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  1. What surprises me the most about these fucktards is the presence of religion. Its God and Trump. . As in God sent Trump to protect them from evil. It's the weirdest shit i've ever heard
  2. I've spent the past few days researching the nutjobs on parler, even friends of "friends" on Facebook. The lies and conspiracies have spiraled out of control. Guess it doesn't help when your president is Alex fucking Jones. That Lin wood fucker is lost in crazy town, but these people look up to him and think he is enlightened or some shit. I wonder if Trump changes his stance on section 230 if and when he starts his own platform.
  3. Yeah that one hurt. The other one did as well, no reason that 08 team should lose to that ravens team but it happened. What was the sad ass song btw?
  4. Just realized that the road team is undefeated in the Titans/Ravens 4 playoff games.
  5. Nah. There will be one AFC team with at least 10 wins who misses the playoffs. My money is on it being the Titans.
  6. The original post email was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like one of my ex work friends sent it out.
  7. Yes that was the inspiration for the title. I didnt realize they led in points till I looked at the standings. To be fair the titans have 436 Chefs have 435 Packers have 434 Pretty rare for our Titans to lead the league in scoring.
  8. With 436 points the Titans now lead the NFL. More than the chefs, packers, any other shifty team you want to throw in. Yesterday the Titans tied some kind of record with 5 straight games with over 30 points and 420 yards. This offense is good folks. Good enough to carry our shitty defense.
  9. I also turned that shit off in the 2nd quarter. Good job today Titans.
  10. Has anyone heard of other teams doing this, or is it just a smart vrabel plan?
  11. Was good to see Vrabel man up on that last drive before halftime. Every reason not to get conservative there
  12. A win in indy would be yuuuge towards the division. I'm hopeful since the thursday nighter went sideways in a hurry, otherwise that game was much closer than the score. Full week to prepare and we just played those fools so maybe Vrabel can put a good plan together. And since i didnt post in the ratbird game thread i'll include "lamar sucks ass" here
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