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  1. Winston has turned the corner in his career, Winston is completing over 70% of his passes his past 7 games on 9 yards per attempt
  2. you are right winston is better cam is not a threat to win anything, because he is inaccurate, and cant win shootouts. Lol can you imagine if Winston had Cam's defense in carolina since his rookie year, and Cam was tasked with having to win shootouts with the bucs defense. LOL NFL records set by Jameis Winston Most passing touchdowns in a single game by a rookie quarterback: 5 (tied with Ray Buivid, Matthew Stafford, and Deshaun Watson)[72] Most passing touchdowns by a rookie quarterback in one half: 4 (tied with Marcus Mariota and Deshaun Watson) (November 22, 2015 vs. Philadelphia Eagles)[73] Youngest player to pass for 3,000 yards: (21 years, 342 days) December 13, 2015[74] Youngest player to pass for 4,000 yards: (21 years, 363 days) January 3, 2016 Second youngest player to pass for 10,000 yards: (23 years, 303 days; 4 days older than Drew Bledsoe) November 5, 2017[66] Youngest player to pass for 40 touchdowns: (22 years, 312 days) November 13, 2016[75] Most seasons of passing for 4,000 yards to begin a career – 2 (2015–2016) Most touchdown passes before 24th birthday: 69 (23 years, 360 days) December 31, 2017[76] Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise records set by Jameis Winston Most passing touchdowns in a game – 5 (tied) (November 22, 2015 vs. Philadelphia Eagles) Most passing touchdowns by a rookie – 22 Most passing yards by a rookie – 4,042 Most rushing touchdowns by a rookie quarterback in a season – 6 Most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season – 6 Highest single-season completion percentage by a rookie (minimum 16 games) – 58.3 Most passing touchdowns in a season – 28 Most passing yards in a season – 4,090 Most games of 300 yards passing in a single season – 6 (2017)[77] Most consecutive seasons, 3,000 yards passing – 3 (2015–present) (tied with Brad Johnson and Josh Freeman) Most seasons with 3,000+ passing yards – 3 (tied with Brad Johnson and Josh Freeman) Most consecutive seasons of 4,000 yards passing – 2 (2015–2016) Most seasons of 4,000 yards passing – 2 (2015–2016)
  3. because its not fox news that campaigned for bill cosby to be put in prison.. it was don lemon and the liberal funded meetoo movement its the liberals letting les moves, harvey weinstein, and woody allen off the hook. If liberals treated the races equally you get no argument from me, and i would still be voting for the left it was liberal abc/espn that launched a character assasination attempt on the most talented african american qb since warren moon in jameis winston. Its not fs1 bashing jameis after a 400 yard 4 td game it is liberal attorneys like gloria allred who protect white males, but waste no hesistant in trying extort and lock up as many black males as possible
  4. RG3, Vince Young, and Geno Smith were always being bullied by the liberal sports media and they were clean off the field this off the field argument you are trying to use, holds no weight. Because as we have seen with big ben if you are are talented and can play the qb position, your past will be forgotten. Liberals at espn is still harping on shit winston ALLEGDELY did in 2016 and 2013
  5. wtf "his hand is hurt".. deion shucking and jiving i see last year winston had a friggin torm labrum and still led the nfl in 300 yard games only to be let down by a shit defense. And the media killed winston
  6. Mariota has 5td passes going back to his last 9 games. He is not producing
  7. Until he is a topic on fs1, nfl network or espn first take.. i wont buy it. This is crazy Rg3 produced way more and got way more heat from the media than this
  8. bullshit excuse, clay travis is in the media at fs1 and for years has claimed the bucs made the wrong choice choosing winston over mariota. Why not come out and own your mess. Its almost like the media wants to be proven right that mariota is better than winston, and are protecting his from criticism from the masses because tv is a powerful thing, if you say mariota "needs to step up" enough times, fans will begin asking question and comparing his stats to winstons. Liberals dont want that
  9. i just wish the media had the balls to call out his shit play. he was just shut out at home. Why are they protecting him
  10. Mariota, Derek Carr and Andrew Luck are not called out by ESPN but Mahomes, and Jameis winston are.. they had the best games of the week. wow the nfl is a disgusting product, i agree with their stance on kaepernick. You cant kneel on your job But my god the way they treat black qbs and the sports media way of treating black qbs is like they are almost slaves.. these guys are never praised but ridiciuled for decent play( Every throw they make is overanalyzed). And to make matters worse they get no protection in the pocket from refs. Winston was blasted yesterday going out of bounds and no flag. Imagine if that was brady or even baker mayfield lol
  11. also mariota stinking it up again i see. derek carr signed for 100 milly and nobody at liberal espn is asking for him to be benched and the raiders have a much better defense than the bucs
  12. ben roethlisberger crashed his motorcycle while intoxicated, then was accused of raping 3 women. then recently was accused on trying to force himself on stormi daniels at a trump party. Its the classic "im white and i say so." Usually talent trumps behavior unless you are black
  13. So ESPN and the liberal sports media whipping boy Jameis Winston goes for 4 td's and 2 ints againist the falcons on the road in a loss. The bucs have the worst defense in the history of the game according to per elias.. but it dont matter.. winston sucks because he is black and we say so
  14. You didnt know because the sports media didnt want you to know. If a black qb was ACCUSED of that with big bens history with women.. It would have been national news
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