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  1. This is hilarious. They don't want a it guy at their place but you want to bring in people to setup an automatic backup generator?
  2. Got ya. From your first post I assumed they were all fs hooker types.
  3. He looks like he would be a much better 34 end but I just don't see much in him. I wouldn't be mad at all with Landry-epenesa-jones-simmons-beasly I just much rather have a cb or rb.
  4. I could be wrong but since we have a guy like that already if we did I think we get a ss. Shank is a great st guy but not exactly a great ss.
  5. Between paying for hits and his grill and the fact he is a retard what made you think this? Did he at least get his oline something cool when he hit 2k? Looked it up. Was Rolex watches. Well he isn't a total dick. I still think Eddie with the atvs was best.
  6. If the contract isn't that big I would be cool with ryan coming back. 2yrs 12mil or something. Draft a cb or 2 in the draft.
  7. That would make sense since hargreaves is trash and BoB is a moron.
  8. Browns did that 2 johnny jackass as well. But they asked him what he thought the next day and he made shit up.
  9. Ill give mm a little more credit than him. Mariota had some skills that didn't translate and then turned into a psd patient. Captain bust was a fat lazy pos.
  10. Idk how good this guy is but ill play for half this. I got bills 2 pay.
  11. Good content times 2 and then pure lyrical ridiculousness.
  12. I Haven't thought of bone thugs in a long time lol. Good name drop!

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