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    Recruiting and developing talent in SouthEast,Jist here for sum laughs and shoot the shit.Have info from time to time,but he’ll most wont listen neways .

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  1. Tannehill biggest issue is his time in Miami-If he was a 3-4 year guy he prob get a lot more love.Folks wanna dwell on who he was and not what he is now.They fail to gloss over the fact he played for a shit organization his whole time there and Gase lmao we know how that dude coaches and how great he is.Now Tanny found a home his actual talent is coming on display.If they don’t give u the respect you earn it,which he has.
  2. Anyone know why they had Clowney and Landry both out their playing snaps at the end of the game?Seems ridiculous to me being how long the season is and chance of injuries.We had the game well in hand by not rest those guys?Was it lack of depth or what im not sure but I didn’t enjoy seeing them still out there.
  3. Fuck the narrative anyone with any common gd sense knows we missing critical peices just as they were.The Bills let the “Were fukin great Allen is god”Narrative go to the fukkn heads-See dumbass logics post as an example of how assanine those mofos are.Their not as bad as they played last nite and not as good as sum would make them out to be.We had no practices basically and came out pissed off and hungry.Bills thought they were just gonna cakewalk thru this game and we whooped that ass!!Plain and simple end of fukin stoey
  4. I’m just hear to say”FUCK YOU LOGIC”😂😂😂😂😂Eat this Titan dick with all that shit talkin.. P.sFuk ur “Suppose all pros and ur excuses”
  5. So if the titans win is this dumb sob gonna leave the board with his repetive slobbing on Allen’s cock bs?
  6. I’m headed down to Georgia today,we got sum guys from our NPA camp going to the Georiga/UT game.Anyways were pretty plugged In,I can’t discuss much but was told sum shit that blew my mind..Nfl basically blew it and now their tryin to save face.Its hard to bring info and be believed without jeopardizing my job and other friends jobs..I’ll know more later on.II’m sure u will have ur assholes on here with the“tell us sumtnin we don’t know”who the fuk are you comments.Idc I just share what I can.Ill be with Amarius Mims and Dylan Brooks today so try snap a few shots,Two of the top players in the country.Our guys are connected so maybe we can get vrabs or sumone on the phone and pry sum info out.They trust us but how much I’ll be able to relay is anyone’s guess.Theirs a big conference call at 8am with Sankey Sec board and the NCAA to make sure procedures etc are being followed.Im not that high on the totem pole but I’ll dig sum info out hopefully.
  7. That dude rolling on the camera or near funny as fuk”God ummmm is he dead”😂..Not one single person even goes to check on dude.#Amurika 2020 mofos
  8. Should have just practiced at Vandy or sum shit,least u wouldn’t have to worry about anyone watching😜😝
  9. Ehh maybe I also think it depends on how depleted we are out certain positions etc.Ive heard week 6 but if dude can play at 80% then u might have to roll the dice.Saying that is the reward worth the risk being a no divisional game.-
  10. Fuk an apology I just think Ur bat shit crazy and trolling on a worse case scenario.I mean u wanna put sum cash on it I’m all for it..shit could hit the fan but it’s not like we’re full health etc.At this point no defense ain’t playin like shit so as long as u can out score the other team ur good to go.
  11. Stupid fukin thread is a stupid fukin thread.... Mark it down..
  12. Don’t forget Mahomes played like ass in the Sb if not for a late 8 min run and lucky chuck and catch by tyreek hill they prob lose that game but who knows.I just know defense and Damian Williams kept them in that game it wasn’t mahomes ugly stat line but because they won he will get the praise.Ask me Chris Jones was a big reason for their success he murdered in the playoffs.Mahomes isn’t trash but he’s not a god like sum make him to be but he’s future is bright.
  13. Exactly said in another post he just needed to get his head turned quicker but it wasn’t from lack of coverage he was all on him.Just a nice throw and catch by minshew.Same with the Eifert td,Minshew isn’t great by no means but he’s not trash either which is fine keeps them out the number one pick.

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