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  1. Marvin was as smooth as they come on the field.Steve on the other hand take ur lunch money and then go buy ur moms dinner with it.U can’t teach that fight and dog he had in em.
  2. Derrick brown is a fucking beast-If he gets anywhere’s near 20 u def gotta get on the phone see what it takes no exceptions.Kids played at a high level since high school.Great kid also he came to a camp we were at,Displayed great leadership skills and a high IQ for the game.
  3. After getting injured three games into his rookie season, Sambrailo had a terrible 2016 season. He played in just 10 games (starting four) but still finished sixth in the NFL in total sacks allowed with 7.0 (every player ahead of him on that list played in at least four more games than him). Sambrailo also graded out as having one of the 10 worst individual performances by Pro Football Focus four separate times that season (in weeks 3, 5, 10 and 12). Looking at how bad Sambrailo was in 2016, the decision to trade a fifth-round pick for him wasn’t good from the start, and it felt like the Falcons would be in trouble if either Jake Matthews or Ryan Schraeder went down at any point in the season. It didn’t take long for that to happen, as Schraeder suffered a concussion on the first drive of week two’s matchup against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. Sambrailo was catapulted into every-down duty for the rest of the evening. He gave up three hurries, one QB hit and two sacks. Things didn’t get better from there, as he would finish the season with a very poor 46.4 grade from PFF. Sambrailo ended up allowing 3.5 sacks for 32.5 yards while playing 209 snaps over the course of the season. For comparison’s sake, Ryan Schraeder allowed 4.0 sacks for 27 yards while playing 832 snaps in 2017 and Jake Matthews allowed 3.5 sacks for 18 yards while playing 1,024 snaps in 2017. Austin Pasztor, the other swing tackle on the roster, also had a place on that aforementioned list of most sacks allowed by an offensive lineman in 2016: he finished fourth with 8.0 sacks allowed. For those doing the math at home, that’s one more sack allowed than Sambrailo but in six more games played, and 12 more games started. It’s not something to really brag about, but Pasztor at the very least didn’t cost the Falcons any draft capital. Atlanta felt the adverse effects of the Sambrailo trade whenever he was on the field during the 2017 season!Ty Sambrailo has not been good in the NFL, the trade for him was a bad one from the day it was made
  4. Yea he’s pretty fukin horrible all the way around.Suprise signing but I guess camp competition or depth.
  5. Hahaha isn’t this the guy the Falcons fans were saying that Beasley got half his sacks against he absolutely nailed him at denver😂😂...How fittin is that
  6. Always thought Eifert had a chance to be a good tight end.Injuries plagued him plus dalton and the Bengals.
  7. Now that free agency has slowed down we like to welcome you all back to the your regular scheduled broadcast of circle jerks and pissing contest 🤦‍♂️
  8. What’s so wrong with a dude having good hygiene?If sum of u practiced it more we wouldn’t be in the fukin position were in.Oh no he’s got nice cars and good hygiene lmao 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. From his play theirs a lot that Vic Beasley doesn’t understand.Like how to provide run support,Not take plays off etc etc
  10. Significant is putting it light he was the main reason the Titans and Niners has so much trouble.He didn’t get mvp but shoulda have.Their gonna want a pretty Penny or they’d just hold on to him.They know how good he is.
  11. What’s up with Mike Daniels?Doesnt fit what we wanna run or what.I rem him in Green Bay Jist strait shit talkin and taking fools heads off went to Detroit and idk haven’t look much stats just what I know year or two past.Sounds like get him on rite price if we wanted to pursue a
  12. I been big on the Robby Anderson train,Think he compliments what we’re trying to do well here.Saying that I think his price is gonna be way higher than we’re willing to spend esp at Wr.

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