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  1. Being fair here,most folks ain’t typing contract afterwards.Unless ur a titan fan,media etc.Most fans gonna type Jeffery Simmons titans or after they smeared his name like sum immature school kids.Chances are most Probaly looked up the fight n not Simmons anyways.
  2. ^^Totally agree,I think it’s sum funny shit.Almost like Houston is intentionally trying to sabatoage themselves or sumthing.Lets be honest after there pick last year they prob like”Fuk we don’t know what we’re doin anyways let’s just trade it”..seems like New England always blocking or tampering with a hire.Happens elsewhere and folks are “Holding u back”let that man succeed type shit.Not them those fukers play dirty.Its smart but still don’t make it ethical or rite.
  3. So let’s say we took Williams and Chargers snag Davis do u think his results would be any diff.Have to say i do most def on the Td receptions.For as up n down Mariotas been gotta give credit dude produced last year.Need more Ez opportunities 4 tds sucks esp from ur leading wr.Fact Williams had 10 td n Mariota had 11 total tells you a lot. *Fuk no not turning into mariota debate prob first time I’ve mentioed his name ever just using sum comparisons
  4. Beating on kids is a bitch move.Probaly won’t here about it but that shit will folllow him like Herpes and prob effect him personally for sum time.Bars clubs etc he always gonna be hill but also “Ain’t that the dude broke his kids arm guy”??..Certain spots he can’t go into no more.Serves him rite hope he gets fuked with a rusty cock ring!!
  5. “The Texans, according to Houston oracle John McClain, will divvy up the workload between head coach Bill O'Brien, executive vice president of team development Jack Easterby, director of player personnel Matt Bazirgan and senior vice president of administration Chris Olsen.” “Houston is an upper echelon AFC team. For them to seemingly create an issue where one didn’t outwardly exist and then have no remedy in place is the kind of self-sabotage that’s helped keep the Patriots where they’ve been for two decades” The possibility of a caserio trade remains alive for another few weeks before training camp begins.What would it cost? The Patriots' asking price would have to be a first-rounder. Caserio is making around $2M per year according to a 2017 report by Jeff Howe. The Patriots have a streamlined personnel department so his workload is substantial. He also is instrumental as a coach-without-title and shares a brain with Bill Belichick on the types of players Belichick wants in his program. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/could-texans-still-try-swing-trade-patriots-exec-nick-caserio%3famp
  6. Gotcha,i figured with the situation they could maybe stipulate n the contract u stay “such n such”years befor moving on.I imagine it be 2 min that would cut down on turnover.Our situation being what it is idk if I hire lefluer for one yr knowing what Marcus has already been thru and the 5th was coming up.New England did sumthin similar with Caserio but I could be wrong and that’s also more front office than coaching.
  7. LaFleur can eat a bag of dicks,Rogers also.Cant blame the dude for using us as a stepping stone but our situation at Oc/Coaches is bad enuff.I would have thought Jrob put sum stipulations for Least 2 yrs make sure he stays but guessin not.Thats just smart bussiness especially in our situation so I was surprised by that.
  8. Look at Williams with Phillip rivers.Dude exploded his 2nd season with 10 tds.Having a good qb absolutely does matter.Sayin that I think Davis is the all around better receiver hopefully Marcus and Davis have that chemistry where he tosses sum 50-50 balls and gives him more shots in the Ez.
  9. Posted this back on Tuesday another thread but here’s the 45 sec clip of just us if u wanna skip all the other bs. https://mobile.twitter.com/titansfilmroom/status/1141001036691210242?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1141001036691210242&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fbleacherreport.com%2Ftennessee-titans
  10. Speeds over rated if u ask me..See Juju who ran a 4.7 or sumthin coming out.Just give me a guy that has good hands and can get to his spot.Dont get me wrong having a blazer is great but it’s not a necessity . *I know juju ran a 4.5 at combine befor anyone points that out.I was speaking of his time in college befor hand.
  11. To be fair fuller only started 7 games last year.Had he played a full season kid prob clips 1000 and 10 tds at the pace he was on.
  12. Yea dumbass tried bait me n another thread I just kept it moving.Lurked since 13’ so I already know his fragile ass mind games,ain’t got time for it.If u don’t respond he eventually shut the hell up and go bother sumone else.
  13. According to Adam Rank the whole dam team sucks...Gotta be the most ridiculous shit I’ve seen. https://mobile.twitter.com/titansfilmroom/status/1141001036691210242?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1141001036691210242&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fbleacherreport.com%2Ftennessee-titans
  14. I always have fun with my hookers...🤫😆
  15. I’m just happy we’re back to the point of having good players to pay.
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