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  1. I’ve loved the last two games,as many times as the refs have fuked us and other teams I think they have really let the teams just come out and play.Unless it’s sum sorta egregious hit/hold/pi etc seems they are lettin the guys play.I love it and hopefully they continue.
  2. 233 yards after contact-Cheifs give up 4th most yards after contact.Come second half we do what we do u all know what time it is.Could see him gettin to that 2nd level alot.
  3. Same way with us and Tannehill,Mariota May go sumwhere and light it up.Im sure those fans would be stoked to but u also have sumone like this dude to come tell them all it’s an allusion and making it up based off past performances.Name of the game
  4. I think most qbs that get drafted have a semi sorta skill set hint the few good stretches and good games.Sum guys are just really good at it aka Brees Brady then other like Fitzmagic play lights out one game next twelve Cant score a td.Just ur typical journeyman can do a little good but not a lot great
  5. Just think how horrible this shit be to watch if Tannehill wasn’t in their.Hell half our defense banged up which I think if were healthy we take that Texans game another shit happens but losing our top corners tends to hurt against Hopkins,fuller,Thomas but they did what tjeu could props..RT saved a lot of folks jobs or trouble down the line,keep it real defense ain’t playing great and I doubt mnariota woulda turned into a 32 ppp avg guy same shit diff year so he’ll that in itself been nice..Shir I mite still be drunk carry on
  6. Tajae is one of the most under appreciated receivers we’ve ever had I think.Kid does nutnin but produce esp on third down,hands like glue.He had sum issues early on but I really like where his head is now and seems fully dedicated to football.After the production we gotta outta Humphries I’d much rather have saved that money and made him our 3rd wr.
  7. Corey had one hit him rite n the bread basket on a third down if I rem correctly as we were driving.Had he caught that who knows but those over the middle in ur lap passes u GOTTA catch.Proably why he trust brown way more it’s just obvious.Credit to Smith and Tanny they found sumthin that works.The loss sucks but the future is bright!
  8. Anyone with eyeballs can see a nite and day difference.That confidence Tanny brings EVERY play,like that he knows he’s the man and his guys can get it done.Mariota had that fire occasionally but never gave me that”Yo mofo go long we gonna torch this Fukin dude”attitude.Also with RT when u watch him run thru progressions it’s a thing of beauty,no happy feet panic just scans that shit picks n fires.Mariota would get happy feet panick and ended in a sack etc.Fuk it go tequila Titans and titties
  9. Wish this game was at home..Raiders just got drummed two weeks n a row and play pretty damn good there.Their banged up and traveled half the world so who knows but they seem to always pull sum snakey ass late game shit on us.Last 2-3 refs etc fuk us esp on the td catch bs.Think I’m rite lol my BA C pretty Fukin high like me 🤟
  10. Lil sketchy were having to rely on blocked kicks to win the game.Dont get me wrong just the way shit falls but I much rather have my foot on their throats and not have to stress blocking a kick.Cool stat none the less though
  11. Poor mariota😂😂Dude just looks so depressed on the sidelines.On another note compared to 6-7 weeks ago this team has a totally diff feel.Playing a lot more loose talkin smack they seem to be having fun.RT really provided that spark the whole team needed u ask me..Do work #TitanUp
  12. We took Faulk in round 5-6 so to Jrob I’m sure it was a no Fukin brainer.I mean any coach woulda prob jumped on that one.RT never been terrible and is Def worth a late round flyer.Now keepin him here and happy are two diff things guess will just see how it all plays out.
  13. Justin Blackmon was another I thought could have a good career,and just pissed it away.Amazing the chances sum of these guys get coming from literally Nuthin and still proceed to just fuk it off.
  14. Tannehill never been a bad qb,prob middle of the pack.Hes also never had a defense like ours and the offensive weapons he does now,and a competent well semi competent coaching staff.Lets see how these last few games play out,if he continues to stay consistent etc then you most Def resign him.4 games is jumping the gun and 3cof those we had to lead 4th quarter comebacks.Im all for the dude just need to see more of it first.
  15. Hilton being injured really hurts the colts.Thats Brissett go to guy .He had a couple drop off his hands he normally catches good defense on those plays also but had he made those who knows. I really hope dudes out against us-Seems to always torch our asses

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