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  1. AJ is a great player with the ball in his hands. The problem is he doesn't have great hands, but a great QB that puts the ball on the money. Even so, he has dropped a few, but his incredible talent for YAC makes you forget that pretty fast. Julio has the great hands which in a crisis could mean winning or losing. Unlike Davis, I think he will show up every week.
  2. Preseason should help sort out QB2. Certainly did when Tanne got here. Sadly, only me and Oilerman saw the future. Oh yeah, and Firsker too.
  3. Not true at all. Wrestlers are usually in great condition and very quick. He's worth a look. The Vikings should have moved Brock to offense.
  4. Nor would Subway or Papa Johns....
  5. What's wrong with that? He is exactly right about religion. Half the people in this country wouldn't be religious if not for parents brainwashing them at an early age.
  6. I think when he saw the latitude given Brady to do as he pleased and win a Super Bowl caused some real envy from Rodgers.
  7. Not having to treat Henry as a rented mule should keep him fresher, combined with Evans in relief. Not having to keep two receivers in to block should be Xmas for Tannehill. Defenses will have to choose their poison.
  8. Walker was so gung ho on Mariota. That in itself would preclude his return.
  9. I'm sure his 401K is still intact thought. This clown acts like he has no insurance. Says he is out $250K.
  10. There is always a study that comes out and says something is bad for you. Remember when they went back and forth on coffee? Many people believe a glass of wine a day is very good for you, or even a shot of liquor. Can't live your life worrying about all these silly reports.
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