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  1. He did this two years ago when it was very unpopular. Try and keep up. I also did not go to school in Bellevue, but in Green Hills. Now who's making assumptions?
  2. We all have to go sometime. Some just figure why wait? Maybe from his viewpoint things could not get any better.
  3. Yeah, Jrob really stole this one. Projection: Round 2 pick 7. Isaiah Wilson There’s been recent chatter about Wilson potentially going ahead of his teammate Andrew Thomas. I vehemently oppose that notion, but Wilson is an impressive prospect. His footwork is a work in progress, especially as he attempts to gain depth to prevent the edge from being exposed. However, he has strong grip control to once he gets his hands on the pass rusher. He’s an equally effective run blocker as he looks to maul his opponents. Projection: Round 2 pick 7th rated tackle
  4. But a year later he couldn't even run, missed more games than he played and was benched? Sure thing.
  5. You must not remember well. I certainly do. Just wait, someone will back me up and you will be eating crow.
  6. So in one season he went from the greatest tackle in the NFL to someone that couldn't even run? You can't be serious.
  7. If you watch Titans football you would remember his doing this. He was in no shape to chase Manning around. I am sure another fan will remember this. It was embarrassing watching him flop around on the ground. And VY did it also, but it was at the Colts place, this was a home game. You are the one not remembering.
  8. From the bleacher report: Washington Redskins: Albert Haynesworth, DT 32 OF 32 Albert Haynesworth is either a great player or the greatest con man in sports history. I mean seriously, the guy signs a contact worth $100 million and has sat out more games than he has played. Since signing with Washington, he has missed practices and played poorly during games. He has showed up out of shape and overweight. There were even reports that he could barely run without getting tired. Mike Shanahan was so fed up with Haynesworth's antics that he suspended him for the r
  9. Pay attention genius. I said I do not live there anymore. Another typical educated fool that cannot follow or comprehend. There is no fallacy in what I said. I stated an opinion. If you disagree fine, but trying to label my thinking as being racist is idiotic and shallow. I don't care what color you are, distracting and using the venue of the National Anthem is just pathetic. What if everyone that had some kind of axe to grind did that? It was a bad action by Casey and others. Still is. You want to hold a press conference away from the Titans complex to vent your frustrations then have at i
  10. He was terrible by then. Don't you remember the Colts game where he was so out of shape he had to fake injuries to get a breather? He was literally booed by fans. Washington got nothing out of him.
  11. Van Noy is available and would be a great addition if the price was right.
  12. I am rarely wrong about assholes that scream racist over the slightest thing.
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