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  1. How many teams in this league are a zone blocking, run first bunch? Oh yeah, JUST the Titans. Way to get a clue.
  2. Well we lost and it really wasn't interesting. It was frustrating. Downing running Henry into 6 man boxes all day. I am so glad I don't have season tickets to watch that shit show in person.
  3. If you can't see what a pathetic O line we have and him managing to still win some games you are blind. Every snap with Brewer he has to watch the ball because it is never in the same place. That costs him time looking at receivers and where they are. And then he has to worry about who is losing their blocks. Running Henry is the real problem with this team, and until we stop letting him be the nucleus around which we revolve it will never get better. We only run because JRobbed is too stupid to draft or find O linemen. Most on here know that.
  4. Are you a female? They usually use those silly icons.
  5. We ran Henry on 2nd down on the last FG and he got nothing.
  6. Down from 21.8. Starting to show. DBs are catching him.
  7. Mahomes can be ineffective. Tanne has beaten him more than the other way around. Tanne is a pure passer. Mahomes is a gimmick. You are just young I assume.
  8. Of course, but why would you say he is better? In what way? Tanne passed for more yards and had a better completion percentage. You are not making sense.
  9. Tanne got his ankle rolled up again. He will never make it through this season with Henry shut down and having to pass behind this shitty O line.
  10. Don't be modest. You are right up there.
  11. When he sees a 6 man front he should be allowed to call anything he wants that doesn't involve a run.
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