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  1. I'm thinking this has more to do with the practice reps. Idk is it normal to only have 2 qbs throwing the ball throughout practice.
  2. Douglas is an absolute bum in pass protection
  3. He was hurt all but a quarter and a half last year. If Gabbert didnt get hurt Mariota wouldn't have been playing through his injury. All of those excuses are valid. I don't know how but this franchise has struggled to develop qbs. That's not news. Neither is having one starter for all 16 games. Tell me when was the last time we had one starting qb for all 16 games?
  4. The limitations towards the passing game is not in Mariota. It's in the OL. The whole design of attack that Smith incorporated into the gameplan against the Browns was to counter their defensive line. It's not because Mariota struggles with going through his progressions and other BS. We tried one time to allow Matiota to drop back without giving Kelly any help and Garrett completely toasted him.
  5. Right because leading the league in usage of 12 and 13 personnel last week had nothing to do with it
  6. This is what I wish everybody would do before giving their initial analysis after a game or simply glancing at the boxscore.
  7. For what it's worth Cian Fahey was very complimentary of Smith's debut. He has voiced his frustrations about our OCs in the past.
  8. One sack had a free rusher on a PA fake where Mariota did the right thing and immediately went down to protect himself. Another one saw Kelly lose against Garrett and Mariota tried to escape but Saffold ran into him as he was trying to help Kelly. The 3rd sack that I can remember I believe Saffold got beat immediately and Mariota had no chance to escape. The 4th one Mariota went down to avoid an unnecessary hit by Garrett to keep the clock running. Please explain the sacks that he caused himself?
  9. Lol it's really comical. How many times have the "stats" been thrown out there. Only 11 TDs last year. He gets 3 in the opener and now its finally time to start analyzing his "performance"
  10. This is by far the most depressing, and deflating titans forum ever. Its clear by now there is a certain bias interpretation of Mariotas ability as a QB regardless of how he performs. He had a solid day today and executed the offense in favorable situations and mitigated the negative plays that the Browns pass rush tried to create. He missed two throws for christ sake. We couldn't attack down field because of the mismatch between our OL and their DL. Mariota kept his composure throughout the game.
  11. So it's better to treat him differently than the rest of the team? Yea that sends a good message
  12. Keeping him on the roster at this point sends a bad message to the rest of the team.