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  1. They should have just called the Texans the Oilers and this would all be behind us.
  2. Yeah, then we still see them even if he's on ignore. Dear Unauthorzied Cinnamon:
  3. There should be dots across the bottom of his posts to show how many people have him on ignore.
  4. Yesterday was not exactly a HOF performance running, but overall a good day. He tripped over a 200 pound DB. This is my complaint about him not staying on his feet and breaking tackles. He can juke and stiffarm, but not so hot at breaking free.
  5. We have been calling for that for years. And they FINALLY hit him in motion, and look at the results.
  6. I can't tape the games anymore, so working off my memory. If I am mistaken maybe someone will let me know. I can't see Rogers doing that, he's a pretty good receiver and used to smoke. McNichols on the other hand not so great. If it was Rogers it was sure a short route, more like where a RB would be.
  7. I know the reason for all of this, and you do too. For years the Oilers were never mentioned or thought of. When they couldn't give away a seat because the Titans sucked so bad they started to let anyone with any interest be a "fan", which included the old Oilers.
  8. What a day he had, from goat to great. First, he posts up while Tanne is in a mad scramble and things are breaking down. So Tanne sees him, and just as he unloads McNichols takes off. I get it, he thinks it's a broken play (which it was to an extent) and he's trying to give Tanne a target. But it ended up being a bad interception. Then he hits him again out of the backfield and maybe he's not used to that much smoke, but hits him right in the hands and bounces up and intercepted. But it's the Titan way to keep on going, and the next time Tanne hits him in the flat for a nice TD run.
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