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  1. Tannehill and the offense were starting to get some recognition leading up to the steelers game Now it's starting to pop up that the Titans defense isnt good enough (see cbs power rankings, still had em at #7 though) We've been screaming about the defense all season other than that wonderful bills game, but Tannehill has been good enough to keep us in games and win em all. Like they say, things go unnoticed when winning. Or rather, things get put off.. Here's hoping they get their shit together. Of course, maybe they'll say they were good enough 2nd half vs pitt.
  2. Send me the $9 and i'll do your kids bday party
  3. Titans have as much a chance this year as anyone.. if they get their shit together. I keep going back to the Vrabel hire. Texans fans had strong opinions that it was a bad hire because he SUCKED as their defensive coordinator. Well they have since changed their opinion of him as a head coach. But remind me who our defensive coordinator is?
  4. I used to value a kicker over most other positions. Me and del greco had a wonderful relationship. Then that Nedney fuck ruined it
  5. Clowney hurt. Maybe now we can play with 11 out there instead of 10
  6. I'll admit. My opinion today is a shitty one. I fucking hate the steelers for personal reasons.
  7. Green bay giving the texans a stinky. Titans gave up damn near 40 to em.
  8. Cant help but to remember what the texans fans said about Vrabel as defensive coordinator. worst defense ever. I dont think this gets fixed

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