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  1. If we lose to the Colts it could be for a wild card situation. So that sould be the tease.
  2. Brewer did some good things. I noticed several times Henry cut back over to his side because Brewer was moving fast and getting seals. I am sure we see more of him.
  3. Well he had a near drop. Caught it right above his helmet and it bounced off his hands and he caught it again near his waist. His hands just aren't soft for a WR.
  4. We could go to the playoffs without Henry but not without Tanny. The passing threat of him is what keeps safeties back unlike when we had MM8.
  5. And tanney just keeps getting up with that smile on his face. He seems to thrive on pressure. I can't remember any QB we have ever had that I had confidence in that if it took a game winning drive to win he would get it done.
  6. Why dont they just say what's wrong with him?
  7. About 20 people in the game thread wondered the same thing. I wonder if any reporter had the balls to ask WTF were they thinking?
  8. Hill: 18-23, 233 yards, no TDs, no INTs. 51 yards rushing. Yeah, he's awful.
  9. "They wanted it more than we did". Implosion eminent.
  10. Davis played very well today. Catches the ball better than Brown, but of course can't do what he does after. I would pay him #2 money. Smith disappeared again today. Curious what's going on with that.

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