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  1. It is nonsense. Plus his right hand wasn't even 100% in the jags game.
  2. Exactly! I respect Cosell but this is a horrible take based on two games that warranted the run game to lead us to victory.
  3. I knew exactly the point you were trying to make about the qb limiting the offense. Under all the circumstances that have been going on over the past 3 years its nearly impossible to say Mariota is holding our wrs back.
  4. Its not the qb as much as it is the game plan. Throwing for 300 yards a game isn't the benchmark for winning games.
  5. The pass two weeks have been a culmination of the jags unwilling to stop Henry and bad weather. It has nothing to do with limiting Mariota.
  6. I'm happy to admit I was wrong about Henry. He doesn't add much as a receiving threat but hopefully his ability to run sets up the PA game for us.
  7. The qb position was not a factor in those type of conditions. This should be the end of this discussion. Period.
  8. All this love for Henry is understandable after last weeks performance. However it would be a mistake to give him more carries.
  9. Llike you said he doesn't really run ppl over. Even in open space he prefers to use his long arms to stiff arm defenders than to try and run through them. Nothing wrong with that. He just isn't a very physical runner. A bigger version of Chris Johnson is what I see. I don't have a problem with that. Just like cj Henry is very dependent on his oline creating space for him. The real benefit we got moving forward is using Henry more in PA because I think defenses will key in on stopping him now.
  10. While I believe you're clearly wrong on your take on Mariota as far as Henry goes I have to agree with you on this one.
  11. Giving him space is more important than the amount of carries.
  12. I think his right hand was still bothering more so than the previous weeks. It certainly didn't help that it was a short week.
  13. If we want to win this game then we must bench jack conklin.
  14. I hope this coaching staff has every intention on doing what's best for the team right now benching him. He just has been a liability this season. Give him more time to learn the system without hurting the team
  15. I appreciate his insights in the offense but he just off base here on Mariota. The comparison to RGIII is just lazy. The only thing they have in common is that they can run fast. Mariota is at his best when he is inside the pocket and you give him plenty of options to throw too. His best plays over this stretch of two games has come from inside the pocket do I do t know what Dan is watching
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