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  1. Someone else posted a rebuttal and I can see both sides to this. I don't like giving a season away, and they probably felt Tanne was no better. Look how cheap they got him. So making the move to bench your franchise QB is huge, and not one you can undo. The real problem was Lewan missing 4 games. If they pulled him during that span people that love him would say it was unfair not for him to have his best chance. Another factor is ANOTHER OC in Smith. Too many changes. Fortunately he played so horrible it became obvious to anyone except a homer how bad he has regressed. Just another typical Titan mess.
  2. You know several of us were in love with Firsker but it took them a while to get him out there.
  3. If Moon were on the bench and Mariota playing I would be screaming to put him in.
  4. The Titans have been running hilites from last year trying to sell tickets. Mariota to Davis in the Eagles game and the Henry run against the Jags. Guess they are editing.
  5. They were optimistic. They felt they could hold Henry under 200 yards. Ramsey's replacement might actually tackle.
  6. We used to call them the Tarp Kitties because they never sold out.
  7. Yeah, Pouncy swung at Garrett after Mason dropped the N word. Great logic.
  8. I never said what year, and never said he threw 3 TDs, but the offense scored 3 TDs with him in.