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    Recruiting and developing talent in SouthEast,Jist here for sum laughs and shoot the shit.Have info from time to time,but he’ll most wont listen neways .

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  1. Saw lil snippet earlier,same shit we’ve been hearing.Browns offered him a boatload and they were close to a deal but didn’t formalize.Us and Seattle have made offers basically monitoring the situation yada yada...
  2. Fuck Fuller probably just got injured reading the damn article...
  3. “It seems he threw in the white flag but Jeff doesn’t give a FUCK”...😂😂😂
  4. Random but pulled this off the athletic take it with a grain of salt— Second-round cornerback Kristian Fulton could fill a nickel role in the short term. Can he give the Titans great value at the position? “If I was going to ding them, it would probably be for how they can’t get a good corner,” an evaluator said. “You look at the rest of the roster and they are pretty darn good, except corner. Adoree’ Jackson was a first-round pick and he won’t tackle. Fulton won’t tackle. Logan Ryan was overpaid. Malcolm Butler was overpaid. That is their Achilles’ heel and was their No. 1 need coming into this draft, ahead of tackle and halfback.”
  5. Lol are u a fukin child molester Chester?I mean anyone named Chester prob touched a few kids pee pees in his time.
  6. Walter football sucks but they hated the Fulton pick basically.Then I read that bama refused to throw his way and targeted stingley more.A lot of varying opinions on him out there.Tape done lie I think it’s good value at the pick for sure.
  7. He also had good games against south Caroline and UNC I believe.Plus he can return,I’m not thrilled with the selection but I’m in wait and see mode really.Those scat back types can be the next sproles or the next Kalif Raymond u just never know.You see enuff to give it the benefit of the doubt I believe
  8. Dodd was just a straight up pussy that didn’t like football.Jrob first draft he def fuked that up.All good Jrob cuts bait fairly quick with bad decisions,thankfully he’s not one that holds on hoping to save face or sum bs.
  9. I mean with 6 championships you get the benefit of the doubt.Sayin that they ain’t done shit in 20 years.Befor that though they were a constant threat,same way Bama whooped them 10 strait,they used to own Bear Bryant.We live in a what have u done for me lately world,but Vols are coming back,slowly.Just snagged Dylan Brooks #18 over all prospect and #3WDE outta Bama.When has Bama and auburn ever lost a prospect in their backyards they wanted.It Happens not often.We took Henry ToOTo from them,he’s a future 1-2rd pick.UT def is in the top ten colleges ever,far from 2nd tier.Theirs not a stadium in the country maybe Texas A & M that’s better than Neyland.U see the quotes,it’s just a matter of not losing to Georgia st/BYU shit or ur a 10 win team last year.If Gurantano doesn’t go awol and try a qb sneak fumbles and gives Bama a free 6 we prob beat them(Just my opinion but they didn’t want it that day).I know no one gives a shit lol but i bleed orange so I’m always gonna rock with my squad.U see couple years u gonna be like”That Jmoney mofo wasn’t lying”as they win the East maybe finally😂😂😂Haha thought I was gonna say Championship huh?I wish but I’m not delusional.
  10. We could try trade him to the packers,but u know they don’t like WRs.Stunning they didn’t stay at 30 and take Higgins or Pittman!They had more dropped passes than caught tds.
  11. You could prob add David Njoku to that list-Jmo after what they gave hooper and then drafting another tight end.They could run two sets I’m not sure,but he def be worth asking about.If u could get him for a 5-6th rounder def worth a shot.
  12. Fuck the cowboys.... Minnesota Vikings gave former Texas A&M wide receiver Quartney Davis $100,000 guaranteed, including a $10,000 signing bonus. Outstanding deal prompted switch from Dallas Cowboys to NFC North franchise for former Langham Creek standout. Vikings won the bidding war
  13. Gotta say the Vikings killed it also..Good list for sure.Ravens always draft well still hate those bastards.
  14. Sum positives if they haven’t been posted... A finalist for this year’s Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, McDonald started 12 games while coming off the bench to lead UH to wins over New Mexico, UNLV and Army in 2019. The California native completed 63.8 percent of his attempts for 4,135 yards and 33 touchdowns and ranked 3rd nationally in passing yards (4,135), No. 6 in total offense (322.7/gm), No. 7 in passing yards per game (295,4), No. 8 in passing TDs (33), and No. 9 in points responsible for (242). McDonald finished a top the Mountain West Conference as the leader in each of those five categories as well as passing efficiency (147.6).

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