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  1. Sports is not gonna happen with the recent increase. It was a test to see if it would happen. It did. You can kiss it all good bye. You can start hoarding buttwipe too
  2. So you speak for everyone. You are the Grand Wizard.
  3. Tweedle Dee and tweedle Dumb. Butt buddies.
  4. You couldn't buy the grunt out of a pork sandwich.
  5. It's an experiment on dynamics. Joel is such a dweeb name, like Stephan. I enjoy the reaction. Some called me Joe for a while. Internet fun.
  6. I don't care what you do. You are just more pixels in a sea of assholes. I'll see if the bank will loan me a $100 though.
  7. If you think that is my real name and location you are as dumb as I thought you were....lol.
  8. I am not on any social media. There goes that theory.
  9. Sorry, I was busy counting my money. Didn't see the Bat (shit crazy) signal.

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