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  1. On HER birthday you allow her to give you head? She must be thrilled. What more could a girl want? You at least take her to Taco Bell I hope.
  2. We have more than enough receivers. Greater needs elsewhere. DL first and foremost. Our OL is unproven, which is a huge concern. Takes a line time to build chemistry and learn schemes. We grabbed a slot guy and another TE, and we get Matthews back. That's way down the grocery list.
  3. So someone do the math. Of the 18 teams ahead of us, which have a real need at QB? No team will take one if they have other serious problems. Grier could still be there.
  4. His career was over when he lost to Florida State.
  5. Jerry was very unhappy about last year. Titans are the turd in the punchbowl, ruining America's team.
  6. Do your friends say you waste too much time on sports? James Holzhauer has been winning on Jeopardy for 6 days now. He holds the highest one day total in history - $110,914. Today he came close- $106,181. What does he do for a living? Sports gambler.
  7. We passed for 180 yards a game last year. Let that sink in. Know any receiver in the NFL that would look good under those circumstances? They showed that several times he was wide open but no ball to him. Several passes were low. With an adequate QB our receivers wouldn't catch such grief.
  8. I was speaking in general of player development. Some have the physical attributes but just don't get what is asked of them. Some come in and realize quickly the NFL isn't college and they have to step up. My complaint is taking players that only had one good year in college. High failure rate with them. A guy that put in 3 good years has a better chance of developing.
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