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  1. M8 was a project also and had far more skills at the time, but never had taken a snap from under center. 5 years later he was still a project. I just don't see the team investing in this guy when the window is going to be open for a few years or more for a good run. I still believe they find another place for him. He is a good athlete, just not at the QB position.
  2. And Beasley, and Clowney........he misses a great deal if you take a look at things overall.
  3. Cancer and future cancer. Good incision.
  4. 1-AA. Alcorn drew eventual national champion Youngstown State in the first round of the 1994 Division I-AA playoffs. McNair played with a pulled hamstring and his running ability was limited, so he went 52-for-82 passing for 514 yards and three touchdowns in a 63-20 loss. Tough defenses back then....lol.
  5. Of course is wasn't normal. This is why anyone could figure out what was up. Not some revelation.
  6. Rusty Smith passed for over 5,000 yards his senior year but couldn't even make the roster here, except as a fill in. Let's not get gaga over a Div. 3 passing record.
  7. Of course there are. But they don't go to private visits with NFL QBs......dude. You don't think the Texans employ Physical therapists, etc. to deal with this?
  8. When they accepted the work pretty sure they knew where this was going. If they didn't, a simple no and cya later would have sufficed. Why do you want to pretend this is not exactly what happened? You think these were poor little innocent girls that thought they were simply going there for massage work? Come on man.
  9. You think he is the only NFL player to participate in this? Read some stories about some of their agents and how much sex was arranged for certain superstars. You people must lead a sheltered life and have never read a book. Read the one by Rosenhaus and he tells of bringing in a superstar and he got the owner's daughter to fuck him. Geez you all are naive.
  10. Just because we don't believe he has the material to be an NFL QB doesn't mean people are haters. And trying to compare him to McNair is a joke. McNair was a terrible passer, but his ability to run around until someone got open gave him a lot of completions. Most of his stuff was dumps to Mason and Wychek. Let's hope Willis can do MUCH better.
  11. Well I took your advice and tried You Tube TV. Today it was great. Super picture and no buffering problems. Not sure why I am getting 3 NFL channels, but maybe for replay. Titans/Ravens are on this week too. Good-bye HULU. Thanks.
  12. Halfway point to Florida, God's waiting room.
  13. I was NW of the city, and could pick up most everything. About 40 or so channels. Glad it worked for you. That Grand Prix is a joke. Just wreck after wreck. When they cut away to MSNBC I didn't bother to move over.
  14. Yamaha amp does not have a HDMI input, but Optical. Go figure. Anyway, found an eARC HDMI to RCA for $30 so giving that a shot. They say it will control volume, which the optical would not do. We shall see.
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