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  1. Think it depends on the relationship. I used to kiss kerry on the lips all the time. Now vince, no way in hell..
  2. Courtney Love killed them. Bitch
  3. Eddie is that you? We miss you on the preseason broadcasts talking about methodical offense
  4. You guys remember Manning's direct tv commercial where he was talking to the tv saying "if u had direct tv you could watch me throw this 17th touchdown against these sorry titans"
  5. You guys remember when we played Mannings colts, and i kicked 18 onside kicks and we still lost?
  6. Gabbert has never played in a playoff game. What if....
  7. At least the field looks good this year. Last december it looked like my backyard... was a fun year..
  8. What happened next? How far did you take this "girl night out"?
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