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  1. We cant be 31st in passing attempts again otherwise we will see regression statistical from AJB.
  2. I mean let's just pay the man and take a chance geez.
  3. I dont mind paying his asking price. However I do hate his tactics here and question the advice he is getting right now.
  4. We are talking about 4 picks away from the 4th round.
  5. What have we learned from Chris Johnson, DeMarco Murray, and Dion Lewis. Rbs almost never live up to their 2nd or 3rd contracts. Nothing against Henry but making him one of the top paid RBs in the league is a bad investment. This is why I never really bought into the philosophy of being a run first oriented offense. Rbs are lasting about 3 to 4 years where as a qb can last almost 2 decades
  6. We didnt have Casey either. That played a big factor in the interior pass rush. Also Corey Davis is much more dynamic than Tajae Sharpe. We were limited offensively and defensively. Still managed to put up 28 pts from the offense.
  7. It's not about Ryan Tannehill needing to step up or do more if he doesn't have too. The main objective is to sustain drives. Convert on obvious passing downs and above all else score Tds, not FGs.
  8. So no Davis, Casey, Brown, and we didnt have Brock. Jeffrey Simmons was still limited.
  9. True but at this point Brocks play this far has really neutralized the loss of Butler
  10. I've looked at the box scores for the chiefs closer games this season and most of them involved the other team getting their lead back at least 20 carries in the game. I just dont believe the chiefs have the "will" to survive 30 plus carries from Henry. This is what it's going to take to avoid a blowout.
  11. Sad truth is we cant. Only hope we have is having them settle for FGs
  12. am I the only one that thinks Ryan is a bad matchup vs the speed of the chiefs offense. He is our slowest DB. He is also the smartest and the leader. I get that.
  13. This right here. Its incredibly difficult to make much noise in the playoffs going against the likely superbowl favorites on the road before reaching the conference championship. We cant keep barely getting into the playoffs. Anything can happen of course but it's not sustainable to keep going against the odds

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