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  1. The mayor said today 10% of capacity for the Steelers game. None for the Jags.
  2. Well, you are right. I don't have Direct TV anymore, so can't rewind and listen again. My GF and I were both watching and thought that is what they were talking about. I dont know why they would make such a big deal about a news conferance for an October decision. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. On Thursday the mayor will announce at 9:30 AM how many fans will be allowed to attend the Jags game. It could be as many as 16,000.
  4. Same reason we ran Eddie. It tires a defense. Imagine being engaged with a 300 pound blocker and having to tackle Henry too.
  5. I remember when we played the Colts here. They scored to take the lead. We had about 2:30 left. I said if Mariota leads us to a comeback win he's gonna be the guy. He fumbled and the Colts ran it in. It was all uphill from there. I have total faith in Tanne getting it done, at least most of the time.
  6. Why didn't Evans play Monday? Didn't want to start a rookie?
  7. The ban has not been lifted yet. The Titans are appealing to the Mayor to let fans attend.
  8. Watching a replay of the last FG. The big guy that blocked it before was skying up in the air and all of a sudden he disappears. Someone pulled that guy down. Kudos to special teams for clearing him out.
  9. Most of then were, or short hits before the LOS. You watch the games?
  10. It's Tanneys job to win games and not lose them. We had a chip shot FG in our pocket. He's going to throw where only Brown could catch it.
  11. Brown makes most of his catches coming back to the ball. He hasn't proven to be elite when going for a pass. He could never have made the catch Davis made on the sideline.
  12. I have a lot more faith in Jonnu than Brown in the end zone.
  13. The bad decision could be on Raymond. Maybe he was suppose to break off the route and come back. Doubt we will ever know but Tanne doesn't miss that bad.

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