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  1. Exactly this. Remember last year all the morons who swore dk metcalf was gonna be a bust and suck ass. Howd that turn out for those genius talent evaluators?
  2. Cant remember his name but the guy during the season who just shits on the team every chance posssible. Nvm just checked. Its Maker84 easily.
  3. The problem is that he isn't elusive. He can run fast as hell in a straight line but you need intelligence and awareness to go with your athleticism to be elusive. LJ, Watson, Mahomes, Wilson all have this. Marcus doesn't.
  4. 22 percent of Italys population is 65 and older. This is why it is tearing thru Italy the way it is.
  5. I would replace Bucs with Cardinals maybe or Jets. They are the little brother franchise in ny/nj area that is less cared about with no history other than Namaths guarantee.
  6. Was about to say something about this. Hoping everyone is ok.
  7. Injured player supposed to go high, huh? Sounds like the jrob special.
  8. Why would Vikings want him? Both him and Cousins had career years and close to similar stats.
  9. With tajae most likely gone we might keep both these guys. Gives us 2 legit deep threats
  10. Teams take on the personality of their hc. Kcs is a serial choker so his team has taken that and run with it.
  11. If Tannehill started earlier or week 1 AJ would have most likely pushed 1300 - 1400+ yds and won this easy.

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