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  1. This time next year Vrabel will be bitching about buying the groceries or some shit.
  2. Where were the titans? I get tannehill being an alternate or whatever but why was chubb out there instead of henry? Nevermind, i looked it up. Chubb #1 i guess. Still some bullshit
  3. Goodbye mariota. i will never forget how you said the word football...
  4. He may be kicking practice squad players while they're down again next season... Lowly undrafted peons
  5. Enjoy your practice squad trophy. Hahaha Sounds like the trade/backup role was good for him. Humbling
  6. 6 time champion tom brady, who will always be remembered as that creepy guy on the massage table kissing his kid on the lips... Yes lets sign him!!
  7. Exactly. The wife couldnt understand why i got so upset after that series, 4 mins before the half. Even after the chefs scored she was like, they're only 4 points down. I said nope, he lost this game right there.
  8. Really sucks vrabel tries to take that lead into halftime , so you get so conservative you give up the lead. Bit you in the ass vrabes. Can we stop mahomie?
  9. Back in high school, good friend of mine used to think it was... Dye.... dye my hair Theres no need to pray Killing works for me. Hahaha
  10. Titans up 14-10 at halftime Titans win 28-24 It has been written
  11. Death sucks, especially when they're far too young. RIP
  12. Jeff.Fisher


    New Hype video (for the chiefs)

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