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  1. Tomlin has earned some respect this season. The Steelers should not be 7-5 right now.
  2. So keeping on topic here, how do you know Allen isn't just playing well for a stretch before playing like shit again.. like how you say tannehill is doing. Or like mariota did, year 2 he looked like the next great qb.
  3. Is it just me or are all these tweets of Allen love dated around the same time. Like maybe after he had a good game? Hell mariota had a good game every once in awhile.
  4. Tannehill must be ballin out to get fin and bill fans in here fighting over him. All mariota ever got was that pineapple man
  5. This Bill's fan is just butt hurt over my homerun throwback... it's well documented
  6. And people wondered why he needed $300,000 for his birthday party... Chucky cheese got most of it
  7. The jags are still butthurt over my comments about their stadium being our 2nd home, and the fact that we stole their playbook in 99. They say that's the only reason we beat them 3x. I was banned from that forum because of it
  8. My tree didnt get enough sunshine and failed to take root. Norm chow was a stubborn old fuck
  9. I will be holding a workout myself in the coming weeks. I feel i've been blackballed by the 7-9 bullshit. I am a better coach than most of the ones in the league. I deserve another shot. Balls in your mouth now, goodell
  10. His 90 second statement at the end was enough to kill any shot he may have had. Entitlement bullshit.
  11. People saying rudolph kept coming at garrett are wrong. The whole thing is a misunderstanding.. Rudolph was calling garrett a bitch. So then he tries removing garretts helmet to prove it. But garrett was too strong and one upped rudolph by removing his helmet. Once rudolphs helmet came off he instantly realized HE was the bitch. . And bitches get their helmets stolen. So he frantically tried to get it back before anyone noticed that he let a stronger man take his helmet. What would his team mates say... Bitch, wheres your helmet?? Rudolph then pleaded to garrett to give him his helmet. So garrett gave it to him. These suspensions are way out of line.