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  1. In the prior game the Chiefs kept crashing their ends to put pressure on Tanne and cut off Henry from getting outside. Really didn't help because Henry breaks off more long runs with that cutback over the middle.
  2. I think they give up a late TD to Henry. Tackling in the cold gets old real fast. 19 degrees at kickoff now. Chiefs lead 14-10 at half but Pees makes his adjustments and we come roaring back. 20-17 going into the 4th then Henry puts a stake in their heart. 24-17 Titans.
  3. Dominant (hint). John Riggins redeaux. After practice the hogs and Riggo would go to a special place and drink beer. No one else was invited.
  4. Channel 5 just put the new forecast up for kickoff in KC. Sunshine and.........22 Degrees! An omen.
  5. If those were stats with him as a Titan it might be a concern.
  6. There is a huge difference in stretching and using your calf to push a 300 pound man.
  7. First, who else could run the scout team? Woodside has mysteriously vanished. Mariota is the backup. Let him do something for that $21m. Bleeding hearts. Sheesh.
  8. Like a mad scientist you have gone too far. Let me be the first to downvote it.
  9. I was thinking that Henry is doing what John Riggins did for the Redskins on their Super Bowl run.
  10. They have actually issued an arrest warrant. Oh the drama.
  11. Leaving Houston is probably the reason he missed. Left a bad taste.

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