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  1. I posted a scouting report in another thread. He's doing the same thing now he did 5 years ago. Apparently 21m isn't enough money for someone to at least try to get better. He is what he is. We have wasted 4 years and maybe 5.
  2. Mayfield could have run right up the middle. Browns are 1-2 like
  3. I took them today. Closer than I wanted it to be.
  4. Just saw the highlights. Got the Houston game on.
  5. Weaknesses: Pocket passing must improve Rarely threw into tight windows Ball placement needs to get better Played in a college system, not a pro-style offense Can look to run too quickly when his first read is covered Must improve footwork Fumbles the ball regularly Will need practice working under center Could use more beef on his frame to help durability
  6. May want to rethink that. He's thrown two TDs.
  7. Hope is the bane of life. Just like a batshit crazy girl. Well, I can fix her. Ha! As Ron White says, you can't fix stupid, or bad technique.
  8. Like that guy would have ever touched
  9. See the quote from the Dolphins owner? I'm not content with 9-7 and playoff appearances. I want Superbowls.
  10. JRob, the great talent evaluator. Picked Dodd and Johnson before Henry, who is about 50% of our offense right now. In fairness, 31 other morons passed too.
  11. See how many fingers he has on the laces? I can't find another pic of an NFL QB that holds the ball this far forward.
  12. Watson : bounce, bounce, radar lock, missile away. TD
  13. But he can actually pass with accuracy. That's a plus.
  14. He would have made a big difference here.