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  1. Your eyes must be deceiving you. Clear as day. Count the times he was lined up with no one outside of him, AND the play wasn't to the other side of the field.
  2. I think the real problem was he knew the Colts weren't sniffing a SB at all. Why waste years of your life when you know the management is not in place to get you there?
  3. It was on a crawl on the NFL channel. Said he had an ankle problem.
  4. Remember the Jags game where he kept breaking runs to the outside? Just don't see that anymore. I don't believe he can do it on those knees. OTOH, Spears can cause guys to break an ankle trying to keep him in check, but he's lighter and has that youth.
  5. I admit it. Glad to see Kinsey get a chance. Just wish Colton could.
  6. His highlight reels didn't show a great deal of him being a typical tackle. At times he had one or two outside him and he was blocking a LB. I thought we should have grabbed the guy from GA, but maybe they had enough of that school. If he would move to center I wouldn't feel as bad from losing Jones.
  7. Minshew completed 19 of 23 passes (83 percent) for 174 yards with a touchdown and engineered scoring drives on his first three possessions behind center. The Colts' lead ballooned to 21 points midway through the third quarter
  8. Young is out too...maybe two weeks. Ankle. (edit - thanks Aussie)
  9. The year we went to the SB we lead the league in rushing yards allowed, around 85 per game.
  10. He really didn't shove a ref, the guy was pushing him away from the other ref and Watson move him aside.
  11. Two strikes (3rd one of a bad O line might not be happening), but age and Spears.
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