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  1. Sucked all game. What a fucking moron. We could spend all day talking about the people that "Sucked all game" like the defense that gave up 358 yards passing and the final play to get them in FG range. Like Brown slipping down on a needed catch. Like Henry failing to convert the XP and the 4th down. Yet you single out one person, not even mentioning the idiotic coaches that thought bringing Henry back to START after 12 weeks off was a great idea.
  2. I would like to see a breakdown of the play with the entire field in view.
  3. Yeah, the receivers don't share ANY responsibility. It is always the QB. This board is full of 19 year old mentality.
  4. He is below .500 in the playoffs. And he is OUR QB, unless you are Kyle. Get off his dick and try finding out the real reasons we fail in the playoffs. Started in 2019 when Vrabel managed to beat two good teams by being ultra conservative. Now he won't stop. He has turned into a Fisher.
  5. Sadly, with all these posts, no one wants to hear the truth. Nice attempt.
  6. They both lost. He said nothing wrong. Rodgers played even worse, and you all want him here.
  7. He had 4 completions in the 2nd half. This is the guy you want?
  8. It was in sync, then we brought Henry back and it was all messed up again. Don't change what is working. And as you say, get him some damn receivers that can get open, and a stud TE.
  9. You give a team with 13 seconds left and the ball at their own 25 the chance to kick a FG, you deserve to lose.
  10. Knowing the Bengals were playing prevent.....yeah...sound strategy.
  11. And the Bengals heard our defensive call and knew exactly where to go. Funny how people forget they were NOT in FG range when it happened. If the D had held, we go to OT.
  12. Seriously, he is afraid of our QB? If that is true, then why put him in a situation where he has to throw to get down the field under time constraints? You get down to FG range, then start taking a knee to run time off. What a totally fucked thought process. And remember, this is the coach that got tempted to try for two points because he was one yard closer. 99% of the time you either lose yards or walk in. A single yard rarely makes a difference. Then he passes up a 53 yard FG. But just keep piling it on the QB and all the great receivers we have that can't seem to get open.
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