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  1. Must admit I’ve been surprised how many arseholes you’ve got on here. You Yanks are usually so friendly. Guess it shows what a bit of anonymity can do.
  2. The only thing getting “touched “ is your mother by anyone with five bucks to spare. Now get back under your bridge little boy!
  3. I don’t know what fistshaker means but I bet you do a lot of solo fist shaking in your mother’s basement, which is almost certainly where you live. I know that you’re trying to insults me in some way but you write in such a weird way I honestly haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re implying.
  4. I’m still here. I’m a steelworker working the night shift in South Wales. Loving the keyboard warriors spouting shit. I’m a bit more old school like to stand toe to toe if I’m going to act the cunt.
  5. No mate , I know it’s odd for a proud Welshman but I’m a Liverpool fan. I blame Ian Rush. Did get my jaw broken by a Cardiff City football hooligan though, but that was a Wales international against Azerbaijan. The hooligans couldn’t find any away fans to fight so they just punched whoever was near. That’s one of many reasons I prefer rugby. You generally only get punched when you’re on the pitch.
  6. I think some people have misunderstood my use of the word ‘robbed ‘. I meant it in the sense of paying way over the odds for a ticket rather than being mugged.😁 but thanks for your concern
  7. Im assuming scalpers are the same both sides of the pond. My opinion is based on the experiences of a seasoned rugby fan who goes watch the team even when they’re shit but can’t get a ticket to the big games when we’re winning because the plastic fans turn up😉
  8. I quite new to the game but even I know what they’re like. On the BBC in the UK Osi Umenyiora is one of the pundits so being a former Giant he’s quite vocal on their fans.
  9. Didn’t really plan it we just got invited over to stay a few days in Nashville over that weekend. To be honest I don’t really support any one team, I have a few I actively dislike, but generally I’m behind whoever I saw in Hard Knocks or All or Nothing. Only really been into the sport these last 2 seasons but I’m properly hooked now. Rugby union will always be my favourite sport but your football is a close second.