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  1. Titans 37 - 31 Ravens Titans stop last drive of Ravens for the win
  2. Well, for the amount he will earn for coaching this game i could suck a dick
  3. In case we win next 3 games, the probability of get 1st round bye is nearly 5% https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/upshot/tennessee-titans-nfl-playoff-picture.html#ten-hou-15=win&ten-no-16=win&hou-ten-17=loss&event=bye Check it out there
  4. Patriots officitially released Gordon today. Does someone think that could be worth to pick him? Since he joined the league he showest us the best and the worst. But since he ""re-rejoined"" the league and played for Patriots he seems to have overcome his problems with alcohol and drugs, and although he has not played at such a spectacular level, he still has the talent to be a top receiver. (Obiously he is now injured but he should be good before the season end, as many sources indicates) Thoughts?
  5. 3 weeks ago everyone here were talking about Henry was shit, now the opinion have changed and he seems to be the best RB in franchise history, right? Don't be so rude guys, something similar is happening with Mariota. My opinion is that he is playing what the team need, to be honest we dont have a good receivers and O-line was struggling all the season. I dont doubt on his skills and leadership, he has de skills to be a top10 QB in the league. The only concern for me, and the only point im sharing with you about Mariota is his fragility... but i'll take the risk and wont be worried if we pay him 20M or maybe more

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