he's a fine line coach but HC who knows?
  6. Just glad to not be on that fucking list for once.Dont know if Mariota the answer or not,but constant coaching changes never help.
  7. How the fuck was this not delay of game n a critical situation,or how sumone wasn't raising hell is beyond me!
  8. Ain't sure why we didn't take a shot at Bridgewater last year,made zero sense to me when he went for peanuts.Instead we settled for gabbert which made 0 fkn sense.
  9. Cliche but best ability is availability,which has been half ass at best.
  10. Norman always running his cocksucker,but sumone says sumthing he gets his feelings hurt.Suxk it up buttercup!
  11. His ass was almost fired when we canned Webster he just managed to hit a couple picks and hang on.Specifically Coop,Mack n Carr,but they could only buy him so much time,think most folks saw this coming.
  12. Losing Delanie was a huge fucking blow to the run game and Mariota having that security blanket.Think Fasano year before also played bigger role but Murray was father timing it neways.New here just wanted sumwhere shoot the shit, opinions lurker mostly.
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