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  1. Davis got drafted under an injury. Mariota gets injured often (and do not give me the "DL must protect him better" bullshit...there are QBs that get hit as hard and often and they do not become a liability). I agree that Davis has everything to become a more highlighted WR. what I doubt at, is in who could throw the ball to him and don't miss the mark.
  2. Well, still looking for another team owner, for this free but very competitive Yahoo League. I am looking for a comitted owner, dedicated one, and with a very good attitude. Any candidates, send me a P.M.
  3. To sum it up: #8...not worthly #17... likewise 80% of the board..delusional.
  4. Get well soon! Watch lots of Netfilx with hot women included! There's always a better chance of recovery LISTENING to the doctors orders! (and in case a hot looking nurse massages you!) @JoelinBellevue
  5. No one typed the words "massive loss"...only you. Magnifying cases, typing things that weren't...may put over you a tag you will not like.
  6. 1) The U.S. government hasn't done anything at all regarding Central America countries. 2) Trump recieved 2 letters from Mexico's President López Obrador in which many proyects and programs are already designed to increment job offers, creating a series of job offers to stop mexican immigration, with good salaries, and also central american immigrants could get hired. 3) mexican President offered to Trump that a Progress Deal aiding central-america shotcomings could be addressed. 4) Trump creats this tariffs threat since last week for all imported mexican products, in which that was the case that meant that american consumers, restaurants and super markets would had paid more..not the other way around. Is Trump going to be reelected? I don't think so. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-defends-migration-deal-says-tariff-threat-remains-if-mexico-falls-short-on-pledges/2019/06/09/1e1ef1c0-8abe-11e9-8f69-a2795fca3343_story.html?utm_term=.ff8973093c36
  7. That's right @9 Nines @TitansFan23 has been playing in this League for a long time. Thanks anyways. I hope someone who doesn't have a shitty attitude and it's compromised, gets interested.
  8. Are you getting sponsored @9 Nines? If not..but you are also eatting all those...well...
  9. i started following the Oilers since 1977. since Earl Campbell, White Shoes Johnson, Gray, Pastorini era. yes the two times we were slammed against the Steel Courtain, and prevented the team to play their first SB. In that division (Central) where we had Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cinncinati.
  10. If that's the healthiest he can be, it's better to assume that Tanehill will be behind the controls.
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