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  1. Better yet they hand a chance to win the dang game before the intentional grounding
  2. I mean seriously Joseph puts a bind on this secondary having to cover for his lack of speed right now
  3. Hopefully vrabel spending extra time with the DB group pays off
  4. I see Adoree Jackson taking reps with 1st string. If he isnt playing wouldn't the coaching staff save those reps for a guy that's probably going to take his spot?
  5. This is why isiah Wilson never crossed my mind after Lewan went out. I trust Sambrailo more than trying to put a RT at LT.
  6. It worked but I'm with you. I wasnt a big fan of the call but Henry did have the option of tossing it to Tannehill if he couldn't get in the endzone. It's a playcall that the defense wasnt prepared for.
  7. Cj played with arguably our worst OL unit in franchise history after his record year
  8. It doesn't help that every qb we have faced so far can scramble out of the pocket. I think it's due to the scheme that we run. The bigger concern right now are our LBs and DBs
  9. Exactly. I appreciate Henry no doubt but he is our most overrated player on offense.
  10. Put prime Cj2k with this roster and it would be the same nightmare for opposing defenses
  11. Josh Allen had a higher qbr rating than Tannehill tonight. How is that possible?
  12. I actually think Davis is the better athlete but AJ is such a strong hands catcher sometimes he just bullies Dbs with his size and strength

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