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  1. Yea I think Danes been overlooked sum just cause of how well Hooker has played...Seems as though he’s had a good camp,we’re deep af and Def set at safety.
  2. Guessin he didn’t practice but can’t be for sure about that...
  3. I mean it’s a message board we should be talking shit about every qb,wr,coach whatever..Instead sum spend pages upon pages dissecting every piss and shit Mariota takes and relish any any opportunity to tell everyone how bad he sux!
  4. Totally agree...I just saw the quote and made me think back to Marcus.Who knows maybe he said”I don’t want the day off and Vrabs said idgaf ur taking it”...probably making sumthin outta nuthin but found it interesting none the less
  5. I’m really surprised this didn’t get mentioned already and it could have just lost in the madness...I’m not trying to conjure the mariota debate or anything but thought this quote from Vrabs was interesting being Marcus had a rest day also and some thought he shoulda took all the reps he could..I don’t think it’s sum secret message or anything but does make u wonder.Was Vrabel testing mariota,was it really just a random rest day which is odd for a 25 yr old qb?Mite be making sumthin outta nuthing but I just found it interesting....
  6. I don’t care as much about camera angles as I do hearing them on a mic.Aint nuthin like sum shit talkin on the lines,or a db/wr going back and forth.Coach getting into sumones ass.I just think u get a better feel for the emotion etc.Being a previous player,high school etc I loved the shit talkin”Don’t u ever even think about coming back on my field”attitude.
  7. If it wasn’t for Tennessee coming to bail Texas ass out they be the Santa Anna Longhorns..Rem u history folks😉
  8. Fuk u ain’t lying lol I just made a post n another thread and didn’t even Fukin see this one yet😂😂😂
  9. God dam we couldn’t find sumwhere else to put this with the other FUKKN 8 Mariota threads..lol shits getting ridiculous same #s,arguments,ppl,shit going round n round n round n Fukin circles...
  10. That’s why I don’t really question the rest thing etc.Vrabs was just in the league not to long ago and being a previous player I’ll take his word on what players do and don’t need to do.Hes been thru it as a rookie and a ten year guy so he’s got a good of grasp as anyone on the correct way to handle things.The injury secrecy is kinda irking,but hell were fans it’s expected.
  11. With the way he tends to go with the game flow,quicker he gets rolling better off we are.Def think it benefits him to get 10-15 carries this game,get his legs back under him sum build a lil confidence.
  12. The whole”Woods”thing from last year still gets me.Im not sure why the kid couldn’t get on the field here then goes to Dallas and does really well.I hope they don’t make that mistake twice.
  13. Weak ass toilets step ur game up.....40 golf balls,5lbs of gummies.County jail toilets ain’t no joke suck ur dick and balls both off u ain’t careful 😂😂😂
  14. This whole debate may be for nuthing..If mariota doesn’t get better at advoiding pressure he’s not gonna make it outta week 1 again.Cleveland is gonna bring the house and make Mariota beat them thru the air.If he starts like last nite it’s gonna be a long game.With the way Conks playing Lewan really fuked us,causing having them two would make a big difference no matter what anyone says.
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