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  1. Only today? I must have needed the rest. So I am to write "Manning Envy is a fucking moron"? Seems redundant but I'll work on it.
  2. Did you watch the deep pass videos? We had several receivers running open underneath on most every play. If he had hit a few in stride it was a 10-15 yard play. He leaves a lot of yards on the field by not taking these shots.
  3. So surgery went well. Lost 60% of my cartilage. Bad tear but good to go. Already off the crutches. Our Titans need to get healed and ready.
  4. I heard they put a new glory hole in the Colts restroom just for your wife. She'll love the protein.
  5. I have CBD oil. Stuff is crazy expensive.
  6. I gave up over there. Couldnt get it to load. Miss you guys but these people are completely insane. Very entertaining. And no censorship which is cool.
  7. Joel in Bellevue. Hope that helps.
  8. Yes fans. Your worst fears have been realized. While I am already an expert on football, now I am having surgery on my knee for an MCL tear. I will be worse than Bongo with medical advice and "when it happened to me...." stories. I know you anxiously await for this incredible first person account that happens this coming Monday. I'm off work for two weeks while it heals (see, it doesnt take a year). Stay tuned. Well it didn't take long for me to screw up. I don't have an MCL, I have Meniscal Tear. My girlfriend tells me that's not as bad. Save the pity party.
  9. He was a project coming out. Still is. Entertaining at times, but not the guy to get you to a SB or win it.
  10. Hammys have been a way of life for veterans to avoid camp workouts. Coaches look the other way if they know the guy can produce. Hopefully rookies haven't caught onto this ploy.
  11. Been there a little over a year.
  12. I just remember the fan sitting alone on MNF flipping a bird. Dandy Don opined that he was saying his team was #1.
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