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  1. It's not the money, but more getting him to agree to injury clauses. His health is a big problem, and paying for a guy that can't stay on the field is crazy. After the Wake fiasco JRob probably woke up.
  2. Imgur has some classics. People hold up Roast Me signs and get ripped. I laugh out load at some.
  3. Hopkins said in a sitdown O'Brien disrespected him so he shipped him off to the first team that made an offer. May be a little bit of a race war going on down there.
  4. Well technically I am of retirement age and draw SS. But I can make up to $43k and not be penalized. Made just under that last year. Worked out perfect.
  5. I would be amazed if you read that book. Figured you only looked at stuff with pictures.
  6. Yep. 1 year deal. Banish me to the sin bin for getting it wrong. Batting .500 would lead the majors......
  7. Conklin is the only loss. And replacing him with Kelly is insane. He will always have to have TE help.
  8. Warmack and Spain are both starting and have multi year contracts.
  9. They will have a draft, but no one will be there.
  10. I'm retired. Work when I want. I don't have to ask mommy if I can stay up. If that's your best retort, you're in trouble.

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